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Drowning At Dawn - Lullaby
Drowning At Dawn - Worship
Dylan Thomas - The Hunchback In The Park
Duels - Wolvesland
Dying Tears - Sad
Duels - What We Did Wrong
Dylan Thomas - If My Head Hurt A Hair's Foot
Dying Tears - Jail Of Flesh
Dubliners - I Knew Danny Farrell
Dylan Thomas - Ballad Of The Long Legged Bait
Duff Downer - Melting Tongues
Duels - Animal
Dylan Mondegreen - Something To Dream On
Drowning At Dawn - Safe
Dylan Thomas - Author's Prologue
Dubliners - Cod Liver Oil
Dylan Mondegreen - Broken French
Duels - Forgotten Babies
Dylan Thomas - Dawn Raid
Duels - Sleeping Giants
Duels - Things
Dylan Thomas - The Tombstone Told When She Died
Duels - Do You Hear What I Hear
Duels - The Furies
Dusks Embrace - Counting The Rosaries
Dubliners - The Partin' Glass
Drowning At Dawn - Lost Trailway
Dweezil Zappa - Pygmy Twylyte
Dukes Of Stratosphear - Tin Toy Clockwork Train
Duels - Progress
Drowning At Dawn - Lonely Star
Dying Tears - Beneath The Soils
Duce - Story Of A Snitch
Da Monstar Mob - Mission Impossible
Dwarves - Candy Now
Duke Spirit - You Were Born Inside My Heart
Dwarves - The Dwarves Must Die
Duke Spirit - Into The Fold
Dwarves - The Dwarves Are Still The Best Band Ever
Dwarves - Stop Me
Dwarves - Johnny On The Spot
Dwarves - Massacre
Duke Spirit - Lion Rip
Dwarves - Motherfucker
Duke Spirit - Dark Is Light Enough
Dwarves - Your Girl's Mom
Dwarves - Go!
Duke Special - Why Does Anybody Love
Dwarves - Way Out
Duke Spirit - Lovetones
Dwarves - Deadly Eye
Dwarves - Production Value
Dwarves - I Masturbate Me
Dwarves - How It's Done
Dwarves - Over You
Duke Spirit - Win Your Love
Dwarves - Accelerator
Dwarves - It's A Wonderful Life Of Sin
Dwarves - Looking Out For Number One
Duke Spirit - You Really Wake Up The Love In Me
Dwarves - Bang Up
Dwarves - Dominator
Dwarves - Happy Birthday Suicide
Dwarves - Insect Whore
Dwarves - Fake Id
Dwarves - Futyd
Dwarves - Come Where The Flavor Is
Dwarves - I Want You To Die
Dwarves - Working Class Hole
Duke Spirit - Neptune's Call
Dwarves - Do The Hewhocannotbenamed
Duke Spirit - Cuts Across The Land
Dwarves - Lick It
Duke Special - Everybody Wants A Little Something
Dwarves - Like You Want
Dwarves - Christ On A Mic
Duke Special - Don't Breathe
Duke Special - I Never Thought This Day Would Come (and Now It Won't Go Away)
Duke Special - Diggin' An Early Grave
Duke Spirit - Hello To The Floor
Dwarves - Another Classic
Duke Special - Mockingbird Wish Me Luck
Duke Special - Sweet Sweet Kisses
Duke Spirit - Stubborn Stitches
Duke Special - No Cover Up
Dream High - We Are The B (b Class Life)
Dwarves - We Only Came To Get High
Dynamics - Fever
Dyecrest - My Only Sin
Dynamics - Girls And Boys
Duff Mckagan - Song For Beverly
Duff Mckagan - Seattle Head
Dynamics - Whole Lotta Love
Dynamics - The Creator Has A Master Plan
Dyecrest - Took My Will To Feel
Dvda - Living A Lie
Dyecrest - Hollow
Duff Mckagan - Mezz
Dvda - Sgt. Baker
Dvda - Shpadoinkle
Dynamics - Move On Up
Duff Mckagan - Man In The Meadow
Dynamics - Land Of 1000 Dances
Dvda - I Am Chewbacca
Dvda - David Kelley Tv Warrior
Dvda - Hang The Bastard
Dyecrest - Man Who Was Me
Dvda - The Motivation Song
Dyecrest - Credulous Soul
Duskfall - Downright Dreadful
Dynamite Boy - Bring The Way
Dynamite Boy - Sky's The Limit
Duhks - Mighty Storm
Duskfall - The Shallow End
Dying Fetus - Unadulterated Hatred
Dynamite Boy - Utah
Dynasty - Another Chance
Dune - Space Invaders
Duhks - You Don't See It
Dukes Of Windsor - It's A War
Duhks - Fast Paced World
Duff Mckagan - Hope
Dynasty - Eternity
Dys - The Loner
Duskfall - Hours Are Wasted
Dune - Here Comes The Flood
Dys - Circle Storm
Duff Mckagan - I Love You
Dying Fetus - Streaks Of Blood
Dukes Of Windsor - In The Wild
Dubliners - The Holy Ground
Dubliners - The Lowlands Of Holland
Dustin Kensrue - Round Here
Dubliners - Killieburne Brae
Dubliners - The Monto
Dubliners - Sam Hall
Dubliners - School Day's Over
Dubliners - The Glendalough Saint
Dubliners - Spancil Hill
Dubliners - The Night Visiting Song
Dubliners - Gypsy Rover
Dubliners - Peggy Gordon
Dubliners - Finnigan's Wake
Dubliners - The Crack Was Ninety In The Isle Of Man
Dubliners - Air Fa La La La
Dubliners - Hey Johnny Mcgorry
Dubliners - A Bunch Of Red Roses
Dubliners - The Inniskillen Dragoons
Dubliners - The Louse House At Kilkenny
Dubliners - Easy And Slow
Dubliners - Maid Of The Sweet Brown Knowe
Dys - Graffitti
Dubliners - The Gartan Mother's Lullaby
Dubliners - Farewell To Carlingford
Dubliners - Dainty Davey
Dubliners - Prefad San Ol
Dubliners - Donegal Danny
Dubliners - The Gentleman Soldier
Dubliners - The Lark In The Morning
Dubliners - The Rose
Dubliners - Will You Come To The Bower
Dubliners - Down By The Glenside
Dubliners - The Kerry Recruit
Dubliners - The Black Velvet Band
Dynasty - Not In Vain
Dubliners - Jar Of Porter
Dubliners - Working Man
Dubliners - Deportees
Dubliners - Bantry Girl's Lament
Dubliners - The Wests Awake
Dubliners - The Old Orange Flute
Dubliners - Cavan Girl
Dubliners - I Loved The Ground She Walked Upon
Dynamite Boy - Harmonic
Dubliners - South Australia
Dubliners - Mccafferty
Dubliners - All For Me Grog
Dubliners - The Auld Triangle
Dynasty - Following The Sign
Dynamite Boy - Waiting For Erin
Dubliners - The Irish Navy
Dubliners - Leaving Nancy
Dubliners - Master Mcgrath
Dubliners - Dancing At Whitsun
Dying Fetus - Born In A Casket
Dys - Brotherhood
Dubliners - Humpty Dumpty
Dubliners - Carrickfergus
Dustin Kensrue - Prodigal
Duff Mckagan - Believe In Me
Dying Fetus - Parasites Of Catastrophe
Dubliners - Molly Bawn
Duff Mckagan - Shinin' Down
Dubliners - Three Score And Ten
Dubliners - The Travelling People
Dubliners - Avondale
Dry The River - Bible Belt
Driller Killer - Legacy Of Anger
Dream City Film Club - Perfect Piece Of Trash
Dread Zeppelin - Stairway To Heaven
Double Down - The Minstrel Boy
Dub Fx - Future
Dream Evil - Calling Your Name
Dressy Bessy - Makeup
Droom - Sugar Crash
Dub War - Strike It
Dreaming - What Do You Want
Draytones - Summer's Arrived
Double Down - Twa Recruiting Sergeants
Dream Quest - Anthem Of The World
Dragon Ash - Dark Cherries
Dropz - Read My Mind
Dressy Bessy - Just Like Henry
Dragon Ash - Shade
Dream City Film Club - The King Is High
Don Ross - Don't Feel Your Touch
Dream City Film Club - Mama
Dub War - Million Dollar Love
Drawn & Quartered - Abyss Behind My Gaze
Dub Pistols - Rapture
Droid - Vengeance Is Mine
Droom - Flowers
Driller Killer - Alcoholocaust
Drive By - America (chasing Ghosts)
Double Down - The Scotsman
Dreamtone - Thus It Ends In Misery
Dream City Film Club - The Curse
Dreaming In Oceans - Hell Knows I'm Miserable Now
Droid - Salt The Graves
Drive By - One Thing
Drop Alive - Out Of My Way
Dream City Film Club - Because You Wanted It
Duane Stephenson - Marijuana
Dropz - To Watch Me Crawl
Drugstore Fanatics - Bullet
Dreaming - Bleed
Drottnar - The Kakistocracy Catacombs
Dry Branch Fire Squad - Carolyn At The Broken Wheel Inn
Dreamtide - Man On A Mission
Dub Pistols - Stronger
Driller Killer - This Means War
Dressy Bessy - My Maryanne
Don Ross - Spirit Wars
Drottnar - Ad Hoc Revolt
Driller Killer - The No Good People
Dreamtide - You Can't Burn My Heart Out
Dragon Ash - For Divers Area
Drawn & Quartered - Embrace Of Darkness
Dream Academy - Gaby Says
Dreamtone - Pre Arranged Overture
Dreamlike Horror - Moonshine
Drop Alive - Give Me Hell
Drop Alive - Riot Or Rot
Driller Killer - Someones Tomorrow
Dreaming - Solo Crucifixion
Dream Quest - Magnified
Drones - I Am The Supercargo
Drugstore Fanatics - Lonely Winter
Dread Zeppelin - Black Dog
Dream Academy - Lucy September
Dreamtide - Out There
Drottnar - Rullett
Dry Branch Fire Squad - He's Coming To Us Dead
Dressy Bessy - There's A Girl
Draytones - Time
Dream Evil - In The Fires Of The Sun
Dreamlike Horror - La Vendetta
Dub War - Spiritual Warfare
Dreamside - The Feast Is Set
Dread Zeppelin - Heartbreaker
Dreamscape - The End Of Light
Dream Academy - Love
Drones - I Drink
Dream Evil - Mean Machine
Dream Academy - Power To Believe
Dreamscape - More Than
Dreamscape - Spirits
Drones - Suicide Is Painless
Dreamscape - Flow
Downchild Blues Band - Caldonia
Dream Evil - December 25th
Don Francisco - Beautiful To Me
Don Moen - All We Like Sheep
Drew Womack - That's Just Me
Downchild Blues Band - (i Got Everything I Need) Almost
Dragonlord - Fallen
Dreamscape - Fateful Silence
Dragonlord - Until The End
Dreamside - Mirror Moon
Donnie Elbert - I Can't Help Myself
Doom Vs - Upon The Cataract
Drew Womack - Premium Gasoline
Doc Watson - Wanted Man
Don Moen - You Are My Everything
Draconis - The Final Command
Don Moen - You Make Me Lie Down In Green Pastures
Don Moen - Sacrifice Of Praise
Dream Evil - Vengeance
Del-vikings - Whispering Bells
Drew Womack - Melancholy Cafe
Don Francisco - Balaam
Danger Mouse - Season's Trees
Doom Vs - Half Light
Dreamside - Spin Moon Magic
Drones - Nail It Down
Dreamside - Joyfire
David Banner - Let Me In
Don Moen - If You Could See Me Now
Doc Watson - Riding That Midnight Train
Doc Watson - The Dream Of The Miner's Child
Dr. Calypso - Mr. Happiness
Drag The River - Song For Robin Reichhardt
Dr. Z - In A Token Of Despair
Dr. Calypso - Music To Watch Girls By
Drag The River - Until I Say So
Down To Nothing - Outcome
Dr. Steel - Drop Da Bomb
Donkey Rollers - Thunderbeats
Drag The River - Booze N' Pills
Down To Nothing - Your Loss Your Regrets
Dr. Z - Burn In Anger
Draco & The Malfoys - Knockturn Alley
Down I Go - Augusto Pinochet
Downside - In Soma
Donots - Worlds Collide
Drag The River - Crocodile
Doreen Shaffer - Nice Time
Dr. Ring Ding - Bombs Over Baghdad
Down To Nothing - What Goes Around Comes Around
Donora - The Chorus
Donots - Nothing Left
Dr. Steel - Conspiracy
Draco & The Malfoys - Broomstick
Drag-on - Sunshine
Drag The River - Lost Weekend
Dr. Z - Summer For The Rose
Drag The River - So Lonely
Down I Go - Tomas De Torquemada
Drag-on - It's A Party
Dr. Steel - Slapped By Moe
Doreen Shaffer - Groovy Kind Of Love
Donots - Bad To The Bone
Dr. Calypso - The Power Of The Latin Soul
Down To Nothing - Well Deserved
Down To Nothing - Smash It
Down To Nothing - 3 Or 4 Years
Dr. Steel - Marionette
Dr. Ring Ding - Bring De Money
Dr. Steel - Lullabye Bye
Down To Nothing - Along For The Ride
Down To Nothing - We're On The Run
Donots - Life Ain't Gonna Wait
Dodie Stevens - Turn Around
Dr. Alban - Feel The Rhythm
Doyle Bramhall - She's Gone
Dougie Maclean - Are Ye Sleepin' Maggie
Dr. Alban - Riddle Of Life
Dougie Maclean - Ae Fond Kiss
Dougie Maclean - The Land
Drag-on - Get That Jive
Doug Stone - The Feeling Never Goes Away
Drag-on - Celebration
Doyle Bramhall - Dimples
Dozer - Spirit Fury Fire
Donots - Better Days (not Included)
Doug Stone - This Empty House
Dozer - The Exit
Dozer - Black Light Revolution
Donots - Out Of Line
Drag-on - This Time
Dougie Maclean - Trail Of The Survivor
Dozer - Lightyears Ahead
Doc Watson - Farther Along
Dozer - Feelgood Formula
Dismantled - Simple Machines
Dismantled - Fields
Doc Watson - Handsome Molly
Down To Earth Approach - Fourth Rung Of The Ladder
Doom - A Day Of The Holocoust
Doc Watson - Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms
Doves - Blue Water
Doug Kershaw - Cajun Stripper
Doctor Butcher - Bridges
Dougie Maclean - It Belongs To Us
Dr. Alban - Plastic Smile
Doves - Andalucia
Dozer - A Matter Of Time
Doug Stone - (for Every Inch I've Laughed) I've Cried A Mile
Doves - The Last Son
Double - I Know A Place
Dismantled - Recall
Double You - That's The Way
Doug Kershaw - Hey Mae
Doom - Confusion
Dominatrix - Close Enough To Jump
Dos Gringos - I Want To Take Off From A Carrier
Dominatrix - Broken Glass Candy
Dos Gringos - Last Of The Breed
Dominatrix - They Cry
Donotdream - You Said
Dos Gringos - The Bitch Spent All My Money
Dominion Iii - Corona Of The Sun
Division S - March Of Hatred
Dos Gringos - Squiggly Porn
Dos Gringos - Going In For Guns
Doomsword - The Great Horn
Division S - Hypocrisy
Dominion Iii - The Angel's Delusion
Doria Roberts - Hollow Years
Doomsword - Days Of High Adventure
Dianne Reeves - We'll Be Together Again
Dinah Washington - Blue Skies
Donna Regina - Blue (happy Without You)
Daddy Rose - Associate My Name
Donotdream - The Maiden
Daddy Rose - Welcome To Brooklyn
Don Johnson - Let It Roll
Dianne Reeves - Gotta Be This Or That
Don Johnson - Lost In Your Eyes
Daddy Rose - Not In Here
Dinah Washington - Somebody Loves Me
Dianne Reeves - Exactly Like You
Donnie Iris - Broken Promises
Doomsword - Claidheamh Solais (sword Of Light)
Division S - Light Of Lights
Daddy Rose - Who I Be
Dory Previn - Scared To Be Alone
Doom Unit - Red Horizon
Don Ho - Ain't No Big Thing!
Donna The Buffalo - Temporary Misery
Domino - Play With The Numbers
Donna The Buffalo - I Wish You Love
Don Johnson - A Better Place (duet With Yuri)
Don Ho - Waimanalo Blues
Donald Lawrence - Don't Forget To Remember
Domino - Parapara Paradise
Dinah Washington - My Old Flame
Donald Lawrence - If I Can't Say A Word
Dominion - Paint It Black
Dominion - Shout
Donna The Buffalo - Front Porch
Doom Unit - Pile Of Bones
Dinah Washington - Lover Man
Dinah Washington - Close To You
Donna The Buffalo - Positive Friction
Don Carlos - Harvest Time
Doomtree - The Wren
Doom Unit - Hide Your Scars
Domino - Behind You
Don Ho - Hawaiian Wedding Song
Dion - The Dolphins
Dorothy Moore - With Pen In Hand
Don Carlos - Blowin' In The Wind
Don Johnson - Voice On A Hotline
Donkeyboy - Sometimes
Don Dokken - Eighteen
Dinah Washington - Silent Night
Dolly Dots - (tell It All About) Boys
Dinah Washington - I've Got A Crush On You
Dion - Fever
Dj Encore - On Your Own
Dinah Washington - Come Rain Or Come Shine
Diva Destruction - Cruelty Games
Dolly Dots - Trick Of The Eye
Dj Khaled - Take It To The Head
Divine Madness - Vampire
Dianne Reeves - Speak Low
Diva Destruction - Playing The Liar
Destra - Julie
Dismantled - Cornered
Dianne Reeves - Company
Diva Destruction - You're My Sickness
Dianne Reeves - For All We Know
Dj Encore - Nobody Wants To Try
Dodgy - (get Off Your) High Horse
Dinah Washington - Manhattan
Dolorean - My Grey Life (second Chances)
Dolorean - Jenny Place Your Bets
Dianne Reeves - Ain't Nobody's Business (if I Do)
Desiderii Marginis - Night Pretenders
Distance In Embrace - Ambush
Destiny Program - The Personal Revolution
Deviated Instinct - Time And Tide
Dismantled - Get It Through
Dismantled - Standard Issue
Desert City Soundtrack - Whatever The Cost
Davey T Hamilton - Gonna Hold You
Demon - The Link Part One
Diamond Eyed Princess - My Torment Castle
Desecration - Pharaonic Circumcision
Desecration - Insane Savagery
Division By Zero - Your Salvation
Diorama - Exploitation
Disables - Reason For The Treason
Distance In Embrace - Be Water
Desecration - Human Gore
Devil In Me - Live Fast Die Young
Deviated Instinct - Through The Looking Glass
Diva Gash - Korean Ho
Destiny Program - Escape The Living Plan
Devastations - I Don't Want To Lose You Tonight
Diorama - Home To Millions
Desecration - Fontanelle Fornication
Devastations - Cormina
Diorama - World Of Ice
Deviated Instinct - Laugh In Your Face
Diabolical Masquerade - 2nd Movement: A Different Plane
Diva Destruction - Bed Of Lies
Desert City Soundtrack - Cardboard Hill
Diamond Dogs - If I Ever Fall In Love With You
Disiplin - Liberation
Desecration - To Kill With A Drill
Davey T Hamilton - Southern Girls
Dismantled - Exit
Desecration - Inhuman
Division By Zero - Self Control
Destiny Program - Project Hoax
Diva Destruction - You're The Psycho
Destructor - Destructor
Devil Lee Rot - Act Of Violence
Devastations - Coal
Devil Lee Rot - Creation Of Pagan Gods
Distance In Embrace - Note On A Tear Off Pad
Diemonsterdie - Bones
Distorted Memory - Disciples Of The Watch
Desecration - Death You'll Face
Diva Destruction - The Abuser
Division By Zero - Deadline Meeting
Diorama - Kain's Advice
Destrophy - This Is Not My Life
Dismantled - No Effect
Devil In Me - D.i.m Army Anthem
Desert City Soundtrack - Fields Landing
Destrophy - The Way Of Your World
Distorted Memory - Ask The Dying
Destructor - Iron Curtain
Diane Schuur - New York State Of Mind
Devil Lee Rot - Metal Dictator
Diva Gash - Galacticock
Diva Destruction - Glare
Deviated Instinct - Pearls Before Swine
Diorama - Drowned
Desiderii Marginis - The Bitter Potion
Desecration - It Can't Be My Grave
Diamond Dogs - You Can't Always Get What You Want
Disiplin - Ultimatum
Destra - Goodbye Blue Sky
Distance In Embrace - As I Bleed From Gashing Wounds
Distance In Embrace - Hearttunes
Desert City Soundtrack - Last Night's Floor
Dissonant - Pale Moment Of This Hour
Demon - New Ground
Diorama - A Few Days Off
Diva Destruction - Forgotten
Davey T Hamilton - Every Night Heartache
Dissonant - Stare Into The Glass
Diva Destruction - Enslaved
Demon - The Link Part Two
Divine Madness - Ends Of The Earth
Disbelief - Red Sharks
Dianne Reeves - Testify
Diving With Andy - Wasted Time
Dianne Reeves - Hello Haven't I Seen You Before
Dion - Guitar Queen
Diabolical Masquerade - All Onboard The Perdition Hearze!
Disbelief - Lost In Time
Diabolical Masquerade - Dreadventurouz
Diving With Andy - The Waltz
Dinah Washington - Send Me To The 'lectric Chair
David Mcwilliams - Three O'clock Flamingo Street
Dianne Reeves - Triste
Disbelief - The Thought Product
Diane Schuur - I'll Close My Eyes
Disbelief - Falling Down
Disbelief - Hell Goes On
Diane Schuur - All Right O.k. You Win (i'm In Love With You)
Dirty Looks - Put A Spell On You
Dj Aligator - Calling Out Your Name
Dirty Looks - No Brains Child
Dinah Washington - There Is No Greater Love
Dion - Moon River
Dianne Reeves - Side By Side
Dinah Washington - An Affair To Remember
Divinity - Approaching The Singularity
Divinity - Embrace The Uncertain
Dion - O Holy Night
Divinefire - King Of Kings
Disarmonia Mundi - Spiral Dancer
Dirty Projectors - Temecula Sunrise
Dinah Washington - You Go To My Head
Dixie Cups - Mr. Sandman
Disbelief - S.o.s. (sense Of Sight)
Dirty Projectors - Useful Chamber
Dixie Cups - Going To The Chapel
Dexys Midnight Runners - The Occasional Flicker
Diabolical Masquerade - 13th Movement: Hesitant Behaviour
Dirty Looks - It's A Bitch
Divine Madness - Time
Divide The Day - Everybody In Florida Wears Running Shoes
Dirty Projectors - What I See
Divinity - Lay In The Bed You've Made
Dissection - Xeper I Set
Dianne Reeves - I Remember
Dispatched - You Only Know Life
Disbelief - For God
Dianne Reeves - There'll Be Another Spring
Dj Dean - Play It Hard
Dion - Where Or When
Diane Schuur - My Favorite Things
Dexys Midnight Runners - Dance Stance
Dianne Reeves - Social Call
Dissection - Beyond The Horizo
Dispatched - Wicked Dreams
Divinefire - Unity
Dizzy Gillespie - When I Grow Too Old To Dream
Dinah Washington - Evil Gal Blues
Disbelief - Floating On High
Dizzy Gillespie - On The Sunny Side Of The Street
Dirty Projectors - Six Pack
Dj Dean - It's A Dream
Divercia - Overwhelming
Dianne Reeves - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
Disbelief - The Return Of Sin
Dirty Projectors - Remade Horizon
Divide The Day - The Annexation Of Puerto Rico
Divercia - Of Steel And Man
Dixie Cups - Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
Disarmonia Mundi - Kneeling On Broken Glass
Dig Hay Zoose - Lift
Deviser - Satyr Hail!
Dirty On Purpose - Lake Effect
Diorama - I Wait For You
Diorama - Random Starlight
Diorama - Last Minute
Diorama - Someone Dies
Diorama - Blessed
Diorama - Golden Boy
Deviser - In The Horror Field
Deviser - She Who Is To Come
Diorama - Times Galore
Die Form - Autonomic
Dig Hay Zoose - Circle Of Pain
Diorama - Protected World
Diorama - Lord Of The Lies
Dirty Little Rabbits - You Say
Die Form - Disjointed World
Diorama - Panes Of Glass
Dirty Little Rabbits - Professional Hit
Die Form - Neo Futura
Diorama - I Hear The Drums
Diane Cluck - Telepathic Desert
Deviser - Threnody
Dilo - Cracks
Diorama - Leaving Hollywood
Diane Cluck - 4 Score Lightnings
Diorama - Sands
Die Form - Ad Libitum
Deviser - When Nightmares Begin
Dionysos - Lady Bird
Dilo - Hate
Dig Hay Zoose - Detention 3.00 A.m.
Diorama - Bring Me Flowers
Dig Hay Zoose - B.d.o.c.
Die Form - Inhuman
Diorama - Belle
Diorama - No Tears
Diorama - Velocity
Die Form - Deep Zone
Deviser - Darkness Incarnate
Dilo - Sick Of Reality
Deviser - Consumed By Darkness
Dilo - War Inside
Diane Cluck - I'm Yr Here I Am
Diorama - Ignite
Diorama - Dear Brother
Diorama - Kiss Of Knowledge
Diorama - Two Boats
Disables - Goodna
Diorama - Hla
Dirty Sanchez - Replicunt
Diggy Simmons - I Need To Know
Disagree - The Tiniest Moment
Disavowed - Biased Existence
Disagree - Osaka
Disagree - Pooch
Disavowed - Dogmatic Conceit
Disagree - Haley
Disagree - Slip Away
Disavowed - The Infinite Multiplicity
Dinah Shore - Whatever Lola Wants
Disavowed - Divided By Condemn
Disagree - Angel's Orchestra
Disavowed - Stagnated
Dirty Sanchez - Really Rich Italian Satanists
Dinah Shore - Mississippi Mud
Disagree - Stay
Disavowed - Treason
Disagree - Gc
Dinah Shore - I'll Be Seeing You
Disavowed - The Eternal Validity
Dinah Shore - My Funny Valentine
Dirty Sanchez - Sex Dwarf
Dmx - I Don't Dance
Dig - Green Room
Dionysos - Lips Story In A Chocolate River
Di-rect - Just Can't Stand
Dimension F3h - Violent Fantasy
Di-rect - Radar Love
Dimestore Hoods - Minds Of Confusion
Dillinger Escape Plan - Endless Endings
Dig - Let Me Know
Dillinger Escape Plan - Paranoid
Dirtbombs - Do You See My Love (for You Growing)
Dig - Feet Don't Touch The Ground
Dimestore Hoods - War Machine
Dillards - Reuben's Train
Digable Planets - Borough Check
Di-rect - Webcamgirl
Di-rect - Lucky
Devlins - Five Miles To Midnight
Dionysos - She Is The Liquid Princess
Devlins - Where Are You Tonight
David Archuleta - Maybe
Dimension F3h - Freakshow
Dig - Unlucky Friend
Dimestore Hoods - Smile Now (cry Another Day)
Digitalism - Zdrlt (rewind)
David Archuleta - I'll Never Go
Dionysos - Candy Lady
Dillinger Escape Plan - Chinese Whispers
Dirtbombs - Livin' For The City
Dimension F3h - Does The Pain Excite You
Dig - Anymore
David Archuleta - You Are My Song
Dirtbombs - Fire In The Western World
David Archuleta - Tell Me
David Archuleta - Reaching Out
Die Happy - None Of Your Business
Donnie Sands - Let It Go
Die Happy - Superstar
Die Happy - Love Sick Dog
Die Happy - You Cry
Die Happy - Sweet Enemy
Die Happy - Extraordinary Me
Die Happy - Whatever
Die Happy - Attitude
Die Happy - Wannabe
Die Happy - Help Me
Die Happy - Cancer
Die Happy - Addictive
Die Happy - San Francisco
Die Happy - Black Vicious Monster
Die Happy - Talk
Diary Of Dreams - The Plague
Die Happy - Bang Boom Bang
Diary Of Dreams - Malice
Die Happy - Hysteria
Die Happy - Wanna Be Your Girl
Die Happy - Blue
Die Happy - You'll Never Know
Die Happy - Cherry Girl
Die Happy - Frozen Tears
Die Happy - Mesmerized
Desaster - Nighthawk
Desaster - Downfall Be Thy Blade
Deus - The Real Sugar
Desaster - Sacrilege
Deladap - Dema Love!
Devics - This Face Has Worked Against Me
Deladap - Crazy Swing (ahilea Rmx)
Deladap - Georgian Lesson
Desaster - More Corpses For The Grave
Desaster - Shadowinds
Deus - The Tugboat
Desaster - Sworn To Avenge
Desaster - Nekropolis Karthago
Deus - If You Don't Get What You Want
Desaster - Vile We Dwell
Desaster - Of Impurity
Deus - You Can't Deny What You Liked As A Child
Deus - Worried About Satan
Desaster - Tormentor
Deladap - Lets Go Inside (dutch Rhythm Combo Rmx)
Desaster - The Swords Will Never Sink
Deladap - Dont Turn Around
Desaster - Angelwhore
Desaster - Satan's Soldiers Syndicate
Desaster - Tyrannizer
Desaster - Tyrants Of The Netherworld
Desaster - Victim Of My Force
Desaster - Stormbringer
Desaster - Visions In The Autumn Shades
Deus - The Architect
Desaster - Divine Blasphemies
Desaster - A Touch Of Medieval Darkness
Desaster - Ghouls To Strike
Devics - Ghost
Desaster - Havoc
Desaster - Conqueror's Supremacy
Desaster - Into A Magical Night
Deladap - Everything Is Right
Deus - Nightshopping
Desaster - Profanation
Devics - Three
Desaster - Fields Of Triumph
Detroit Cobras - Shout Bama Lama
Devics - Gold In The Girl
Desmond Dekker - Carry Go Bring Come
Deus - I Suffer Rock
Deus - Everything Is The Same (except No One Believes Me)
Desert Rose Band - Our Songs
Destine - California Summer
Desmond Dekker - Roots Rock
Detroit Cobras - The Hurt's All Gone
Desmond Dekker - Music Like Dirt
Detroit Cobras - Laughing At You
Devics - Leave Undone
Detroit Cobras - Leave My Kitten Alone
Detroit Cobras - On A Monday
Devics - The Bed
Desert Rose Band - Homeless
Devilish Impressions - Funeral Of God
Devics - Forget Tomorrow
Desmond Dekker - Fu Man Chu
Devics - Lost At Sea
Desaster - Angel Extermination
Demonlord - The Bastard's Song
Desaparecidos - Ibiza
Devics - Why I Chose Never To Grow
Dream Evil - Immortal
Deltron 3030 - Mastermind
Demonlord - Stay Strong
Despised Icon - Nameless
Devics - My Beautiful Sinking Ship
Demon - The Grand Illusion
Demonlord - Forced March
Demon - Father Of Time
Demi Lovato - Aftershock
David Archuleta - Hold On
Demonlord - Capital Punishment
Demonlord - Morphing Into Real
Derek Webb - A Love That's Stronger Than Our Fear
Devastation - Beyond Fear
Desdemona - Look For Yourself
Derek Webb - Faith My Eyes
Demonlord - Out Of Favour
Devil Makes Three - Ten Feet Tall
Detroit Cobras - It's My Delight
Devilish Impressions - Satanichaosymphony
Demon - Expressing The Heart
Desaster - Spare No Coward
Demon - Have We Been Here Before
Deladap - I Know What You Want
Demon - Fool To Play The Hard Way
Demonlord - Poisoned Souls
Despised Icon - Sever The Ties
Demon - Proxima
Deuteronomium - Holy War Holy Violence
Demon - Strange Institution
Demon - Touching The Ice
Demon - Crossfire
Deladap - Gipsy Kicks (here We Are)
Devil Makes Three - The Bullet
Desoto Jones - Speedbump
Desaster - Hellbangers
Destroyer 666 - Onward To Arktoga
Derek Webb - I Don't Want To Fight
Deladap - Straight Ahead (samo Pravo)
Deuteronomium - Lost Indeed
Demonlord - Cyclonrider
Deuce - On The Bible
Deladap - Go Go (zsa Zsa)
Devil Makes Three - Black Irish
Desaster - Disciples Of Darkness
Demon - Beyond The Gates
Deladap - Crazy Swing
Dalshabet - Hit U
Delta-s - Agitator
Devics - Birdback
Demonlord - Ruins In The Dark
Desmond Dekker - Keep A Cool Head
Desert Rose Band - Ashes Of Love
Devian - Awaiting Doom
Desperation Band - I Am Free
Destroyer 666 - Prometheus
Derek Webb - This Too Shall Be Made Right
Delta-s - Anti Hero
Desperation Band - I'll Be Ok
Demonlord - Darkness
Demon - Ivory Towers
Desmond Dekker - Baby Come Back
Despair - Rage In The Eyes
Demon - Walk In Your Own Light
Demon - Total Possession
Desert Rose Band - Glass Hearts
Delta-s - Daywalker
Desdemona - Summon My Name
Derek Webb - The Very End
Detroit Cobras - Nothing But A Heartache
Demonlord - Find A Goal
Devics - Living Behind The Sun
Despair - Joy Division
Despised Icon - One Last Martini (but You'll Never Notice)
Deuce - Call It Love
Deva Premal & Miten - The Strength Of A Rose
Demonlord - Welcome To Vegas
Demon - Grown Ups
Demon - One Helluva Night
Desert Rose Band - Time Passes Me By
Demonlord - Murder One
Destroy Destroy Destroy - Bring The Exodus
Delta-s - Rage Into Blindness
Deuteronomium - Defending The Faith
Detroit Cobras - It's Raining
Despair - Outconditioned
Deus - Sweet Child O' Mine
Desert Rose Band - Time Between
Demon - Into The Nightmare
Devil Makes Three - Judgement Day
Demon - Sign Of A Madman
Delorean - The Nightlamps
Desaparecidos - Fiesta Loca
Delta-s - Catacombs
Destroyer 666 - Blood For Blood
Desperation Band - Good To Me
Devilish Impressions - Visions Of Kingdom To Come
Demia - Flaw The Immaculate
Deathcamp Project - Dead Hours
Denigrate - Dreaming
Demonlord - Something Arrived
Derrick Harriott - The Loser
Demonlord - The Prophet In Me
Demians - Naive
Deathcamp Project - Another
Demonlord - On The Cross
Delicatessen - Do It Again
Demonlord - Don't Care
Demi Lovato - Yes I Am
Demonlord - Payback Time
Derrick Harriott - Some Guys Have All The Luck
Dearly Departed - Clear For Takeoff
Dean Gray - Novocaine Rhapsody
Depreciation Guild - Sky Ghosts
Demonlord - Cheap Salvation
Dean Gray - Boulevard Of Broken Songs
Demians - Overhead
Denigrate - The Romance
Demians - Shine
Deathevokation - Embers Of A Dying World
Denial Of God - Cycle Of The Wolf
Departure - Arms Around Me
Delta-s - Avenge Me I'm Decaying
Dervish - The Banks Of The Sweet Viledee
Delta-s - Tragedy At Carnival
Delicatessen - That's All
Deathevokation - The Monument
Dervish - Welcome Poor Paddy Home
Demonlord - Lay Of The Folly
Demians - Falling From The Sun
Delorean - The Wishbones
Demob - Unfinished Business
Departure - Talkshow
Demia - Reciprocity
Demonlord - Vengeance
Dervish - An Spailpin Fanach
Demob - My Life
Deathevokation - The Chalice Of Ages
Demians - Unspoken
Depreciation Guild - Butterfly Kisses
Denigrate - Despair Of Tomorrow
Derek Trucks Band - Maybe This Time
Demon - One Small Step
Delta Spirit - White Table
Derek Webb - Dance
Derek Trucks Band - For My Brother
Department Of Eagles - Classical Records
Demon - From The Outside
Dennis Deyoung - Fire
Derek Webb - I For An I
Delta Spirit - Vivian
Dells - Come Go With Me
Derek Webb - This World
Demon - The Spell
Denison Witmer - California Brown And Blue
Demon - Decisions
Derek Trucks Band - Feel So Bad
Delta Spirit - Golden State
Derek Trucks Band - Ain't That Lovin' You
Department Of Eagles - Floating On The Lehigh
Depp Jones - (don't Tell Me) Lies
Dennis Deyoung - Who Will Love This Child
Deltron 3030 - Time Keeps On Slipping
Dennis Deyoung - Bless Me Father
Derek Trucks Band - Our Love
Deltron 3030 - Love Story
Da Monstar Mob - Strong Arm
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