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Ghost - He Is
Gloriana - Wanna Get To Know You
Gloriana - Fight
Gloriana - Let's Take A Shot
Gary Allan - Do You Wish It Was Me?
Gloriana - Best Night Ever
Gloriana - Lonely Road
Gloriana - Ain't Runnin' Outta Summer
Gary Allan - Hangover Tonight
Greyhoundz - Your Puppet And Clown
Grupo Limite - Veneno
Gaston Mandeville - Le Vieux Du Bas Du Fleuve
Gregorian - For No One
Gianni Morandi - Il Mondo Cambiera'
Gigi - Nakal
Grupo Niche - Sin Sentimiento
Great Lake Swimmers - I Saw You In The Wild
Gigolo Aunts - Where I Find My Heaven
Got7 - Follow Me
Got7 - Hello
Get Scared - Deepest Cut
Get Scared - Sarcasm
Get Scared - Voodoo
Gabriel Freeman - Made With Love
Gfriend - Wave
Grand Sun - Apolo
George Salazar - Michael In The Bathroom
Gg Allin - Carmelita
Guus Meeuwis - Per Spoor
Gordon - Kon Ik Maar Even Bij Je Zijn
Gypsy - Little Lamb
Gabe Bondoc - You're It
Green Day - Brutal Love
Gordon Lightfoot - The Last Time I Saw Her
Gaelic Storm - I Miss My Home
Girls In Hawaii - Organeum
Genesis - Lurker
Grapefruit - Dear Delilah
Guster - Lost At Sea
Got7 - Home Run
Gaither Vocal Band - The Old Rugged Cross Made The Difference
Goose House - Hikaru Nara
Got7 - Fish
Got7 - Can't
Got7 - Rewind
Got7 - Fly
Got7 - See The Light
Gummy - My Everything
Got7 - Something Good
Got7 - Beggin On My Knees
G-eazy - Order More
Grace - I'm Fine
Gilgu Bonggu - Because It Hurts Everyday
Gravity - Imposible
Gerard Way - Brother
Geneva May - Still
Gummy - You Are My Everything
Gwen Stefani - Splash
Gwen Stefani - Where Would I Be
Gwen Stefani - Rare
Gwen Stefani - Naughty
Gwen Stefani - Rocket Ship
Gwen Stefani - Send Me A Picture
Gwen Stefani - Getting Warmer
Gwen Stefani - Obsessed
Gwen Stefani - Asking 4 It
Gwen Stefani - Me Without You
Gwen Stefani - War Paint
Gwen Stefani - Red Flag
Gwen Stefani - Truth
Gwen Stefani - You're My Favourite
Gwen Stefani - Loveable
Green On Red - Jimmy Boy
Gospodari Snova - Silvija
Gratful Dead - Ripple
Gazette - Ibitsu
Glass Animals - Toes
Get Set Go - Wait
Grease - Those Magic Changes
Greg Monk - God Will Make A Way
Geri Karlstrom - Starving For Perfection
Gemelli Diversi - Fotoricordo
Gregory And The Hawk - Oats We Sow
Gg Allin - Outskirts Of Life
Glay - Muyuubyou
Gloc-9 - Walang Natira
Gregoire - Toi Plus Moi
Golden Silvers - Magic Touch
Grass Roots - Love Is What You Make It
Grateful Dead - So Many Roads
Gloria Estefan - Por Amor
Gold Motel - Stealing The Moonlight
Gg Allin - Pick Me Up (on Your Way Down)
Glacia Robinson - Hold My Hand
Greg Monk - He'll Be Right By Your Side
Greyson Matthews - Don't Look Back
Ghost Machine - Vegas Moon
Gangster - Ya Ali
Gold Fields - Anxiety
Ghost Machine - God Forbid
Grades - Crocodile Tears
Great Lake Swimmers - The Great Exhale
Gaither Vocal Band - Hand Of Sweet Release
Gerard Way - Maya The Psychic
Giniling Festival - Titser's Enemy No 1
Gwen Stefani - Misery
Gallant - Blue Bucket Of Gold
G-dragon - Hello
Geoff Allen - Brought To Life
Gabrielle Aplin - Sweet Nothing
Ginger Ale & The Monowhales - Say What You Want To Say
Garou - L'injustice
Gabrielle Aplin - What Did You Do?
Gabrielle Aplin - Heavy Heart
Grease - Rock'n'roll Party
Gabrielle Aplin - Slip Away
Gabrielle Aplin - More Than Friends
Gabrielle Aplin - A While
Gabrielle Aplin - Skeleton
Gabrielle Aplin - Mountains
Gabrielle Aplin - Fools Love
Gabrielle Aplin - Anybody Out There?
Gabrielle Aplin - Alive
Gabrielle Aplin - Don't Break Your Heart On Me
Ginger Ale & The Monowhales - Looking Simple
Gabrielle Aplin - The House We Never Built
Ginger Ale & The Monowhales - Told You So
Ginger Ale & The Monowhales - Blue Balls
Gabrielle Aplin - You Don't Like Dancing
Gino Paoli - La Gatta
Gabrielle Aplin - This Side Of The Moon
Gabrielle Aplin - Letting You Go
Great Big Sea - Home For A Rest
Gabrielle Aplin - Together
Ginger Ale & The Monowhales - Too Late
Gabrielle Aplin - Hurt
Gabrielle Aplin - Light Up The Dark
Ginger Ale & The Monowhales - To The Curb
Gabrielle Aplin - Shallow Love
Gabrielle Aplin - You & Me (moments)
Gabrielle Aplin - Stranger Side
Gucci Mane - Fall Back
G.soul Ft. San E - Smooth Operator
G.o - Numbness
Grease - Grease Megamix
Greyhoundz - Gunner
Gordon Lightfoot - Mother Of A Miner's Child
Gwen Stefani - Make Me Like You
Gaither Vocal Band - Glorious Impossible
Got7 - Got Ur Love
Got7 - Yo Moriagatte Yo
Got7 - Angel
Got7 - Shaking The World
Got7 - Stay
Grey To Black - Separate Ways
Got7 - Jibberish
Griffinilla - Stay Calm
Get Set Go - Cannibalism Is The Cure
Gabrielle Aplin - A Case Of You
Gabrielle Aplin - Wake Up With Me
Gem - Chuck Close
Gem - Goodbye
Galactic - Something's Wrong With This Picture
Gabrielle Aplin - Awake
Gem - Against The Wind
Gem - Blindspot
Gabrielle Aplin - Coming Home
Gem - Moments
Ghost Season - Break My Chains
Grard Lenorman - Il
Gary Moore - Spanish Guitar
Girlslovebelaire - Late Night Confessions
Greg Long - Days Of Grace
Gino Paoli - Sapore Di Sale
George Michael - Wake Me Up Before You Go Go
George Michael - I'm Your Man
Gregg Allman - Queen Of Hearts
Gfriend - Luv Star
Gurudhara - Pamwe
Gfriend - Say My Name
G-eazy - Me, Myself & I
Gfriend - Someday
Glen Brown - Love I
Gfriend - Rough
Gfriend - Trust
Gracia Michaels - Imaramma
Glen Hansard And Marketa Irglova - Falling Slowly
Gaither Vocal Band - Loving God, Loving Each Other
Gaither Vocal Band - God Is Good All The Time
Gerard Way - Zero Zero
Gerard Way - No Shows
Geisha - Cukup Tak Lagi
Geisha - Penyesalan Terdalam
Godsmack - Something Different
Godsmack - 1000hp
Geisha - Cinta Dan Benci
Geisha - Selalu Salah
Geisha - Remuk Jantungku
Geisha - Pergi Saja
Godsmack - I Fucking Hate You
Godsmack - Speak
Geisha - Tak Kan Pernah Ada
Geisha - Kamu Yang Pertama
Goldheart Assembly - Carnival 4
Gary Lewis & The Playboys - (you Don't Have To) Paint Me A Picture
Godsmack - War And Peace
Godsmack - Living In The Gray
Godsmack - Generation Day
G-eazy - Everything Will Be Ok
Giriboy & Swings - You Look Good To Me
Godsmack - Time
Godsmack - Shadow Of A Soul
Godsmack - Nothing Else Matters
Godsmack - Spiral (acoustic)
Godsmack - Forever Shammed
Godsmack - Life Is Good
Godsmack - Nothing Comes Easy
Godsmack - Good Day To Die
Godsmack - Locked & Loaded
Godsmack - Saint And Sinners
Godsmack - I Don't Belong
Godsmack - Turning Into Stone
Godsamck - I Blame You
Godsmack - Love Hate Sex Pain
Godsmack - What's Next?
Giriboy - Protector
Gary - Lonely Night
Gummy - Would You Love Me
Gaash Ninari - From The Start
Gaash Ninari - The Knight Rides On
Geisha - Jika Cinta Dia
Gunpowder Solution - Night Terrors
Gentleman - Soulfood
Green Day - Xmas Time Of The Year
Grateful Dead - I Know You Rider
Grave Digger - Lionheart
Go Fish - About The Cross
Gaia - Audition
Gaia - Love Potion
George Jones - I Can't Find It Here
Get Scared - Don't You Dare Forget The Sun
Gayla Peevey - I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas
Genesis - Burning Rope
Got7 - The Star
Glee - Bust A Move
Garnidelia - Grilletto
Gwyneth - Christmas (a Time To Love)
Giesha - Remuk Jantungku
Gestoni Cobar - Warm Embrace
Gaither Vocal Band - Still The Greatest Story Ever Told
God Bless - She Passed Away
Got7 - Everyday
G-b Na Bild - No Me Deixa S Crazy
G-b Na Bild - Homem Apaixonado
Got7 - This Star
George Jones - I Know A Man Who Can
Guus Meeuwis - Voor Haar
Got7 - Confession Song
Gestoni Cobar - Kahit Ngayon Lamang
Ghost Town - Spark
Gentleman - True Love
Get Set Go - Suicide
Gintama - Donten
Grinch - You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch
Gun - Word Up
Ghost Town - Loner
Gio Mendoza - Sa Sariling Mundo Ko
Gerard Kenny - Getting To Know Each Other
Glaze - Prototype Vip
Galneryus - My Last Farewell
Godstime Promise - Hear My Cry
Galneryus - Eternal Regret
Geeztown - Miracle
Glenn Fredly - Sekali Ini Saja
George Barnett - The Scream
Gloria Jones - Tainted Love
Greenday - Basket Case
Gem - Therefore
Ghostbusters - Ghostbusters Theme Song
Gaither Vocal Band - Beyond The Open Door
Get Scared - R.i.p.
Genesis - Dusk
Gackt - Arittake No Ai De
Gojira - Esoteric Surgery
Grease - Born To Hand Jive
Going Second - California
Going Second - Crazy
George Carlin - Hair Poem
Gwen Stefani - Used To Love You
Giant Squid - Blue Linckia
Gyskard - Pink Life
Grin Department - Miss Miss Sa Loob Ng Jeepney
Geeks - Fly
Godley & Creme - Golden Boy
G-dragon - You Do
G-dragon - I Love It
Gentleman Road - Fireflies & Gasoline
Geum Jan Di - Lanterns New
Guy Sebastian - Battle Scars
George Backer - I've Been Away Too Long
Gorillaz - Latin Simone
Grace Potter And The Nocturnals - Turntable
Gavy Nj - Thank You
Got7 - Be My Girl
Got7 - Feels Good
Gaither Vocal Band - Where No One Stands Alone
Gloc-9 - Hinahanap Ng Puso
Got7 - Eyes On You
Got7 - Good
George Jones - Love Bug
Got7 - Tic Tic Tok
Got7 - Put Your Hands Up
George Barnett - So Long My Mind
Gigi - Janji
Got7 - If You Do
Garou - Demande Au Soleil
Genesis - Watcher Of The Skies
Glenn Lewis - Closer
Gary - Get Some Air
Gfriend - My Buddy
Guot Wieu - My Story
Got7 - Laugh Laugh Laugh
Gary - Joa
God Speed / Mac Miller - Perfect Circle
Gazette - Chizuru
Guys And Dolls - Guys And Dolls
Greg Holden - The Art Of Falling
George Harrison - Lay His Head
G-dragon - That Xx
Gordon Lightfoot - Ribbon Of Darkness
Gracie Fields - I Took My Harp To A Party
Grateful Dead - Terrapin Station - Oops
Giniling Festival - Mcjolly
Gd & Top - Zutter
Gangrel - Gangrel Strike
G.soul - Crazy For You
Griffin Anthony - What A Lie Looks Like
Griffin Anthony - This Time Around
Giorgio Moroder - Too Hot To Handle
Griffin Anthony - Heart Ain't Slippin'
Greg Monk - Praise His Holy Name
Greg Monk - I Will Serve You Lord
Griffin Anthony - Eyes In You
Guot Wieu - Refuges
Griffin Anthony - Tennessee Moves
Griffin Anthony - Alive
Griffin Anthony - The Last Song
George Barnett - Lose Myself
Griffin Anthony - Nobody Loves Like You
George Barnett - Crowd
Griffin Anthony - Lady Blue
Griffin Anthony - At Your Door
Gregory Page - Sleeping Dogs
Gene Pitney - You're The Reason
Greyhoundz - Doble Kara
Gio - Every Breath
Gilberto Santa Rosa - Conteo Regresivo
Ghost Town - Dreamer
Gyptian - True Colors
Grieves - Smoke In The Night
Gyptian - Be Alright
Grieves - Serpents
Gyptian - Majestic Love
Gyptian - Non Stop
Gyptian - Vixen
Gyptian - Wet Fete
Gyptian - One More Time
Grieves - Shreds
Gyptian - My Number One
Gyptian - Wine Slow
Grieves - Whoa Is Me
Grieves - Death Of Me
Grieves - Long One
Grieves - Over You
Grieves - How's It Gonna Go
Grieves - Recluse
Grieves - Kidding Me
Grieves - Breath Of Air
Grieves - Astronauts
Grieves - Rain Damage
Grieves - Like Child
Grieves - The Blindfold And The Bullet
Grieves - Autumn
Glenn Fredly - You Are My Everything
Gene Pitney - Half Heaven Half Heartache
Gabriel Royal - Remember Us
Gilberto Santa Rosa - Dime Por Qu
George Barnett - Make It Rain
Gary Valenciano - Natutulog Ba Ang Diyos?
Glass Animals - Flip
Gordie Sampson - Still Workin' On A Dream - Don't Cry
Got7 - Gimme
Got7 - Magnetic ( Girl; Neoran Girl)
Got7 - Girls Girls Girls
Got7 - Stay ( ; Geudaero Isseodo Dwae)
Got7 - Turn Up The Volume ( ; Bollyumeul Ollyeojwo)
Got7 - A
Got7 - Stop Stop It (; Hajihajima)
Got7 - Moonlight (; Dalbit)
Got7 - Just Tonight ( ; Geunyang Oneul Bam)
Got7 - Take My Hand ( ; Soni Ga)
Grace Jones - I Need A Man
Grace Jones - Thats The Trouble
Gloria Lynne - Speaking Of Happiness
Gene Kelly - All I Do Is Dream Of You
Glenn Fredly - Akhir Cerita Cinta
G-eazy - You Got Me
Gradur - Stringer Bell
Gene Watson - The Old Man And His Horn
Gaelic Storm - The Ferrymen
Greyson Chance - Summertrain
Gone / Dr. Dre - Darkside
Gian Marco - Solo Pienso En Ti
G-dragon - Coup D'etat
Grateful Dead - Early Morning Rain
Glen Hansard - The Hill
Grl - Ugly Heart
G-dragon - 1 Nyeon Jeonggeojag
Grateful Dead - The Wheel
God Bless - Kehidupan
Gary Valenciano - Lipad Ng Pangarap
Gregg Allman - Multi Colored Lady
Grateful Dead - I Second That Emotion
Gally Garvey - Illusion
Genesis - The Carpet Crawlers
Gonzalez - Haven't Stopped Dancing Yet
Gally Garvey - Iya
Giorgia - Vivo Per Lei
George Michael Dile - To Worship You
Gfriend - Me Gustas Tu
Galactic Cowboys - Kill Floor
Greyson Chance - Home Is In Your Eyes
Gorki - Wacht Niet Te Lang
Gfriend - Under The Sun
Golden Silvers - Another Universe
Geeztown - Stef Step Away
Gfriend - One
Guus Meeuwis - Het Is Een Nacht
Glen Hansard - If You Want Me
Got7 - Nice
Got7 - Back To Me
Grateful Dead - Estimated Prophet
Got7 - Just Right
Gavin Degraw - Finest Hour
Girls On Row - Holding Up The Ceiling
Geneva May - Sun
Gigliola Cinquetti - Tango Delle Capinere
Great Lake Swimmers - I Could Be Nothing
Grayson Kessenich - Under The Moon Light
Garrison Starr - Home To You
Grateful Dead - Unbroken Chain
Grupo Bryndis - La Ultima Cancion
Gary And The Wisemen - My Girl
Gary Clark Jr. - Please Come Home
Gustavo Silva E Gabriel - A Rainha Do Rodeio
Got7 - She's A Monster
Gary Clark Jr. - Ain't Messin' Round
Got7 - Take My Hand
Got7 - Love Train
Gungor - Yesternite
Gustavo Silva E Gabriel - Corrupo No Brasil
George Goss - Ain't No Honkytonks In Jail
Grateful Dead - Deal
Grateful Dead - Visions Of Johanna
George Barnett - Down On Me
Gestoni Cobar - Blanket
Generationals - Yours Forever
Gucci Mane - Felix Brothers
Got7 - Good Tonight
Giorgio Moroder - Solitary Man
Gerard Lenormand - La Balade Des Gens Heureux
Gaither Vocal Band - Home, Where I Belong
George Dice - Go Low
Grateful Dead - Touch Of Grey
Gestoni Cobar - Eyes Define
Greensky Bluegrass - All Four
Get Scared - Badly Broken
George Maple - Opst
God Bless - Rumah Kita
Gyuri - The Little Prince
Grace Jones - Let Joy And Innocence Prevail
Great Lake Swimmers - Moving Pictures Silent Films
Galaxy Juice - Seven Flowers
George Ezra - Coat Of Armour
Gamu - Shake The Room
Genesis - In The Air Tonight
Gloria Gaynor - All The Man That I Need
Georges Brassens - Quand On Est Con
George Thorogood - I'm Ready
Glenn Medeiros - Watching Over You
Gladys Knight - Neither One Of Us
George Barnett - Give Your Heart A Gun
Guys And Dolls - Luck Be A Lady
Gladius Sky - Kingdom Of Storms
Glaiza De Castro - Pag Ikot
Gladius Sky - Ode To The Hammer
Gladius Sky - Alchemy Of Spirit
Graveyard Rockstars - Black Widow
Gladius Sky - I Am The Hunted
Gladius Sky - Celestia Divina
Gladius Sky - Sacred Gears
Gladius Sky - Follow In The Path Of The Sun And The Moon
Gladius Sky - A Transparent Horror
Gladius Sky - Odyssey Of Power
Gabi Garcia - Let The Love Begin
Gazette - Burial Applicant (english Version)
George Ezra - Spectacular Rival
George Gershwin - How Long Has This Been Going On?
Galaxy Juice - Perished Desert
Goldfrapp - Stranger
George Ezra - Barcelona
Galaxy Juice - Lord Knows I'm Patient
Galaxy Juice - Underwater Shadow
Galaxy Juice - Crystal Dunes
George Ezra - It's Just My Skin
Gerry Cinnamon - Kampfire Vampire
George Ezra - Blind Man In Amsterdam
Gavlyn - Set It
Grateful Dead - Truckin'
Grateful Dead - The Music Never Stopped
Gavlyn - Make My Move
Gavlyn - All Too Well
Gavlyn - Modest Confidence
Gavlyn - Guilty Pleasure
Gavlyn - Take Over
Goldroom - California Raiin
Gene Watson - Old Porch Swing
Grateful Dead - Liberty
Gaudi - Spiritual Orphens
Get Scared - Get Out While You Can
Gold Zebra - When Words Fail
George Buns - Ii Wonder
G-dragon - High High
Groundbreaking - The Bonnie Song
Gary Allan - It Ain't The Whiskey
Gianna Nannini - Sei Nell'anima
Gisle Pedersen - On The Threshold Of Eternity
George Ezra - Breakaway
Grateful Dead - Playing In The Band
Gary Stewart - Little Junior
Glass Animals - Gooey
Gypsy - You Gotta Get A Gimmick
Giorgia Feat. Eros Ramazzotti - Inevitabile
Gang Of Youths - Magnolia
George Barnett - Return Of The Fever
Gagong Rapper - Kabet
Greylag - Tiger
Gary Moore - Parisienne Walkways
Gloc-9 - Sikat Na Si Pepe
Glee - You Can't Stop The Beat
Gamergad - Bananas
George Harrison - Wah Wah
Germs - Lexicon Devil
Guot Wieu - What If
Gladys Knight & The Pips - You're The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me
Gloc-9 - Upuan
Griffin House - The Guy That Says Goodbye To You Is Out Of His Mind
Grahame Maclean - Lazy Days And Moonlit Nights
Gfriend - Glass Bead
Gfriend - White
Gregorian - Ave Satani (the Omen)
Gary Grammar - I'm In The Penthouse Bitch
Giorgio Moroder - Tom's Diner
Gilbert Bcaud - Nathalie
G Hannelius - Paper Cut
Giorgio Moroder - Deja Vu
Garbage - The Chemicals
Giulia - Turn Your Light On
Grabbitz - Friends
Gravel Kings - Kentucky Wine
Ghost - Colors
Gestoni Cobar - Road Trips In Summer
Grin Department - Friends Lang Tayo
George Ezra - Listen To The Man
Gary Valenciano - Eto Nanaman
Gary "u.s." Bonds - Seven Day Weekend
Gladys Knight & The Pips - Letter Full Of Tears
Gabe Bondoc - Stronger Than
Glee - The Only Exception
Gerardo Ortiz - Y Me Besa
George Barnett - Hanging By A Thread
Galneryus - Braving Flag
George Harrison - Ballad Of Sir Frankie Crisp
Gladys Knight - The Need To Be
Greyson Chance - Meridians
Grazia Di Michele - Ragiona Col Cuore
Gravity Falls - Mabel Girl
Grateful Dead - Stagger Lee
George Harrison - Awaiting On You All
Goons - Taco Stop
Gary Clark Jr. - Bright Lights
George Jones - Wrong Number
Gmb - Sampai
Gravity Falls - Taking Over Midnight
Gordon Lightfoot - Rich Man's Spiritual
G-unit - I'm Grown
Gain - Paradise Lost
G-unit - Boy Boy
G-unit - Ballin'
G-unit - Choose One
G-unit - Doper Than My Last One
Georges Moustakis - Il Est Trop Tard
George Barnett - Inertia
G.lenzo - Your Love
Gary "u.s." Bonds - Dear Lady Twist
G-unit - Bring My Bottles
Glyph - Oxymoron
Ghostface Killah W/ Badbadnotgood - Nuggets Of Wisdom
Ghostface Killah W/ Badbadnotgood - Food
Ghostface Killah W/ Badbadnotgood - Street Knowledge
Ghostface Killah W/ Badbadnotgood - Tone's Rap
Ghostface Killah W/ Badbadnotgood - Six Degrees
Ghostface Killah W/ Badbadnotgood - Mind Playing Tricks On Me
Got7 - Magnetic (neoran Girl)
Ghostface Killah W/ Badbadnotgood - Sour Soul
Ghostface Killah W/ Badbadnotgood - Ray Gun
Ghostface Killah W/ Badbadnotgood - Gunshowers
George Ezra - Leaving It Up To You
Glee - Hey, Soul Sister
George Lamond - Don't Stop Believing
Ghostface Killah - Loyalty
Ghostface Killah - Bamboo's Lament
Ghostface Killah - Emergency Procedure
Ghostface Killah - It's A Thin Line Between Love And Hate
Ghostface Killah - Homicide
Ghostface Killah - Here I Go Again
Ghostface Killah - Pieces Of The Puzzle
Ghostface Killah - Double Cross
Ghostface Killah - The Dogs Of War
Ghostface Killah - Love Don't Live Here No More
Ghostface Killah - Call My Name
Ghostface Killah - Blood In The Streets
Ghostface Killah - The Battlefield
Guy Sebastian And Paulini - Receive The Power
Gabrielle Aplin - The Liar And The Lighter
Grease - We Go Together
Gold City Quartet - There Rose A Lamb
Gianluca Grignani - Destinazione Paradiso
George Jones - If My Heart Had Windows
Guang Liang - Yue Ding
Gene Watson - I Don't Need A Thing At All
Gary Barlow - Let Me Go
Glee - Light Up The World
Ghosts Of The American Road - Comes To Light
Green Lizard - Cielito Lindo
Galantis - Gold Dust
Glee - Be Okay
G2b Boys - Ikaw Na Na Na Na
Good With Grenades - Take It From Me
Greensky Bluegrass - Burn Them
Gamergad - Go2work
Gorillaz - Crystalised
Gestoni Cobar - Paris
Gordon Lightfoot - In The Early Mornin' Rain
Ginette Claudette - The Most
Gojira - The Gift Of Guilt
Gaither Vocal Band - Let Freedom Ring
Geisha - Bunda
Golden - Real Thing
Glee - As Long As You're There
Golden - Stay Beautiful
Golden - You're Always Loved
Gyllene Tider - Kung Av Sand
George Jones - Second Time Around
Giggs - Talking The Hardest
George Jones - Writing On The Wall
Gaelic Storm - Slim Jim And The Seven Eleven Girl
Guzman Methol - Blame Me
Grease - Sandra Dee
Georges Brassens - Je Suis Un Voyou
Grease - Greased Lightning
Gil Scott-heron - Johannesburg
Gary Valenciano - Warrior Is A Child
Gil Scott-heron - It's Your World
Garnet Crow - Mysterious Eyes
Gil Scott-heron - Madison Avenue
Gil Scott-heron - Shut 'um Down
Gun - Welcome To The Real World
Gil Scott-heron - Winter In America
Goldie Lookin Chain - Newport (ymerodraeth State Of Mind)
Gun - Freedom
Gil Scott-heron - The Bottle
Grateful Dead - Turn On Your Love Light
Gun - Money To Burn
Gone In 60 Seconds - Moby Flowers
Galantis - Runaway
Gia - Loud
Gene Watson - Take Me As I Am Or Let Me Go
Gun - Girls In Love
Gil Scott-heron - Home Is Where The Hatred Is (live)
Glee - True Colors
George Jones - Crawdad Song
Gil Scott-heron - Racetrack In France
George Nozuka - You Deserve Better
Gil Scott-heron - We Almost Lost Detroit
Gun - Taking On The World
Gun - Inside Out
Gun - The Feeling Within
Gun - Steal Your Fire
Gun - Living On Borrowed Time
Gary Barlow - When Your Feet Don't Touch The Ground
Gun - Shame On You
Gun - Higher Ground
Gun - Money (everybody Loves Her)
Gun - Better Days
Georges Brassens - Je M'suis Fait Tout Petit
Gordon Mote - If They Could See You Through My Eyes
Gmb - Tiada Sepertimu
Gerardo Ortiz - Perdoname
Gucci Mane - Cartel Talk
G-unit - Ahhh Shit
Grupo Limite - Amiga%mia
Got7 - Like Oh
Got7 - Playground
God Or Julie - Nothing Further From The Truth
George Jones - Let's All Go Down To The River
Gary Allan - Every Storm
Gene Pitney - Liberty Valance
Grupo Montez De Durango - Lagrimas Del Corazon
Got7 - U Got Me
Greensky Bluegrass - Windshield
Gravitonas - Everybody Dance
Gravitonas - People Are Lonely
George Ezra - Blame It On Me
gon' Ride / Ne-yo - Good Mornin
Glen Campbell - I'm Not Gonna Miss You
Get Scared - Built For Blame
Galaxy Juice - How Wide Is The Sun
Glowjack Vs. Plamen Dereu - Heaven After All
Green Day - Stray Heart
Grard Lenorman - La Ballade Des Gens Heureux
Ghosta Rhymes - Teri Yaadon Mein
Golden Girls Theme - Thank You For Being A Friend
Gene - London Can You Wait?
George - Breaking It Slowly
Giorgio Moroder - Right Here, Right Now
Genevieve - Colors
George - Special Ones
George - That's When You Come To Me
George - Release
Gd & Taeyang - Good Boy
Gustavo Cerati - Amor Amarillo
Gillan - Running White Face City Boy
Gillan - M.a.d (mutually Assured Destruction)
Grin Department - 8 Pa
Gillan - No Laughing In Heaven
Gabriela - Many Lies
Gillan - Bite The Bullet
Gillan - Fighting Man
Gillan - Vengeance
Go Fish - The B I B L E
Gosh Pith - Window
Gooberfish - Don't Know Why
Ghastly Menace - Real Life
Gia - Only A Girl
Grl - Lighthouse
Gillan - She Tears Me Down
Gillan - Mr. Universe
Gabrielle Aplin - Start Again
Greg Laswell - This Woman's Work
Gabrielle Aplin - Ghosts
Graham Bonnet - Only You Can Lift Me
Gabrielle Aplin - Evaporate
Gabrielle Aplin - Rings Around Roses
Gillan - Roller
Grace Jones - Strange
Green Day - Good Riddance
Gary B - Life Is Beautiful
Galactic - I Got It
Greg Laswell - Comes And Goes (in Waves)
Glee - Touch A Touch A Touch Me
Gothminister - Devil
Ge Aleksandersen - Leva Livet
Gel Nails - Cave Of Closed Curtains
Gel Nails And Nightshade - Muskrat Tail
Glee - One Of Us
Glee - Toxic
Glittertind - Glittertind
Gel Nails - Slowly Melting Disguise
Glee - Touch A Touch A Touch A Touch Me
Gel Nails And Nightshade - Troubled Men
Gel Nails - Parasite
Glee - River Deep, Mountain High
Gel Nails - The Smell Of Detritus
Gel Nails - Made Of Stone
Gel Nails And Nightshade - Fast Food For Fast People
Glee - What A Feeling
Ginette Claudette - Jump
George Benson - Nothings Gonna Change My Love For You
Garth Brooks - Mom
Goldie Lookin Chain - Mike Balls Un Official World Cup Anthem
Gucci Mane - Pick It Up
Gucci Mane - 1017 Mafia
Gucci Mane - Lowest
Gucci Mane - Close To Me
Gd & Top - Don't Go Home
G-unit - Ease Up *
G-unit - Big Body Benz *
Gage - Kitty Cat
Gil Scott-heron - Peace Go With You, Brother (as Salaam Alaikum)
Gil Scott-heron - Peace Go With You, Brother (wa Alaikum Salaam)
Gil Scott-heron - H2o Gate Blues
Gil Scott-heron - Song For Bobby Smith
Gil Scott-heron - Your Daddy Loves You
Gil Scott-heron - Back Home
Gil Scott-heron - Rivers Of My Fathers
Gil Scott-heron - Bottle
G-unit - The Plug
G-unit - I Don't Fuck With You
G-unit - Digital Scale
G-unit - Dead A Pussy Nigga
G-unit - Changes
Gil Scott-heron - Free Will
Gil Scott-heron - I Think I'll Call It Morning
Gil Scott-heron - Or Down You Fall
Gil Scott-heron - Home Is Where The Hatred Is
Gil Scott-heron - A Sign Of The Ages
Gil Scott-heron - When You Are Who You Are
Gil Scott-heron - Sex Education: Ghetto Style
Gil Scott-heron - King Alfred Plan
Gil Scott-heron - Pieces Of A Man
Gil Scott-heron - Speed Kills
Gil Scott-heron - Save The Children
Gil Scott-heron - Get Out Of The Ghetto Blues
Gil Scott-heron - Lady Day And John Coltrane
Gil Scott-heron - Did You Hear What They Said?
Gil Scott-heron - The Needle's Eye
Gil Scott-heron - No Knock
Gil Scott-heron - The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
Gil Scott-heron - Billy Green Is Dead
Gil Scott-heron - The Prisoner
Game - Don't Shoot
Gil Scott-heron - Don't Give Up
Gil Scott-heron - I'll Take Care Of You
Gil Scott-heron - Where Did The Night Go
Gil Scott-heron - On Coming From A Broken Home (pt. 1)
G-unit - Watch Me
Gil Scott-heron - Running
Gil Scott-heron - The Crutch
Gil Scott-heron - Your Soul And Mine
Gil Scott-heron - Me And The Devil
Gil Scott-heron - The Other Side, Part Ii
Gil Scott-heron - Spirits Past
Gil Scott-heron - Give Her A Call
Gil Scott-heron - I'm New Here
Gil Scott-heron - The Other Side, Part I
Gil Scott-heron - Work For Peace
Gil Scott-heron - New York Is Killing Me
Gil Scott-heron - Message To The Messengers
Gil Scott-heron - The Other Side, Part Iii
Gil Scott-heron - On Coming From A Broken Home (pt. 2)
Group 1 Crew - Take It There
Group 1 Crew - Outta Space Love
Group 1 Crew - Beautiful
Group 1 Crew - Transcend
Group 1 Crew - Live It Up
Group 1 Crew - Breakdown
Group 1 Crew - Control
Group 1 Crew - Please Don't Let Me Go
Group 1 Crew - Walking On The Stars
Group 1 Crew - Need Your Love
Group 1 Crew - Manipulation
Group 1 Crew - Let's Go
Group 1 Crew - Wait
Group 1 Crew - Lean On Me
Group 1 Crew - Not The End Of Me
Group 1 Crew - Darkest Valley
Group 1 Crew - Fearless
Group 1 Crew - His Kind Of Love (capital Kings Remix)
Group 1 Crew - Singin Hallelujah
Group 1 Crew - He Said
Group 1 Crew - Freq Dat
Group 1 Crew - Dangerous
Group 1 Crew - Stepping Out
Group 1 Crew - Goin Down
Group 1 Crew - Forsaken
Group 1 Crew - Night Of My Life
Group 1 Crew - Mr. & Mrs. (i Do This For You)
Group 1 Crew - The Difference
Group 1 Crew - His Kind Of Love
G-unit - Come Up
Gold Top - Gold Like This
G-unit - Ordinary
G-unit - They Talked About Jesus
G-unit - Real Quick
G-unit - Nah I'm Talking 'bout
Gudda Gudda - Money Keep Calling
Gudda Gudda - Drank N Smoke
Gudda Gudda - Guddaville 3 (intro)
Gudda Gudda - Bang Bang
Gudda Gudda - I'm Gudda
Gudda Gudda - Guddaville (freestyle)
Gudda Gudda - As Da World Turns
Gudda Gudda - Enemies
Gudda Gudda - Everyday I Do It
Gudda Gudda - 100 On It
Gudda Gudda - Hustle All Day
Gudda Gudda - I Know
Gaven Hevy - ...lost Generation
Gaven Hevy - ...password *
Gaven Hevy - ...if You Asked?
Gaven Hevy - Neudelle
Gaven Hevy - ...wants & Needs
Gavlyn - Why Don't You Do Right
Gavlyn - Staring Problem
Gavlyn - What I Do
Gavlyn - Clarity
Gavlyn - To The Feeling
Gil Scott-heron - Enough
Gil Scott-heron - Whitey On The Moon
Gil Scott-heron - Paint It Black
Gil Scott-heron - The Vulture
Gil Scott-heron - Evolution (and Flashback)
Gil Scott-heron - The Subject Was Faggots
Gil Scott-heron - Omen
Gil Scott-heron - Plastic Pattern People
Gil Scott-heron - Small Talk At 125th And Lenox
Gil Scott-heron - Brother
Grieves & Budo - No Matter What
Grieves & Budo - Prize Fighter
Grieves & Budo - Sunny Side Of Hell
Grieves & Budo - On The Rocks
Grieves & Budo - Heartbreak Hotel
Grieves & Budo - Growing Pains
Grieves & Budo - Lightspeed
Grieves & Budo - Pressure Cracks
Gq Marley - Show That
Gunplay, Rick Ross & Yo Gotti - Gallardo
Guilty Simpson & Small Professor - It's Nuthin
Green Shoe Studio - Oh Sweet Lorraine
Garson - You Make Me Feel The Love
Good Mad - Don't Stay Low
Gucci Mane - Puchanella
Geto Boys - Like Some Hoes
Geto Boys - Big Faces
Good Mad - Coconut Grove
Good Mad - Thinking Of You
George Stewart - My Lady Just Cares For Me
Geto Boys - Gun In Your Mouth
Goodie Mob - Understanding
Goodie Mob - Come As You Are
Goodie Mob - Ghost Of Gloria Goodchild
Goodie Mob - Valleujah
Goodie Mob - Kolors
Goodie Mob - Southern Girl
Goodie Mob - Eye Know (she Came Home)
Goodie Mob - Power
Grits - Video Girl
greedy Ho's / Big Sean - Sierra Leon
Geto Boys - The Problem
Geto Boys - Assassins *
Geto Boys - Talking Loud, Saying Nothing (original)
Glasser - Shape
Geto Boys - Niggas Ain't Doin' Shit
Geto Boys - Straight G Ing Aka Straight Gangsterism
George Hetega - My Girl
Gaetano - One That Got Away
Grayskul - Zenith
Goodie Mob - Pinstripes
Grits - Universal & Worldwide ... Don't Bring Me Down
Grits - Temptations
Gucci Mane - No More
Goldroom - St. Ides Heaven
Gucci Mane - Confused
Gucci Mane - So Much Money
Ginette Claudette - Tainted Emotions
Gunplay - Black On Black
George Stewart - Where You Are
George Stewart - It Takes Two
Gambino Family - Memories
Gambino Family - Young Gunz
Guerilla Black - What We Gonna Do Nate Dogg
Guitar Slim - Sufferin' Mind
Guitar Slim - Sufferin' Mind (take 1)
Grits - We Workin'
Grits - You Said
Grits - Next (interlude)
Grits - We Don't Play
Grand Funk Railroad - Locomotion
Grits - Sunny Days
Grits - Seriously
Grits - Runnin'
Grupo Mojado - La Duda
Groove Coverage - Noting Lasts Foever (single Edit)
Genesis - The Conqeror
Gare Du Nord - Sold My Soul
Gare Du Nord - A Matter Of Time
Grits - Get It
Grits - Believe
Grits - Be Mine
Garnett Silk - Love Me Or Leave Me
Grits - Beautiful Morning
Grits - Say Goodbye
Grits - Dusk Till Dawn
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