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Chokebore - Plus More
Chokebore - Ultra Lite
Choir - To Cover You
Chet Atkins - Tears
Chris Norman - Here Comes The Night
Cephalic Carnage - The Will Or The Way
Chet Atkins - Darktown Strutters Ball
Cephalic Carnage - Sleeprace
Cheryl Wheeler - Potato
Chokebore - Where Is The Assassin
Chris Norman - Break Away
Choir - Merciful Eyes
Chet Atkins - Do I Ever Cross Your Mind
Chris Norman - Too Much (and Not Enough)
Cherish The Ladies - High Germany
Chokebore - Well Fed
Chris Norman - Send A Sign To My Heart
Chieftains - The Wexford Carol
Chicane - Hiding All The Stars
Chris Sligh - Let You Know
Chic - Believer
Chieftains - I'll Tell Me Ma
Chris Norman - It's Alright
Choir - About Love
Cherish The Ladies - Broken Wings
Chokebore - Popular Modern Themes
Chokebore - Weightless
Chords - Maybe Tomorrow
Chris Farlowe - Blues As Blues Can Get
Choir - The Ocean
Chris Bathgate - Buffalo Girl
Chris Norman - Hold On
Cheryl Wheeler - So Far To Fall
Chris Garneau - Raw And Awake
Chris Norman - Living Next Door To Alice
Choir - I Don't Mean Any Harm
Choir - The Warbler
Charley Patton - A Spoonful Blues
Chi Coltrane - Go Like Elijah
Choir - A Sentimental Song
Chris & Rich Robinson - Someday Past The Sunset
Charley Patton - High Sheriff Blues
Charley Patton - 34 Blues
Chris Farlowe - Ride On Baby
Chicane - Turning Corners
Chris Sligh - Are You Pleased
Chris Garneau - The Runt
Chris Norman - Don't You Cry
Chris Norman - Keep Talking
Chris Garneau - The Leaving Song
Chris Bathgate - Riverwide
Chokebore - Foreign Devils On The Silk Road
Choir - Another World
Chris Bathgate - We Turned Into Birds (illinois)
Chokebore - Motionless
Choir - Leprechaun
Chinchilla - Freedom
Chet Baker - As Time Goes By
Chad & Jeremy - September In The Rain
Charlie Hall - God Of Hope
Chick Corea - God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
Charlatans Uk - When The Lights Go Out In London
Chad & Jeremy - The Way You Look Tonight
Charlatans Uk - Glory Glory
Chinchilla - Victims Of The Night
Chet Baker - How Long Has This Been Going On
Chills - Sleeping Giants
Choir - The Rifleman
Chariot - Need
Chilliwack - Something Better
Charlie Hall - Thrill
Choir - What Is The Cherry Bomb
Chariot - Teach
Chinchilla - Silent Moments
Charlie Hall - Come For Me
Chad & Jeremy - Now And Forever
Charlie Robison - Walter
Charlatans Uk - Indian Rope
Chad & Jeremy - Transatlantic Trauma 1966
Charlie Hall - Don't Pass Us By
Chills - Halo Fading
Charlatans Uk - Up At The Lake
Choir - Nobody Gets A Smooth Ride
Choirboys - Bought And Paid For
Chills - Water Wolves
Charlie Robison - The Bottom
Caliban - Memorial
Chinchilla - War Machine
Chet Baker - Daybreak
Charlatans Uk - My Name Is Despair
Charlie Robison - Big City Blues
Chemical Vocation - Ready Set Go!
Chilliwack - Roll On
Chet Baker - They All Laughed
Chicks On Speed - Strobelight
Chad & Jeremy - Sunstroke
Chicago Mass Choir - He's Working It Out For Your Good
Calvin Harris - Promises Close To Me
Chiara Civello - Here Is Everything
Chiara Civello - The Wrong Goodbye
Chameleons - In Answer
Chi-lites - Too Good To Be Forgotten
Chemical Vocation - The Beautiful Truth
Chesney Hawkes - Black Or White People
Catherine Britt - Bruised
Catherine Britt - Dirt Cheap
Chet Baker - You Go To My Head
Charlie Hall - Your Glory Endures Forever
Chiddy Bang - Does She Love Me
Chills - Familiarity Breeds Contempt
Chet Baker - Deep In A Dream
Chicken Shack - First Time I Met The Blues
Chesney Hawkes - I'm Young
Chills - So Long
Chad & Jeremy - Lemon Tree
Chicks On Speed - Give Me Back My Man
Charlie Hall - The Cross
Chingo Bling - Osama!! Who Got The Keys To My Humma
Charlie Robison - Poor Man's Son
Chesney Hawkes - What's Wrong With This Picture
Charlie Hall - Majesty
Chiara Civello - I'm Your Love
Chicken Shack - Mean Old World
Chet Baker - Body And Soul
Chet Baker - Sweet Sue. Just You
Chameleons - The Healer
Chemical Vocation - This Town
Chiara Civello - I Didn't Want
Chicks On Speed - Wordy Sauber
Choirboys - Midnight Sun
Chameleons - All Around
Chiara Civello - Seagulls
Charlie Hall - Sweep Me Away
Choirboys - Fight By The Book
Chameleons - Free For All
Crush - Until The End
Cherry Ghost - I Need You
Chinchilla - Tears
Chi-lites - I Never Had It So Good (and Felt So Bad)
Catherine Wheel - Goodbye
Choir - Everybody In The Band
Chameleons - Denims And Curls
Chesney Hawkes - I'm A Man Not A Boy
Chet Baker - Blue Moon
Chameleons - Truth Isn't Truth Anymore
Chicago Mass Choir - I Give You All The Praise
Choir - Shiny Floor
Chet Baker - You Don't Know What Love Is
Catherine Britt - If Only He Were You
Chastain - Barracuda
Charlie Dee - Rainstorm
Chavez - Memorize This Face
Chants Of Maldoror - Himmel Balsam
Chastain - I Am The Rain
Chali 2na - Comin' Thru
Chatterbox - Epignosis
Charlie Musselwhite - Shootin' For The Moon
Chamber - Mistakes
Charlie Mars - Captain Captain
Chapterhouse - If You Want Me
Chap - Obviously
Charlie Straight - Love Factory
Change - Searching
Charlie Straight - Your House
Charlie Musselwhite - River Hip Mama
Chaosweaver - Angel
Charles Billingsley - Freed
Charlie Feathers - Stutterin' Cindy
Charlie Dee - Rosie
Charlie Straight - Running Up
Chavez - Repeat The Ending
Chatterbox - Spine
Chapin Sisters - Shady River
Chapterhouse - Breather
Carrie Underwood - Good Girl
Chap - We'll See To Your Breakdown
Chamberlain - Her Side Of Sundown
Chap - Pain Fan
Cheese People - Western
Charlie & The Bhoys - Bring Them Home
Chavez - Tight Around The Jaws
Chapterhouse - April
Chastain - Share Yourself With Me
Chastain - Night Of Anger
Chants Of Maldoror - Selbsther
Cheese People - Stroitel
Charlie & The Bhoys - Willie Maley
Chavez - New Room
Charlie Musselwhite - Key To The Highway
Chamber - Torn
Chap - Gimme Legs
Chavez - Little Twelvetoes
Charlie Dee - Water In A Desert
Charlotte Hatherley - Again
Chants Of Maldoror - The Hangman's Axiom
Charlie Feathers - Tongue Tied Jill
Chauchat - Slopert
Chalets - Feel The Machine
Cheese People - Moon
Charlie Mars - When The Sun Goes Down
Charlie Straight - Bathroom Song
Chastain - Seven
Cymphonique Miller - Only You Can Be You
Chauchat - Sick
Chapterhouse - Falling Down
Charlotte Hatherley - Love's Young Dream
Charlie Mars - Gather The Horses
Chastain - Angel Of Mercy
Charles Bukowski - Style
Charlotte Hatherley - Wounded Sky
Chalets - Nightrocker
Chapin Sisters - Don't Love You
Chamberlain - Racing Cincinnati
Charlie Straight - Nothing
Charlie Parker - This Is Always
Charlie Parker - How Deep Is The Ocean (take A Master)
Chaostar - As Hope
Che Fu - Share The Info
Charlie Parker - All The Things You Are
Charetta - Never
Chantels - The Plea
Charmaine - Fighting Furies
Chaostar - Embrace
Charmaine - Not Fair
Charetta - Stop The Cycle
Charmaine - Tied To The Ground
Charlotte Diamond - The Garden Song
Chaotica - Prison Of Decay
Chaotica - Something Wicked
Chambers Brothers - People Get Ready
Charlotte Perrelli - A Lot Like Love
Charlotte Diamond - I Am A Pizza
Chambers Brothers - Funky
Chaotica - Follow Me Down
Chaotica - Alone In The Crowd
Chaotica - Mr. Vanity
Chaostar - Rex Mundi
Charlotte Perrelli - Not Alone
Chaotica - I Despise
Cheech & Chong - Rock Fight
Chaotica - Katie's Pet Bird
Chaostar - Underworld Act Iii
Champagne - Rollerball
Cheech & Chong - Searchin'
Chaotica - House Of Red Tape
Champagne - How 'bout Us
Chris Brown - I Love You
Cdc - Crowd War
Ceili Rain - 'i Love You' Always Works
Cedarmont Kids - Oh How I Love Jesus
Centaurus-a - Dripping Red Canvas
Columbia - Sunday Morning
Catlow - Number One
Celtic Spirit - Runaway
Chiddy Bang - Whatever We Want
Cauterized - Not Even Human
Columbia - The Time
Cedarmont Kids - Onward Christian Soldiers
Centerfold - Dictator
Catlow - Ocean Space Sand
Chainsaw - Destroying The Madness
Columbia - Ya Ya Ya
Columbia - Motor Ride
Celestia - Perverted Decadent Dying Love
Cause For Alarm - True Colors
Cenobites - Mommy
Cauldron Black Ram - Verily Hollow Demon
Chevy Woods - Home Run
Ceili Rain - Everything Good Is You
Columbia - Mistake
Columbia - Join Our Ride
Celestial Crown - Eclipsed My Hope
Cats On Fire - Fabric
Chiddy Bang - Talking To Myself
Celesty - Demon Inside
Chad Vangaalen - I Miss You Like I Miss You
Chagall Guevara - Take Me Back To Love Canal
Celestia - A Regrettable Misinterpretation Of Mournfulness
Cenobites - I Was Forgotten
Cause For Alarm - Parasite
Cathy Davey - Mine For Keeps
Catpeople - Tanya Is In My Bed
Cave Singers - New Monuments
Chad Vangaalen - Flower Gardens
Celestia - A Dying Out Ectasy
Cats On Fire - I Am The White Mantled King
Chad Vangaalen - After The Afterlife
Cathy Davey - Reuben
Columbia - Take Me
Cave Singers - Cold Eye
Cathie Ryan - High On A Mountain
Cesspool Of Vermin - Parasitism
Columbia - My Conscience
Celestia - The Fragrance Of The Dead Rose
Cypress Hill - Roll It, Light It
Cauldron Black Ram - Imp
Chainsaw - Welcome To Hell
Ceschi - Francisco False Theme
Chainsaw - Master Of Fate
Cenobites - Lex Lugor
Ceili Rain - The Fighting Chair
Columbia - Bring It Down
Cats On Fire - The Smell Of An Artist
Celso Blues Boy - Bring It On Home To Me
Centerfold - Intimate Climate
Cave Singers - Dancing On Our Graves
Cauterized - Bleed The Leech
Chagall Guevara - Play God
Cesspool Of Vermin - Beastial Necrophilia
Cedarmont Kids - God Is So Good
Ceschi - Shame
Ceschi - Frank Propose
Columbia - Everything
Cathie Ryan - So Here's To You
Cause For Alarm - Second Chance
Celestial Crown - Night By The Silent Waters
Columbia - 10 Out Of 10
Cats On Fire - Crooked Paper Clip
Cats On Fire - Never Sell The House
Cats On Fire - Tears In Your Cup
Cathi Bruns - Unlike Me
Celso Fonseca - My Broken Heart
Century - Rising Sun
Chad Vangaalen - Blood Machine
Cephalectomy - Architect Of Abomination
Cavo - Into The Night
Celesty - Power Of Stones
Chad Vangaalen - Kill Me In My Sleep
Celesty - Fire Against The Ice
Centro-matic - The Blisters May Come
Cavo - Grounded
Chagall Guevara - I Need Somebody
Century - Monolith
Centro-matic - Actuator's Great
Cephalectomy - The Accumulated Conscious
Celesty - Last Sacrifice
Centro-matic - Twenty Four
Cave Singers - Seeds Of Night
Centro-matic - Strychnine Breathless Ways
Celebrate The Nun - Ordinary Town
Cavo - Hard To Believe
Cerys Matthews - Open Roads
Cavo - Waiting For Silence
Celebrate The Nun - My Jealousy
Cassandra Complex - God John
Casanova - The X Tra Mile
Cassandra Complex - Valis
Capture The Crown - You Call That A Knife? This Is A Knife!
Cassandra Wilson - Crazy
Cassino - New Jerusalem
Cap De Craniu - Railway Train Monday Football
Cat Rapes Dog - Key To Success
Cassandra Complex - Motherad
Cap De Craniu - Lauren's Shaving Kit
Cassino - Tin Man's Throne
Catacombs - Dead Dripping City
Castledoor - The Birds And The Fleas
Cassandra Complex - Into The Heart
Cassandra Complex - Jihad Girl
Casanova - Sticky Sweet
Castevet - Lautrec
Cassino - Platano
Cassette Kids - Freaky Sweetie
Casual Dots - She's The Real Thing
Cassandra Complex - Never
Cassino - Djom
Cat Rapes Dog - Dead Boys Don't Say No
Casus Belli - One Idea At The Break Of New Dawn
Cast Aside - Honor
Casiotone For The Painfully Alone - Lonesome New Mexican Nights
Cathedrals - Jesus Has Risen
Castevet - Hiccups
Catharsis - In Solitary
Cassandra Complex - It's Ok
Castledoor - Remember When
Castevet - Cities & Memory
Cristiles - Lay U Down
Cathedrals - Sinner Saved By Grace
Cast Aside - Stand Up
Cathedrals - Suppertime
Chiddy Bang - Out 2 Space
Chris Brown - Turn Up The Music Remix
Cat Empire - Side To Side
Casanova - Rome Burns
Cat Rapes Dog - Fuck Nature
Cat Rapes Dog - Things I Hate
Cat Empire - Wanted To Write A Love Song
Cataract - Fucking Hostile
Cassandra Wilson - Come On In My Kitchen
Cassandra Wilson - Sleight Of Time
Cat Empire - Miss Soul
Cataract - Devon
Cat Empire - Down At The 303
Cranberries - Conduct
Castanets - All That I Know To Have Changed In You
Cass Mccombs - Dreams Come True Girl
Casket Lottery - A Priest Walks Into A Bar
Cassius - All I Want
Cat Empire - Motion
Cranberries - Fire & Soul
Cass Mccombs - What Isn't Nature
Chiddy Bang - Handclaps & Guitars
Cataract - Legions At The Gates
Cat Empire - Beyond All
Catherine - It's Gonna Get Worse
Cassandra Wilson - Red River Valley
Catherine - The Angels
Cataract - For Their Sins
Cataract - In Ashes
Cat Empire - Shoulders
Casket Lottery - Synchronicity Ii
Cass Mccombs - That's That
Casket Lottery - Bill And Axe
Cassandra Wilson - Strike A Match
Cataract - The Dying
Casus Belli - Universe Is A Unity
Carry On - Is This All There Is
Califone - Our Kitten Sees Ghosts
Cranberries - So Good
Carptree - Pressure
Califone - New Black Tooth
Callmekat - Bug In A Web
Carry On - Check Yourself
Cardiac Move - The Colouria
Califone - Slow Rt. Hand
Carl Anderson - O Holy Night
Captain Dan & The Scurvy Crew - On The Account
Captain - Keep An Open Mind
Captain & Tennille - Boogie Baby Christmas
Carved In Stone - Longing For Home
Califone - The Orchids
Carptree - Tilting The Scales
Captain & Tennille - Merry Christmas
Carry On - So Much Of You
Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine - G.i. Blues
Cartoon - From The Hands Of God
Captain - Build A Life
Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine - Twenty Four Minutes From Tulse Hill
Captain Dan & The Scurvy Crew - Broadside
Carl Perkins - Gone Gone Gone
Califone - Spider's House
Carter Family - Bring Back My Blue Eyed Boy To Me
Cartoon - The Warning
Captain - Summer Rain
Califone - Wade In The Water
Call To Preserve - You Broke Down
Carved In Stone - As The Rain Keeps Falling
Carter Family - Little Log Cabin By The Sea
Call To Preserve - No Value
Captain Dan & The Scurvy Crew - That's How We Row
Captain Dan & The Scurvy Crew - Drunken Sailor
Cardiac Move - Head Over Heels
Carptree - My Index Finger
Captain - Broke
Caroline Sunshine - Roam
Caroline Lavelle - The Island
Call To Preserve - Sidewinder
Callmekat - The Love Cats
Captain Dan & The Scurvy Crew - Calypso's Crabs
Carl Perkins - Jailhouse Rock
Crooked I - Monsters In My Head
Captain & Tennille - Dixie Hummingbird
Carved In Stone - The Forgotten Belief
Carry On - What Once Was
Carl Mann - Twilight Time
Califone - 2 Sisters Drunk On Each Other
Calvin Russell - Crossroads
Captain Dan & The Scurvy Crew - Ship 2 Ship
Cartoon - King's Fugue
Calvin Russell - My Love Is So
Call To Preserve - Waiting For Dawn
Call To Preserve - First Light
Caravan - Golden Mile
Calvin Russell - Wagon To Stars
Caravan - Feelin' Alright
Canned Heat - Change My Ways
Calvin Russell - Cut The Silver Strings
Calvin Russell - Drive By
Caravan - Virgin On The Ridiculous
Carola - Invincible
Caroline Herring - Mississippi Snow
Carter Family - I Have No One To Love Me (but The Sailor On The Deep Blue Sea)
Calvin Russell - Down Down Down
Carter Family - Forsaken Love
Carter Family - Little Darling Pal Of Mine
Candi Staton - That's How Strong My Love Is
Common Dead - The Hearing
Captain & Tennille - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
Carter Family - The Lover's Farewell
Calvin Russell - I Dreamed I Saw
Carnifex - Heartless
Cansei De Ser Sexy - One Way Or Another Versus Teenage Kicks
Common Dead - Inveigh
Calvin Russell - Trouble
Call To Preserve - Dear Galatia
Canned Heat - Catfish Blues
Calvin Russell - Down In Texas
Common Dead - Dusk To Dawn
Cardinal Sin - Light Years Behind
Calvin Russell - May Be Someday
Common Dead - No Saint
Calvin Russell - I Want To Change The World
Canned Heat - Reefer Blues
Captain & Tennille - Disney Girls
Caravan - No Backstage Pass
Cardinal Sin - Under Your Skin
Common Dead - Delegates
Call To Preserve - Hindsight
Common Dead - Recollect
Caravan - Welcome The Day
Common Dead - Critical Mass
Carl Perkins - Daddy Sang Bass
Carl Mann - Some Enchanted Evening
Caravan - Silver Strings
Canned Heat - London Blues
Candi Staton - When Will I
Call To Preserve - Open Your Eyes
Common Dead - Sinister Veil
Caravan - Piano Player
Carl Perkins - Hey Good Lookin'
Caravan - Love In Your Eye
Carola - Wherever You Go
Caravan - Group Girl
Carola - Go Tell It On The Mountain
Carl Perkins - Forever Yours
Common Dead - True Noir
Common Dead - Wound
Canned Heat - Help Me
Carly Rae Jepsen - Picture
Capleton - Nuh Stop Wi
Capleton - Original Man
Cardiacs - Horsehead
California Dreams - Heart Don't Lie
Cadaveres - Drop Of Humaneness
California Dreams - Let Me Be The One
Carburetors - Goin' Down
Cardiacs - Wireless
Cardiacs - Is This The Life
Carburetors - Fire It Up
Cardiacs - Bellyeye
Cadence Weapon - Real Estate
Caprice - Summer Night
Cardiacs - Insect Hoofs On Lassie
Cadallaca - O Chenilla
Carburetors - Rock 'n' Roll Forever
Camber - Improbable Upside
Camber - 38th And Eighth
Cage9 - Octopussy
Cage9 - Wasting Away
Carburetors - Terrified
Camber - West Village Idiot
Candyskins - Death Of A Minor Tv Celebrity
Carburetors - Buckle Up
Caina - Temporary Antennae
Caitlin Rose - Answer In One Of These Bottles
Calamity Magnet - Baby You Forgot
Cardiacs - In A City Lining
Calamity Magnet - Figure It Out
Cacophonics - Cosmopolitics
Capital Letters - Fire
Cadence Weapon - Juliann Wilding
Camber - Hollowed Out
Carburetors - Burnout
Cadaveres - Lire Of Redemption
Camouflage - Passing By
Calle Kristiansson - Here I Go Again
Caprice - Winter
Caprice - Once Kings
Crossfade - Prove You Wrong
Calle Kristiansson - Walking In Memphis
Cadallaca - June N July
Cadallaca - Out West
Camber - Spirit Gum
Cadence Weapon - In Search Of The Youth Crew
Cardiacs - Fairy Mary Mag - The Manual
Cardiacs - Eden On The Air
Cold World - Survive
Cage9 - Remember December
Cardiacs - The Leader Of The Starry Skies
Cardiacs - The Breakfast Line
Cardiacs - Fiery Gun Hand
Cadaveres - Noah's Heritage
Cardiacs - There's Too Many Irons In The Fire
Carlos Jean - Black Star
Candyskins - Swimming Pool
Caitlin Rose - Shanghai Cigarettes
Cage9 - Sick Of It!
Camber - Home Movies
Cage9 - Hollywood Car Crash
Calathea - Wish I Could Fly
Capital Letters - Run Run Run
Camber - Beautiful Charade
Calathea - One Last Night
Cardiacs - Day Is Gone
Cage9 - Li'l Doggies - I Need Speed
Cardiacs - The Whole World Window
Cadaveres - Infest Your Mind
Candyskins - A Song
Carl Weathersby - Good Times Bad Times
Cadaveres - Enable To Die
Caribou - Kaili
Carina Round - Do You
Camouflage - Here She Comes
Capleton - Lock Up
Camouflage - Mellotron
Carina Round - Take The Money
Caribou - Crayon
Calla - It Dawned On Me
Captain Hollywood Project - Danger Sign
Camouflage - Harmful
Carla Thomas - No Time To Lose
Carina Round - Gravity Lies
Calvin Harris - Stars Come Out
Candie Payne - In The Morning
California Raisins - Jingle Bell Rock
Captain Beyond - Do Or Die
Candie Payne - Seasons Change
Calvin Harris - Yeah Yeah Yeah La La La
Camouflage - Spellbound
Camouflage - The Pleasure Remains
Candie Payne - I Wish I Could Have Loved You More
Calvin Harris - Blue
Camouflage - You Turn
Calla - Pulverized
Camouflage - Real Thing
Camouflage - Handsome
Capleton - Never Share (burn Dem)
Captain Beyond - Starglow Energy
Calla - Stand Paralyzed
Camouflage - Motif Sky
California Raisins - Silent Night
Calla - Play Dead
Carfax Abbey - The World Will Have To Wait
Camouflage - I Once Had A Dream
Carfax Abbey - Ketamine
Cassie - Money On Love
Chamillionaire - Won't Change
Carly Rae Jepsen - Curiosity
Caetano Veloso - The Carioca
Caetano Veloso - Something Good
C.j. Chenier - Richest Man
Caetano Veloso - Nature Boy
C-bo - Raised In Hell
Calaisa - If I Could
Caetano Veloso - The Man I Love
Chris Cagle - Got My Country On
C Note - Intro
C-rayz Walz - '86
Calaisa - Never Lookin' Back
Cagnet - Here We Are Again
C-rayz Walz - Rain Forever
C-rayz Walz - 3 Card Molly
Caitlin Crosby - Love Love Love
Confederate Railroad - A Bible And A Bus Ticket Home
Cake Bake Betty - Doves
C-bo - No Pain No Gain
C-bo - All I Ever Wanted
Caesars - No Tomorrow
C-block - We Believe
Caitlin Crosby - Finding Feelings
Cc Catch - Don't Shoot My Sheriff Tonight
Cabaret Voltaire - Happy
Cadaveres De Tortugas - Panic Attack
C-block - First Love
Caitlin Crosby - Generation
Cake Bake Betty - Oklahoma City
Civil Twilight - Fire Escape
Cristiles - Sugar Rush (feat. Bobby)
Cherish / Glee - Cherish
Class Actress - Bienvenue
Charlie Mcdonnell - Bread
Cody Simpson - Valentine
Caliban - Davy Jones
Class Actress - Keep You
Class Actress - Love Me Like You Used To
Childish Gambino - Phat People
Childish Gambino - Starlight
Childish Gambino (donald Glover) - Almost There
Childish Gambino (donald Glover) - Hollerin'
Chameleon Circuit - Big Bang Two
Christina Milian - Mr. Valentine
Childish Gambino - I Can Hear Your Feet (sunrise)
Childish Gambino - The Truth (goth Star)
Childish Gambino - 49ers (orange Shirt)
Childish Gambino - Bitch Look At Me Now
Chiddy Bang - Mind Your Manners
Cody Simpson - So Listen
Cory Gunz - Great Spitters
Coldworker - The Interloper
Coldworker - A New Era
Coldworker - The Black Dog Syndrome
Core - One And Only
Christina Lorentzen - Creeping In My Soul
Crown The Empire - Wake Me Up
Conor Maynard - Can't Say No
Chris Young - You
Chiddy Bang - Heatwave
Crown The Empire - Lead Me Out Of The Dark
Crown The Empire - Breaking Point
Crown The Empire - The Glass Elevator (walls)
Crown The Empire - Voices
Crown The Empire - Johnny Ringo
Chiddy Bang - By Your Side
Childish Gambino - My Hoodie
Childish Gambino - Assassins
Childish Gambino - I'm A Winner
Childish Gambino - Babydoll
Chairlift - Take It Out On Me
Ciara - Swim
Chairlift - Wrong Opinion
Corey Smith - Every Dawg
Childish Gambino (donald Glover) - Yes
Currensy - Livin
Colby O Donis - Like Me
Childish Gambino - I'm So Focused
Canton Jones - 5 Seconds
Curtis Mayfield - Only You Babe
Curtis Mayfield - Oh So Beautiful
Curtis Mayfield - Don't Worry
Cursive - Drunken Birds
Childish Gambino (donald Glover) - Got This Money
Childish Gambino (donald Glover) - These Girls
Childish Gambino (donald Glover) - Glory
Counting Crows - Mercy
Counting Crows - The Ballad Of El Goodo
Counting Crows - Four White Stallions
Chairlift - Guilty As Charged
Counting Crows - Ooh La La
Counting Crows - Return Of The Grievous Angel
Chasing Paramount - Make Me Alive
Corelia - Blood Petals
Currensy - Pay Attention
Chasing Paramount - Endlessly
Chasing Paramount - Rising Vision
Chasing Paramount - Versus
Curren$y - Cruiselife
Chasing Paramount - Awaken
Cults - Everybody Knows
Condokrew - All Mine
Chasing Paramount - Torn Eternity
Chameleon Circuit - The Sound Of Drums
Chasing Paramount - Unstable Ground
Chasing Paramount - The Truth
Chasing Paramount - We Are The Voice
Chemical Brothers - Battle Scars
Chingy - Let It Go
Childish Gambino (donald Glover) - Grind
Childish Gambino (donald Glover) - The Rocker
Childish Gambino (donald Glover) - So Much Better
Childish Gambino - The Awesome
Colin Blunstone - The Radio Was Playing Johnny Come Lately
Cool Breeze - The Field
Chimaira - Clockwork
Chimaira - Age Of Hell
Chimaira - Losing My Mind
Chipmunks - Funkytown
Chipmunks - Deck The Halls
Chipmunks - Silver Bells
Childish Gambino (donald Glover) - Extraordinary
Childish Gambino (donald Glover) - Sunshine
Childish Gambino - Hawk Jones
Childish Gambino - My Name Bam B
Chic - Just Out Of Reach
Chieftains - Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore
Chico Debarge - Sexual
Calvin Harris - Feel So Close
Carishma - Glow In The Dark
Cab - Drunk Love
Casino Madrid - 4:42 Reminds Me Of You
Childish Gambino (donald Glover) - So Fly
Childish Gambino (donald Glover) - The Last
Cult - Lucifer
Childish Gambino (donald Glover) - Put It In My Video
Childish Gambino (donald Glover) - Let Me Dope You
Cady Groves - Oh Darling!
Chairlift - I Belong In Your Arms
Crazy Family - Brando
Chris Brown - Touch Me
Centerpoint - Vanessa (acoustic)
Cam Ly - Mua Hoa Anh Dao
Cam Ly - Mau Cau Tinh Yeu
Cam Ly - Chuyen Tinh Hoa Buom
Cam Ly - Nho Anh May Mua
Cam Ly - Doi Em Tan Truong
Cam Ly - Con Duong Mang Ten Em
Cam Ly - Nguoi Phuong Xa
Cam Ly - Nga Ba Tinh
Cam Ly - Em Se Quen Nguoi Oi
Cam Ly - Em Khong The Quen
Cam Ly - Ve Mien Tay
Cam Ly - Tinh Thoi Cach Xa
Cam Ly - Du Tinh Anh Xa Mai
Cam Ly - Tieng Thanh Sung
Cam Ly - De Khong Con Xa Nhau
Cam Ly - Co Mot Nguoi Yeu Em
Cam Ly - Chieu Nuoc Lu
Cam Ly - Khi Co Em Trong Doi
Cam Ly - Nguoi Den Sau
Cam Ly - Con Toi Voi Toi
Cam Ly - Phut Biet Ly
Cam Ly - Lang Quen
Cam Ly - Don Dau
Cam Ly - Em Chi Yeu Moi Nguoi
Cam Ly - Bon Mat Anh Yeu
Cam Ly - Chuyen Tinh Yeu The Gian
Cam Ly - Co Le
Cam Ly - Con Lai Dayy Minh Em
Cam Ly - Tinh Cuoi Mua Dong
Cam Ly - Nhung Anh Chang Ngo Nhan
Cam Ly - Cay Ba Dau
Cam Ly - Loi Chia Tay
Cam Ly - Ke Dung Sau Tinh Yeu
Cam Ly - 999 Doa Hong
Cam Ly - Dau Chon Tinh Buon
Cam Ly - Vong Co Buon
Cam Ly - Trai Tim Mau Vang
Cam Ly - Tro Lai Phu Cu
Cam Ly - Nguoi Thay
Cam Ly - Tinh Ngan Nam
Cam Ly - Thi Thoi Em Nhe
Cam Ly - Em Ve Keo Troi Mua
Cam Ly - Ngay Xua Hai Dua
Cam Ly - Nguoi Hay Hua Voi Toi
Cam Ly - Chuyen Ba Tam
Cam Ly - Giac Mo Ta Ao Trang
Cam Ly - Nguoi Nho Khong Nguoi
Cam Ly - Uoc Mo Cua Toi
Cam Ly - Em Mai La Nguoi Tinh
Cam Ly - Sao Anh Ra Di
Cam Ly - No Duyen
Cam Ly - Em Se La Nguoi Ra Di
Cam Ly - Giang Huong
Cam Ly - Buon Hat Ly Cho Mong
Cam Ly - Phuong Buon
Cam Ly - Mai Khong Phai
Cam Ly - Lang Le Goi Ten Anh
Cam Ly - Dau Xot Ly Con Cua
Cam Ly - Mua Roi Cuoi Tuan
Cam Ly - Dang Thoi Quen Lang
Cam Ly - Co Be Kinh Can
Cam Ly - Anh Co Quen Em
Cam Ly - Vo Tinh
Cam Ly - Chuyen Buon Di Vang
Cam Ly - Chuyen Tinh Buon Con Gai
Cam Ly - Nguoi Oi Ta Chia Tay
Cam Ly - Co Bao Gio
Cam Ly - Ang May Buon
Cam Ly - Mua Bui
Cam Ly - Roi Do Moi Biet Dau Vi Yeu
Cam Ly - Tinh Ngo La Mo
Centerpoint - Panaginip
Curse One - Langit Lang
Centerpoint - What Goodbye Means
Centerpoint - Walang Hanggan
Chris Brown - Turn Up The Music
Centerpoint - Whoa Gensan
C-real - Geureoji Jom Ma
Centerpoint - When You're Broken
Carrie Lucas - Sometimes A Love Goes Wrong
Craig Herbertson - Communication Breakdown
Colt Ford - What I Call Home
Chris Rene - Where Do We Go From Here
Carl Thomas - Don't Kiss Me
Childish Gambino (donald Glover) - I'm Alright
Childish Gambino (donald Glover) - I'm On It
Childish Gambino (donald Glover) - Hero
Childish Gambino (donald Glover) - I Be On That
Craig Herbertson - Jesus Will You Save Me Now
Cypress Hill - Roll It Light It
Cloud Nothings - Cut You
Craig Finn - New Friend Jesus
Crossfaith - Chaos Attractor
Cobra Starship - Middle Finger
Childish Gambino (donald Glover) - Fuck It All
Childish Gambino (donald Glover) - Do Ya Like
Childish Gambino (donald Glover) - Difference
Childish Gambino (donald Glover) - Letter Home
Charlie Mcdonnell - Time To Reply
Charlene Soraia - Meadow Child
Charlotte Gainsbourg - Go To Let Go
Chocolat - Syndrome
Cloud Nothings - No Sentiment
Charley Pride - Maybe Love Will Save The Day
Celtic Thunder - This Was My Life
Celtic Thunder - When You Are 18
Charlotte Gainsbourg - Paradisco
Cass Elliot - Burn Your Hatred
Cassidy - Money Money
Caine - Futuristic
Carolyn Wonderland - Bad Girl Blues
Childish Gambino (donald Glover) - That Power
Childish Gambino (donald Glover) - Outside
Childish Gambino (donald Glover) - You See Me
Childish Gambino (donald Glover) - Sunrise
Civil Wars - From This Valley
Chip Tha Ripper - Out Here
Cherlise - I Got That
Childish Gambino (donald Glover) - Heartbeat
Childish Gambino (donald Glover) - Kids (keep Up)
Childish Gambino (donald Glover) - Hold You Down
Charetta - So Convincing
Currensy - Dxicimqwc
Cold Forty Three - To Catch A Cougar
Cold Forty Three - The Girl Nobody Wanted
Cold Forty Three - Hey! Hey! Hey!
Curren$y & The Jets - Paper Habits
Caparezza - La Ghigliottina
Chevelle - Arise
Carl Thomas - Sweet Love
Chris Brown - Best Luv Song
Cursive - The Sun And Moon
Chevelle - Ruse
Coldplay - Charlie Brown
Carishma - Keep Hangin' On
Common - Windows
Chevelle - Clones
Common - Pop's Belief
Charlie Winston - The Great Conversation
Carl Thomas - Night Is Yours
Childish Gambino (donald Glover) - Backpackers
Childish Gambino (donald Glover) - All The Shine
Childish Gambino (donald Glover) - Bonfire
Childish Gambino (donald Glover) - Fire Fly
Carole King - Christmas Paradise
Chuck Ragan - Meet You In The Middle
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - In A Motel
Cherlise - I'm So Ready
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - The Witness' Dull Surprise
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Adam's Plane
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Siesta (for Snake)
Corporate Life - Pomme De Terror
Crawdad - See You In Hell
Crawdad - Movin'music
Cassidy - What Real Niggas Do
Crawdad - Decoratin'
Corporate Life - The Great Betrayal
Choking Victim - Apple Pie And Police State
Caramell - Caramelldansen
Common - Cloth
Common - Gold
Common - Lovin' I Lost
Chuckie - Let The Bass Kick In Miami Girl
Chris Richardson - In The Name Of Love
Cinica - Piso Frio
Cinica - Panacea
Casey Stratton - Cruel Hand Of Fate
Cindy & Bert - Ich Komm' Bald Wieder
Chris Brown - Mona Lisa
Chris Brown - Don't Wake Me Up
Catherine Corelli - Fixing Kiss
Catherine Corelli - Hushaby Baby
Catherine Corelli - Omitted
Casey Stratton - Blind
Catherine Corelli - Private
Catherine Corelli - Don't Bother
Catherine Corelli - Massacre Mascara
Catherine Corelli - Sky Lit Eyelids
Catherine Corelli - I'm Silk
Catherine Corelli - Are You Honest Christian
Catherine Corelli - No Love For Tomorrow
Catherine Corelli - It's A Pity
Catherine Corelli - Sort Out
Catherine Corelli - Blue Grin
Catherine Corelli - Don't Lie To Me
Catherine Corelli - Through The Gehenna
Catherine Corelli - Fuck The Glamour!
Catherine Corelli - Soarcry
Catherine Corelli - Virtual. Real.
Catherine Corelli - Home
Charlie Mcdonnell - A Song About Acne
Cirrone - Brand New Life
Cirrone - Just Tell Me
Cirrone - Your Eyes Are Wide Open
Cirrone - All I Know
Cirrone - I Still Remember
Cirrone - In The Sun
Cirrone - Let The Wind Blows
Cirrone - Uplands Park Road
Cirrone - Here We Will Go
Cirrone - Here Is My Song
Catherine Corelli - Slow Down
Casey Donahew Band - One Star Flag
Casey Stratton - Tangled
Cee-lo Green - Inhaler
Crime Mob - What Is Love
Charlie Mcdonnell - Duet With Myself
Christina Aguilera - Moves Like Jagger
Celtic Thunder - Baby It's Cold Outside
Cirrone - Christmas' Sun
Camp Rock - Hasta La Vista
Charice - Never Always
Curren$y & The Jets - 1st Place
Camp Rock - This Is Me
Carvelli - All We Really Want Is,,,
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