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Cage - In Your Fur
Cage - My Dog Is Dead
Chief Keef - Yesterday
Cage - Cursed
Chris Webby - Warm Up
Chief Keef - No Tomorrow
Chris Webby - Home
Cage - Lamb Of Nothing
Chris Webby - One Song
Ca$h Out - She Twerkin
Cunninlynguists - In The City
Cunninlynguists - Drunk Dial
Cunninlynguists - Strange Universe
Cunninlynguists - Ignition
Cunninlynguists - South California
Cunninlynguists - The Morning
Crooked I - I'm A Boss (freestyle)
Chief Keef - Trust None
Chief Keef - Winnin
Crooked I - Light Up (freestyle)
Crooked I - I'm On One (freestyle)
Chief Keef - Sosa
Chief Keef - True Religion Fiend
Curren$y - Empire Monopoly
Curren$y - Frost
Curren$y - Role Model
Curren$y - Rain Delay
Curren$y - Daze Of Thunder
Curren$y - Moon & Stars Remix
Curren$y - Sixty Seven Turbo Jet
Curren$y - Yella Cab
Curren$y - Can't Get Out
Curren$y - Mirrors
Curren$y - Pick N Roll
Curren$y & Styles P - Rule Book
Curren$y - Frosty
Curren$y - N.o. Shit
Curren$y - Not So Much
Curren$y - What The Fuck
Curren$y - Soundbombin'
Curren$y & Styles P - Lean
Curren$y - Razors & Chopsticks
Curren$y - Pay Attention
Curren$y - Bout It 2011
Curren$y - The Strangest Life
Curren$y & Styles P - Billions
Curren$y - Reset
Curren$y - Sail On
Curren$y - The World Is Yours
Curren$y - Airplane
Curren$y - Mazaltov
Curren$y - I Don't Fucks With Em
Curren$y - Modern Day Hippie
Curren$y - The Pledge (in And Out)
Curren$y - Top Of The Money
Curren$y - Reagan Era
Curren$y - Raps & Hustles
Curren$y - Blown Away
Curren$y - Paternity Test
Curren$y - Pininfarina
Curren$y - She's On My Mind
Curren$y - Elevator Musik
Curren$y - Moe Chettah
Curren$y - Living For The City
Curren$y - Drive
Curren$y - New Program
Curren$y - Sixteen Switches
Curren$y - Coolie In The Cut
Curren$y - Max Julien
Curren$y - Choosin
Curren$y - Mary
Curren$y - Contacts
Curren$y - For Seasons
Curren$y - Trip To London
Curren$y - Stainless
Curren$y - Boss Dealings
Curren$y - These Bitches
Curren$y - 2much
Curren$y - Cleopatra Zones
Curren$y - Payroll
Curren$y - New Jet City
Curren$y - Feelin Like
Curren$y - Bitch Get Up
Curren$y - Talk My Shit
Curren$y - Light Snax
Curren$y - Purple Haze
Curren$y - Motion
Curren$y - Money Machine Part 2
Curren$y - Clear
Curren$y - Three 60
Curren$y - Conference Call
Curren$y - #cruiselife
Curren$y - Success Is My Cologne
Curren$y - Livin'
Curren$y - 10 Bricks
Curren$y - 10 G's
Curren$y - $ Migraine
Curren$y - The Usual Suspects
Curren$y - Grew Up In This
Curren$y - Stove Top
Curren$y - Vintage Vineyard
Curren$y - First Light
Curren$y - Introduction
Curren$y - Stolen
Curren$y - Leaving The Dock
Curren$y - Gifts
Curren$y - Biscayne Bay
Curren$y - Godfather 4
Curren$y - Thursday Car
Curren$y - Hi Top Whites
Curren$y - Fo
Curren$y - El Camino
Curren$y - Chandelier
Curren$y - Off Dat
Curren$y - Sunroof
Curren$y - Fast Cars Faster Women
Curren$y - Lost In The Bossness
Curren$y - One More Time
Curren$y - Showroom
Curren$y - That's The Thing
Curren$y - Audio Dope Iii
Curren$y - Privacy Glass
Curren$y - Take You There
Curren$y - Legal Crack
Curren$y - Jet Life
Curren$y - Chasin' Paper
Curren$y - No Squares
Curren$y - What It Look Like
Curren$y - Capitol
Curren$y - Armoire
Chance The Rapper - Long Time Ii
Chance The Rapper - Prom Night
Chance The Rapper - Juke Juke
Chance The Rapper - U Got Me Fucked Up
Chance The Rapper - Windows
Chance The Rapper - Fuck You Tahm Bout
Chief Keef - Hallelujah
Chief Keef - Finally Rich
Chief Keef - Hate Being Sober
Chief Keef - Got Them Bands *
Chief Keef - My Niggas
Chief Keef - Monster
Chief Keef - Save That Shit
Crooked I - Psalm 82 V6 Intro
Crooked I - Real Niggaz
Crooked I - Roll Call 2
Chief Keef - I Don't Like
Chief Keef - 3hunna (remix)
Chief Keef - Designer
Chief Keef - I Don't Know Dem
Chief Keef - Everyday
Chance The Rapper - Hey Ma
Chance The Rapper - Long Time
Chance The Rapper - Nostalgia
Chance The Rapper - Missing You
Chance The Rapper - Family
Chance The Rapper - 22 Offs
Cam'ron - My Life
Chance The Rapper - 14,400 Minutes
Chance The Rapper - Brain Cells
Chance The Rapper - Everything's Good (good Ass Outro)
Chance The Rapper - Chain Smoker
Chance The Rapper - Acid Rain
Chance The Rapper - Smoke Again
Chance The Rapper - Nana
Chris Webby - The Rain
Chris Webby - They Already Know
Chris Webby - Down Right
Chris Webby - Ride On
Chris Webby - Rap Nemesis
Chris Webby - Bar For Bar
Chris Webby - Do Like Me
Chris Webby - Only Way To Go
Chris Webby - Aww Naww
Chris Webby - Left Lane
Chance The Rapper - Everybody's Something
Chance The Rapper - Favorite Song
Chris Webby - Bad Guy
Chris Webby - Church (intro)
Chris Webby - Until I Die
Chris Webby - Take Me Home
Chance The Rapper - Cocoa Butter Kisses
Chance The Rapper - Interlude (that's Love)
Chris Webby - Skyline
Chris Webby - There Goes The Neighborhood
Chris Webby - Bounce
Chance The Rapper - Lost
Chance The Rapper - Pusha Man
Chance The Rapper - Paranoia *
Chance The Rapper - Good Ass Intro
Chance The Rapper - Juice
Chris Webby - Contradictory To Grown Ups
Chris Webby - Roger That
Chris Webby - Success
Chris Webby - Monster
Chris Webby - Right From Wrong
Chris Webby - Just Can't Kill The Beast
Chris Webby - Hard Road
Chris Webby - Block To The Burbs
Chris Webby - Webster's Laboratory (intro)
Chris Webby - Sunny Afternoon
Chris Webby - Axe Murder *
Chris Webby - Temper, Temper
Chris Webby - Webster's Revenge
Chris Webby - The Way
Chris Webby - Killin 'em
Chris Webby - The Joker
Curren$y - Crack Bc
Curren$y - Smoke Sumthin (remix)
Curren$y - One For Da Wave
Curren$y - Hennessy Beach
Curren$y - Job
Curren$y - High Tunes
Curren$y - Run Dat Shit
Curren$y - Pinifarina
Curren$y - Money Machine
Curren$y - Still
Curren$y - What's What
Curren$y - Televised
Curren$y - This Is The Life
Curren$y - You See It
Curren$y - On G's
Curren$y - Get Paid
Curren$y - One Life
Cee-lo Green - Do Whatever You Like
Chris Webby - What Them Girls Like
Chris Webby - Shoot Em Up
Chris Webby - Get From Round
Chris Webby - Just Dance
Chris Webby - Paparazzi
Chris Webby - Best In The Burbs
Chief Keef - Fuck Me
Chief Keef - Hoez N Oz
Curren$y - A Gee
Chief Keef - Hard Way
Curren$y - Fashionably Late
Chief Keef - Diamonds
Chief Keef - Don't Make No Sense *
Chief Keef - Ballin'
Chief Keef - Citgo *
Chris Webby - Bluer Skies
Chris Webby - No Regrets
Chris Webby F Smokahantas - My Cloud
Cee-lo Green - Hot Tub Of Love
Chris Webby - Strong
Chris Webby - Ready To Go
Chris Webby - I'm Fresh
Crooked I - Niggaz Winnin'
Chief Keef - Chiefin' Keef
Crooked I - Nikki
Crooked I - Praise God
Chief Keef - Ain't Done Turnin' Up
Chief Keef - Cause I'm Gettin' Money
Chief Keef - 2 Much
Chief Keef - 12 Bars
Chief Keef - 3
Childish Gambino - Real Estate
Childish Gambino - They Don't Like Me
Childish Gambino - Wonderful
Childish Gambino - Won't Stop
Childish Gambino - Arrangement
Childish Gambino - Bronchitis
Childish Gambino - Make It Go Right
Childish Gambino - American Royalty
Childish Gambino - One Up
Cassie - All Gold, All Girls
Childish Gambino - Black Faces
Cassie - Can You Feel Me
Childish Gambino - Toxic
Childish Gambino - I. Flight Of The Navigator
Childish Gambino - Iii. Urn
Childish Gambino - Ii. Earth: The Oldest Computer
Childish Gambino - Ii. No Exit
Childish Gambino - Ii. Zealots Of Stockholm (free Information)
Childish Gambino - Untouchable
Childish Gambino - Iii. Life: The Biggest Troll (andrew Auernheimer)
Childish Gambino - I. Pink Toes
Childish Gambino - V. 3005
Childish Gambino - I. The Party
Childish Gambino - Iv. Sweatpants
Childish Gambino - Iii. Telegraph Ave.
Childish Gambino - Ii. Shadows
Childish Gambino - I. The Crawl
Childish Gambino - Ii. Worldstar
Childish Gambino - I. The Worst Guys
Cold 187um (big Hutch) - Swan Song
Cold 187um (big Hutch) - Born 2 Kill
Cold 187um (big Hutch) - The Psychopathic Assassin
Cold 187um (big Hutch) - Layin Low
Captain Rapp - Bad Times (i Can't Stand It)
Circle Of Tyrants - The Chosen Few
Circle Of Tyrants - The Four Horsemen
Castle - Opium (blueprint Remix)
Castle - Fool's Errand (the Quelle Chris Remixathon)
Chief Kamachi - 90's Flow
Chief Kamachi - Chuck D
Chief Kamachi - Saviour Of Ages
Castle - Krillz
Castle - Orientation
Castle - The Punisher Kills Hip Hop
Castle - Cruising On Fumes
Cristiles - Forever
Crooked I - No Sleep Gang
Crooked I - Tell Them Mf's We Made It
Crooked I - Crook N Porter
Crooked I - Nobody Cares
Crooked I - A Lady Fell In Love
Crooked I - Crowns
Crooked I - Sumthin From Nuthin
Clinton Sparks - Gold Rush
Crooked I - Vegas On Biz
Crooked I - Let Me Get It
Crooked I - Apex Predator (my Gun Go)
Curren$y & Young Roddy - Certified
Curren$y & Young Roddy - Bales
Calibre 50 - Ni Que Estuvieras Tan Buena
Cults - High Road
Cory Gunz - Get Touched
Christian Burns - We Are Tonight
Charlie Worsham - Rubberband
Cymarshall Law - This Journey
Chris Echols - All Me
Cyssero - Control Freak
Celine Dion - How Do You Keep The Music Playing
Compton Menace - What I'm Going Thru
Caleb James - 6am
Chief Keef - Gotta Glo Up One Day
Chief Keef - No It Don't
City In The Sea - Convoluted
Caskey - Alec Baldwin
Caskey - That's A Go
Caskey - Jill Price
Collin Mcloughlin - Broken
Chinx Drugz - Pussy & Fame
Camilla Sky - Om Du Ikkje Vil
Conor Maynard - Are You Crazy
Chevy Woods - Type Of Way (freestyle)
Camilla Sky - Pavements
Capture The Crown - All Hype, All Night
Chris Arena - Yes It Do
Caskey - Guns
Chrishan - Like A Pimp
Caskey - Down And Out
Caskey - Take It Off
Caskey - Last Ride
Caskey - Seen Some Thangs
Chrishan - Right Now
Chrishan - Love At First Sight
Caskey - Thats A Go
Caskey - Weak Stomach
Caskey - Too Much Information
Caskey - Keep The Change
Caskey - Vague
Caskey - Condolences
Caskey - Skeptical
Caskey - Bad 4 Ya
Caskey - Contact
Carl Mckever - Lullaby From Jesus
Carly Ritter - Princess Of The Prairie
Chrishan - All That I Know
Chief Keef - Lots Of Thots
Chrishan - Oweee
Cage - The Hunt
Chrishan - Bedroom Pt 2
Chrishan - Back 2 U
Cassadee Pope - 11
Carly Ritter - It Is Love
Cass Mccombs - There Can Only Be One
Copia - The Awakening
Chrishan - In The Back
Chubby Jag - All Me
Cher Lloyd - I Wish
Caskey - Show Me Some
Cassidy - How Many Mcs
Cam Meekins - Joe Flacco
Copia - Hostility
Copia - Transcending
Copia - Ego
Copia - Stand United
Copia - Here And Now
Copia - Open Your Eyes
Copia - Worlds Align
Clika One (bad Boy) - I Want To Be Your Man (bonus Track) *
Christian Tv - Love 2 Baby
Chief Keef - All Time
Cap 1 - We Wit It
Conor Maynard - R U Crazy
Christina Milian - Encore
Charley Pride - You Never Gave Up On Me
Charley Pride - You're My Jamaica
Charley Pride - A Word Or Two To Mary
Charley Pride - It's Just A Matter Of Making Up My Mind
Cider Sky - Glowing In The Dark
Currensy - Audio Dope 4
Carl Mckever - Every Step I Take
Carl Mckever - Life's Teacher
Carly Rae Jepsen - Part Of Your World
Colette Carr - (b)a$$
Colette Carr - Racking Up
Colette Carr - Shutchya Mouth
Colette Carr - Fav. Word
Colette Carr - Bitch Like Me
Chief Keef - Buy It
Colette Carr - Pump Ya Man
Ca$his - Look At Me
Chief Keef - What I Wanna Do
Colette Carr - Ham
Cold Flamez - Streets Callin
Chris Arena - Baby Fish
Chris Geo - New World Order
Captain Murphy - Between Villains
Capo (alabama) - All Gas No Brakes
Canibus - Crisis Music
Ca$h Out - I Know
Chico Buarque - Almanaque
Choppa - Brick Jungle
Cale - Out Of Style
Cale - Down To Memphis
Cassidy - Control ( Kendrick Lamar Response)
Classroom Instruments) / Robin Thicke & The Roots W/ Jimmy Fallon - Blurred Lines (
Cale - Where The Sun Don't Shine
Cale - It's Good To Be In Austin
Cale - Old Friend
Cale - When The War Is Over
Cale - All Mama's Children
Cale - Ooh La La
Cale - Guess I Lose
Cale - Lawdy Mama
Cale - My Cricket
Cale - Since You Said Goodbye
Cale - Oh Mary
Cale - Fonda Lina
Cale - Who Knew
Cale - Drifter's Wife
Cale - Strange Days
Cale - Bluebird
Cale - Blue Sunday
Cassidy - Control (freestyle)
Chrishan - Tell Em
Chevy Woods - J's
Caskey - Breaking Bad
Crossfaith - Photosphere
Chumbawamba - Song For Len Shakleton
Chumbawamba - Piggies In Revolution 9
Chumbawamba - Last Taxi Ride
Chumbawamba - The Sun
Chumbawamba - Stitch That (country & Western Version)
Chumbawamba - Ugliest Part Of The Body
Chumbawamba - Rappaport's Testament: I Never Gave Up
Chumbawamba - On Ilkley Moor Baht'at
Chain - Cities Part 3
Chinese Man - Introduction (morning Sun)
Chinese Man - In My Room
Chinese Man - Get Up
Chumbawamba - The Day The Nazi Died (1993 Mix)
Carl Perkins - I Want You Back Again
Carl Perkins - Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On
Carl Perkins - Right String Baby But The Wrong Yo Yo
Carl Perkins - Be Honest With Me
Chamillionaire - Reign Fall
Chamillionaire - Here We Go Again
Chamillionaire - Eatin'
Counterparts - Lost
Coldplay - Atlas
Charles Brown - Early In The Morning
Counterparts - Ghost
Counterparts - Witness
Counterparts - Cursed
Chrisye - Nona Lisa
Carlos Vives - Bailar Contigo
Chumbawamba - The Birmingham Six
Chumbawamba - The Abcs Of Anarchism
Carlinhos Brown - Everybodygente
Carlinhos Brown - Loved You Right Away
Carlinhos Brown - Pedindo Pra Voltar
Civ - Ordinary
Carl Perkins - I Care
Carl Perkins - Honky Tonk Gal
Chain - First Life
Carl Perkins - Rockabilly Fever
Chumbawamba - Shipbuilding (1983)
Carl Perkins - Levi Jacket
Chain - Earthscape I
Chain - Black And Blue
Christina Grimmie - My Anthem
Chrishan - Blunt & A Bitch
Christina Grimmie - Feelin' Good
Coasters - Thumbin' A Ride
Caetano Veloso - Ingenuidade (innocence)
Caetano Veloso - Perdeu (lost)
Caetano Veloso - A Cor Amarela (the Color Yellow)
Caetano Veloso - Luz Do Sol
Caetano Veloso - Menina Da Ria (girl From Ria)
Claire Lynch - Somewhere Above
Claire Lynch - Your Presence Is My Favorite Gift
Claire Lynch - Paul And Peter Walked
Chamillionaire - Cloud 9
Chamillionaire - Go Get It
Chamillionaire - Here We Go
Chamillionaire - Keep Drivin'
Cory Gunz - Outro
Chamillionaire - Bullet Proof
Chamillionaire - See Through
Chamillionaire - Emotional
Cam Meekins - Fresh
Cam Meekins - You
Chamillionaire - Bet You Won't
Cam Meekins - Better Days
Christina Grimmie - Get Yourself Together
Cali P - The One For Me
Constantine - Different Faces
Chief Keef - Morgan Tracy
Chamillionaire - Hold Up
Chamillionaire - Slow Loud & Bangin
Chamillionaire - Overnight
Chamillionaire - Elevate
Colin Blunstone - The Ghost Of You And Me
Cynic - The Unknown Guest
Colin Blunstone - It's Magical
Chumbawamba - Feel Like I'm Fixin To Die' Rag (country Joe And The Fish, 1967)
Clara C - Fool's Gold
Clara C - By The Blue
Clara C - Wake Up In Neverland
Clara C - Loveprint
Clara C - Brighter Days
Clara C - Heartstrings
Clara C - Fish
Clara C - Wait On Me
Clara C - Dear Daphne
Camper Van Beethoven - The Long Plastic Hallway
Cherie Call - It Passes All My Understanding
Cosaquitos En Globo - Voy A Buscarte
Cosaquitos En Globo - Conexion
Chief Keef - Traffic
Chief Keef - Darker
Carla Thomas - A Woman's Love (lp Version)
Chimaira - Kings Of The Shadow World
Chimaira - All That's Left Is Blood
Chimaira - Crown Of Phantoms
Chimaira - I Despise
Cathedral - An Observation
Chimaira - Love Soaked Death
Cathedral - Cathedral Of The Damned
Chimaira - Spineless
Chimaira - The Machine
Cathedral - Tower Of Silence
Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine - Sunshine
Cowsills - Ii X Ii
Chris Young - Forgiveness
Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine - The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time
Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine - Winning The War
Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine - Girls Can Keep A Secret
Cheryl Lynn - In The Night
Cat Power - Nothin But Time
Cat Power - Fire (bonus Track)
Cimorelli - What Makes You Beautiful
Cimorelli - Everything Has Changed
Cimorelli - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
Constantines - Saint You
Constantines - No Ecstasy
Cimorelli - Skyscraper
Constantines - Steal This Sound
Cimorelli - Wings
Constantines - Seven A.m.
Chumbawamba - 30. Mountain Biking
Chris Brown - It's Your Fantasy
Chumbawamba - 34. Mick Mcmanus' Haircut
Chris Richardson - Why You Mad
Chumbawamba - 39. Bowls
Chumbawamba - 31. Shin Paring
Chumbawamba - 36. A Regular Guy
Chumbawamba - 32. Better
Civil Wars - D'arline
Chumbawamba - 38. Shoot
Charlie Parker - East Of The Sun (and West Of The Moon)
Charlie Parker - Embraceable You
Charlie Parker - Cheers
Cocorosie - Left Hand Shoe
Corrosion Of Conformity - Citizen (mike Singing Mix)
Chumbawamba - 23. The Fun In Games
Chumbawamba - 25. Spassky Fischer
Chumbawamba - 22. Brian
Chumbawamba - 24. Games Were Fun
Canned Heat - Straight Ahead
Canned Heat - Dimples
Coma Cinema - Her Sinking Sun
Coma Cinema - Business As Usual
Currensy - Ox
Chumbawamba - 21. Desmond Lynam's Sports Trivia
Chumbawamba - 18. The Bull Fights Back
Coma Cinema - Greater Vultures
Caos 1o1 - Times Up
Clock Dva - Sensorium
Clock Dva - Moments
Clock Dva - Uncertain
Carmen Mcrae - Secret Love
Carmen Mcrae - I Concentrate On You
Carmen Mcrae - Thou Swell
Cradle Of Filth - Dance Macabre (saffron's Curse Remix)
Charles Aznavour - Notre Amour
Cristian Castro - Lo Dudo
Common - Next Time (just Right Version)
Curved Air - The Purple Speed Queen (remastered)
Count Basic - So Far Away
Curved Air - Love Child (remastered)
Curved Air - Piece Of Mind
Curved Air - Over And Above
Count Basic - Joy And Pain
Common - Introspective
Count Basic - Speechless
Childish Gambino - Centipede
Chamillionaire - True Religion
Cracker - Gimme One More Chance
Chamillionaire - Never Enough
Chamillionaire - You Gon Learn (late Service)
Chad & Jeremy - Dirty Old Town
Cracker - I Could Be Wrong, I Could Be Right
Cracker - Hand Me My Inhaler
Cracker - Friends
Charles Trenet - Jardin Du Mois De Mai
Countdown Singers - I Finally Found Someone
Clannad - Fado
Clannad - What Will I Do
Countdown Singers - Born To Be Wild
Cut Copy - Visions
Cut Copy - We Fight For Diamonds
Cyndi Lauper - I Will Follow
Crimson Glory - Dream Dancer
Chapel Club - Paper Thin
Chapel Club - O Maybe I
Corey Crowder - Can I Sing You To Sleep?
Cyne - Tide Of Life (jay Appleseed Remix)
Chapel Club - Blind
Corrinne May - What Child Is This
Chapel Club - After The Flood
Cyne - Fall Through Atlantis
Cyne - Boombox Pimp
Chapel Club - Five Trees
Cyne - Cise
Chapel Club - Fine Light
Chapel Club - White Knight Position
Corrinne May - Hark The Herald Angels Sing
Conditions - The Descent Of Man
Conditions - Every Day Is A New Life
Conditions - Not Giving Up...not Yet
Cunninlynguists - The Park (blue Sky Black Death Remix) [deluxe Edition]
Cunninlynguists - Cocaine [deluxe Edition]
Cunninlynguists - Running Wild
Carina Round - Mother's Pride
Carina Round - Simplicity Hurts
Connie Francis - That's All
Carina Round - The Secret Of Drowning
Carina Round - Set Fire
Curtis Mayfield - Get A Little Bit (give, Get, Take And Have)
Chromatics - The Page
Chromatics - Running From The Sun
Cilice - Right Hemisphere
Chromatics - Kill For Love
Charlotte Perrelli - Black & Blue
Chromatics - Candy
Chromatics - Into The Black
Charlotte Perrelli - Slowly
Cilice - Golem Servants
Charlotte Perrelli - Holy Man
Celldweller - Tough Guy
Charlie Walker - When My Conscience Hurts The Most (single Version)
Charlie Walker - My Baby Used To Be That Way (single Version)
Calvin Russell - Too Old To Grow Up Now
Charlie Walker - Close All The Honky Tonks (single Version)
Cb4 - Lifeline
Chamillionaire - On My Way
Chamillionaire - You Gon Learn
Count Basie - Honeysuckle Rose (1937 Version)
Clem Snide - The Dairy Queen
Chad Mitchell Trio - Moscow Nights (live)
Cb4 - Black Cop
Chamillionaire - Let's Get That (remix)
Cb4 - Rapper's Delight
Count Basie - One O'clock Jump (1937 Version)
Cb4 - Sneaking Up On Ya
Capital Cities - Tell Me How To Live
Callenish Circle - Inner Sense
Callenish Circle - Mental Affection
Clazziquai Project - Chocolate Truffles
Chamillionaire - Running Laps
Chamillionaire - All Mine
Chamillionaire - Your Connect
Carlos Vives - La Foto De Los Dos
Carlos Vives - Amanecer
Chamillionaire - Let's Get That
Chris Farlowe - (i Can't Get No) Satisfaction
Chris Farlowe - In The Midnight Hour
Chris Farlowe - Mr. Pitiful
Chuck Berry - La Juanda (spanish Version)
Chris Farlowe - I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself
Chic - Take A Closer Look (lp Version)
Chic - Give Me The Lovin' (lp Version)
Chic - In Love With Music (lp Version)
Corpsefucking Art - Pet(ting) Sematary
Chic - Party Everybody (lp Version)
Chris Farlowe - Wide Open
Chris Farlowe - All Or Nothing
Campfire Girls - Pedestal
Campfire Girls - Incomplete
Coldcut - A Whistle And A Prayer
Christy Carlson Romano - Circle Of Life
Chase Rice - Beats A Million Bucks
Chipmunk - Upgrade You
Celtic Woman - Adeste Fideles
Carolina Chocolate Drops - Cornbread And Butterbeans
Cassandra Wilson - Blackbird
Carolina Chocolate Drops - Reynadine
Christian Castro - Ella (dueto Con Cristian)
Cassandra Wilson - Forty Days And Forty Nights
Carolina Chocolate Drops - Trouble In Your Mind
Cassandra Wilson - Watch The Sunrise
Celly Cel - Why Must It Be Like That?
Cherub - Roxxy
Commissioned - They Must Know
Cherub - Lynndenberries
Cherub - Dear Body
Cherub - All
Commodores - This Love
Commodores - The Woman In My Life
Crystal Fighters - I Do This Everyday
Crystal Fighters - I Love London
Crystal Fighters - Swallow
Charlotte Church - The Rise
Cloud Nothings - Stay Useless
Chet Baker - I Married An Angel
Chet Baker - Isn't It Romantic
Chet Baker - If I Should Lose You
Cloud Nothings - Fall In
Chet Baker - My Old Flame
Carole King - Yours Until Tomorrow
Carole King - Like Little Children
Carole King - Christmas In The Air
Carole King - Just Once In My Life
Carsitters - Boy Meets Girl
Carsitters - All Eyes On Me
Carsitters - Angel
Carsitters - Change
Carsitters - I Don't Mind
Carsitters - Can't Tell
Carsitters - Don't Go Away
Carsitters - Innocent
Charlie Mccoy - Walkin' After Midnight
Charlie Mccoy - I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
Classix Nouveaux - Never Again (the Days Time Erased) (bbc In Concert) [live]
Caterina Valente - Forse
Clutch - Guild Of Mule Assassins
Caterina Valente - Das Ist Die Hafenmelodie
Caterina Valente - Wo Meine Sonne Scheint
Cherish The Ladies - Bonny Blue Eyed Nancy
Cherish The Ladies - Down By The Glenside (peadar Kearney)
Christafari - Protestors
Christafari - El Amor De Mi Vida (con Gamaliel Ruiz)
Culture - Capture Rasta
Candi Staton - Here I Am Again
Candi Staton - When You Wake Up Tomorrow
Cris Cab - Face To Face
Cris Cab - She's So Fly
Cara Dillon - The Lass Of Glenshee
Circus Contraption - Mendel The Magnificent
Cathie Ryan - Home Sweet Home
Cathie Ryan - What's Closest To The Heart
Cara Dillon - She Moved Through The Fair
Carimi - Fe'm Kado'w
Conway Twitty & Loretta Lynn - Lead Me On (single Version)
Conway Twitty & Loretta Lynn - Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man (single Version)
Conway Twitty & Loretta Lynn - Back Home Again
Chieftains - Raglan Road (live)
Chieftains - God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
Chieftains - Rain And Snow
Chieftains - Whole Heap Of Little Horses
Chieftains - Behind Blue Eyes (live)
Cream - Sitting On Top Of The World (live)
Cream - N.s.u. (live At Winterland)
Cream - Falstaff Beer Commercial
Cyndi Thomson - Like It's The First Time
Christian Death - Awake At The Wall
Cherrelle - Crazy (for Loving You)
Charlie Louvin - If I Could Only Win Your Love
Cherrelle - Lucky
Coup - Wavip
Cold Cave - Alchemy And You
Cold Cave - Icons Of Summer
Cold Cave - Catacombs
Cold Cave - Burning Sage
Catie Curtis - Deliver Me
Catie Curtis - Kiss That Counted
Catie Curtis - Jane
Chris Mann - Viva La Vida
Coheed & Cambria - Junesong Provision [acoustic Demo
Chocolate Watch Band - Gossamer Wings
Chris Mann - Falling
Chocolate Watch Band - Gone And Passes By
Cage - Pussy, Money And War
Cage - Escape To 88
Chin Up Chin Up - We Should Have Never Lived Like We Were Skyscrapers
Carbon Leaf - Bloody Good Bar Fight Song
Chayanne - Gavilan O Paloma
Chayanne - Me Pierdo Contigo
Chayanne - Curame
Charlie Landsborough - Blowin In The Wind
Crime & The City Solution - My Love Takes Me There
Chet Atkins - The Poor People Of Paris (jean's Song) [buddha Remastered 2000]
Crime & The City Solution - Riven Man
Crime & The City Solution - Goddess
Chet Atkins - Whispering
Christy Moore - How Long
Carlos Ponce - La Venganza
Carlos Ponce - Llevame Contigo
Celia Cruz - Por Si Acaso No Regreso
Celia Cruz - Cuba Que Lindos Son Tus Paisajes (a Duo Con Celia Cruz)
Chris De Burgh - Corinna, Corinna
Cocoon - Super Powers
Cocoon - Cathedral
Cocoon - Oh My God
Charlotte Gainsbourg - Anna
Cocoon - Kung Fu Fighting
Cocoon - Sea Lion Ii (i Will Be Gone)
Cocoon - American Boy
Cocoon - Say My Name
Confederate Railroad - All I Wanted
Cross Canadian Ragweed - Poop Eye
Charlotte Gainsbourg - All The Rain
Cross Canadian Ragweed - Much Better Now
Charlotte Gainsbourg - White Telephone
Cross Canadian Ragweed - Rainy Day Woman
Charlotte Gainsbourg - Terrible Angels
Cocoa Tea - Lonesome Side
Colin James - Please Baby
Colin James - Kind Hearted Woman
Colin James - Fixin' To Die
Chris Ledoux - A Cowboy Like Me
Colosseum - Downhill And Shadows
Colosseum - Time Lament
Crowded House - Elephants
Crowded House - Either Side Of The World
Commotio Cordis - Choices
Commotio Cordis - The Dead Woods
Commotio Cordis - Inevitable Agenda
Commotio Cordis - Before The Storm
Commotio Cordis - Mindset
Commotio Cordis - We Are The Four
Commotio Cordis - Manipulationists
Commotio Cordis - Bitter Sweet Freedom
Cold Chisel - One Long Day (live)
Cold Chisel - The Party's Over Live (swingshift)
Camilo Sesto - Enamorarte De Mi
Cold Chisel - Cheap Wine Live (swingshift)
Camilo Sesto - Entre Ella Y Tu
Camilo Sesto - Hasta El Final
Cold Chisel - Four Walls Live (swingshift)
Camilo Sesto - Terciopelo Y Piedra
Cobra Starship - The Kids Are All F'''ed Up
Camilo Sesto - Nunca Mas
Cadia - Radiate
Chris Rice - Punch Lines And Ironies
Classixx - I'll Get You
Caballo Dorado - Tu Vecino
Craft Spells - The Fog Rose High
Charles Aznavour - After Loving You
Craft Spells - Beauty Above All
Caballo Dorado - Vaquera Sexy
Caballo Dorado - Un Chico Loco
Charles Aznavour - No I Could Never Forget
Craft Spells - You Should Close The Door
Craft Spells - Leave My Shadow
Craft Spells - From The Morning Heat
Charles Aznavour - Love Is New Everyday
Chris Rice - What A Heart Is Beating For
Canton Jones - Phone Song
Charles Aznavour - J'abdiquerai
Cameo - On The One
Charles Aznavour - The Times We've Known
Cameo - I Like It
Charles Aznavour - Comme Des Roses
Cameo - Style (single)
Charles Aznavour - T'en Souvient Il ?
Carol Banawa - Ikaw Lamang
Clem Snide - Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Your Grievience
Counterpunch - Seventeen
Counterpunch - Mr Right
Chubby Checker - I Could Have Danced All Night
Clearlake - I Hate It That I Got What I Wanted
Chubby Checker - Twist Train
Clearlake - Amber
Cece Peniston - Any Way You Wanna Go
Cece Peniston - Through Those Doors
Cece Peniston - I Will Be Received
Chubby Checker - Rock Around The Clock
Chubby Checker - Mister Twister
Chubby Checker - Birdyland (re Recorded Version)
Chubby Checker - Hold Tight
Carolyn Arends - Last Thursday (call Me Crazy)
Chuck Berry - Promised Land (live)
Chuck Berry - The Promised Land
Chuck Berry - Driftin Blues (digitally Re Mastered 2010)
Chamberlain - Steady Tryin' To Holler
Chamberlain - Lovely And Alone
Chamberlain - Mountain Of A Heart
Cassadee Pope - Stand (the Voice Performance)
Cassadee Pope - My Happy Ending (the Voice Performance)
Chamberlain - World Don't Want Us
Chamberlain - Try For Thunder
Chamberlain - Sante Fe
Chamberlain - Stars In The Streetlight
Chamberlain - Crush You
Cherish The Ladies - Fair And Tender Ladies
Chet Baker - My One And Only Love
Chet Baker - Little Girl Blue
Cherish The Ladies - Freeborn Man Of The Traveling People
Cherish The Ladies - The Jolly Beggarman
Carolyn Wonderland - Still Alive And Well
Cherish The Ladies - Bogie's Bonnie Belle
Chet Baker - She Was Too Good To Me
Carolyn Wonderland - The Farmer Song
Carolyn Wonderland - I Live Alone With Someone
Chet Baker - How Deep Is The Ocean
Carlos Baute - Se Que Menti
Carlos Baute - Mal De Amores
Chic - Est Ce Que C'est Chic (lp Version)
Chic - Can't Stand To Love You
Carlos Baute - Estas Hecha Para Mi
Curtis Stigers - Into Temptation
Carlos Baute - Resumiendo
Chic - We Are Family
Curtis Stigers - Everyone Loves Lovers
Ceili Rain - It Only Tickles When You Do It
Carolyn Wonderland - Long Way To Go
Ceili Rain - Erasers On Pencils
City Boy - Moonlight (shake My Head And Leave)
Ceili Rain - Long For You
Curtis Stigers - This Bitter Earth
City Boy - Surgery Hours (dcotor Doctor)
Carolyn Wonderland - I Don't Want To Fall For You
Ceili Rain - God Done Good
City Boy - Oddball Dance
City Boy - Haymaking Time
Carolyn Wonderland - Unbroken
Chris Young - I'm Over You
Carla Bruni - Libert
Css - Hangover
Clarence Carter - Everybody Plays The Fool (re Recorded)
Css - Faith In Love
Clarence Carter - Changes
Colin Hay - I'm Doing Fine
Css - The Hangout
Css - Too Hot
Clarence Carter - Brick House
Carmen Miranda - Minha Terra Tem Palmeiras
Carmen Miranda - Nao Te Dou A Chupeta
Carmen Miranda - Rebola A Bola
Carmen Miranda - Malandro
Carmen Miranda - Na Bahia
Carmen Miranda - Cuidado Hein!
Carmen Miranda - Mama Eu Quero
Carmen Miranda - Chattanooga Choo Choo
Charlie Rich - Hey Good Lookin
Charlie Rich - Pictures And Paintings
Charlie Rich - All Over Me
Charlie Rich - They'll Never Take Her Love From Me
Charlie Rich - Caught In The Middle
Chrishan - The Motion (remix)
Chris Brown - Love More
Celldweller - Switchback (remixed By Klayton)
Chet Faker - Solo Sunrise
Chief Keef - Dis Ya Song
Ciara - I'm Out (feat. Nicki Minaj)
Celldweller - Atmospheric Light (demo Redux)
Celldweller - Blood From The Stone
Celldweller - Ghosts
Curren$y - Showroom 2
Chingy - New Slaves (remix)
Cymphonique - Slow It Down
Chante Moore - Talking In My Sleep
Cviro - Faded
Ca$h Out - The Twerk Song
Caskey - They Know
Cher Lloyd - It's All Good
Chris Skillz - Like What
Charlie Red - Green Greed
Cyril Hahn - Perfect Form
Cady Groves - Forget You
Christian Bautista - Araw, Ulap, Langit
Chris Faust - 54 To Barclays
Chief Keef - Peep Hole
Chrishan - Mona Lisa
Capital Cities - Chartreuse
Carmine - Plastic (remix)
Cole - Dollar & A Dream Tour Vlog
Chief Keef - Hobby
Christina Fisher - Stay Right Here
Cocorosie - Devil's Island
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