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Hot Hot Heat - Goddess On The Prairie
Hot Hot Heat - Implosionatic
Hot Hot Heat - Times A Thousand
Hot Hot Heat - 21@12
Hellyeah - Order The Sun
Hellyeah - Alive And Well
Hellyeah - Stand Or Walk Away
Hellyeah - Cold As A Stone
Hellyeah - Pole Rider
Hellyeah - It's On!
Hellyeah - Better Man
Hellyeah - Stampede
Hellyeah - Hell Of A Time
Hellyeah - The Debt That All Men Pay
Hellyeah - Cowboy Way
Hot Chelle Rae - Queen Of The Scene
Hanson - And I Waited
Hanson - Make It Out Alive
Hanson - Give A Little
Hanson - Kiss Me When You Come Home
Hanson - More Than Anything (Reprise)
Hanson - Me Myself And I
Hanson - Voice In The Chorus
Hanson - Musical Ride
Hanson - Thinking 'Bout Somethin'
Hate / Evan Taubenfeld - Love
Hanson - Man From Milwaukee (Garage Mix)
Human Nature - Don't Say Goodbye
Hoobastank - I Don't Think I Love You
Hedley - Been There Done That
Hurt - Dirty
Holly Williams - Without Jesus Here With Me
Hoobastank - Tears Of Yesterday
Howie Day - Postcard From Mars
Him - Heaven Tonight
Heidi Montag - Fanatic
Hedley - Don't Talk To Strangers
Hilary Duff - The Siamese Cat Song
Hannah Montana - Start All Over
Holly Valance - Double Take
Hard-Fi - Unnecessary Trouble
Harry Connick, JR. - The Way You Look Tonight
Hannah Montana - If We Were A Movie
Hundred Reasons - My Sympathy
Horrorpops - Highway 55
Hedley - Never Too Late
Hayden Panettiere - Home
Hard-Fi - We Need Love
Human Nature - Silent Night
Hillsong United - Always
Hot Hot Heat - Matador At The Door
Horrorpops - Kool Flattop
Hillsong United - Look To You
Hayley Westenra - Let Me Lie
Harry Connick, JR. - Holly Jolly Christmas
Hot Chip - The Beach Party
Hannah Montana - Life's What You Make It
Him - You Are The One
Heartland - Judge A Man By The Woman
Hot Chip - Take Care
Hope Partlow - Who We Are
Hear'say - Monday Monday
House Of Pain - Killa Rhyme Klik
Hillsong United - Unify
Hoobastank - Earthsick
Hellogoodbye - Baby, It's Fact
Hillsong United - Freedom Is Here
Harry Connick, JR. - It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas
Hard-Fi - You And Me
Hillsong United - My God
H & Claire - No Turning Back
Hot Chip - Ready For The Floor
Home Town Hero - Everything Out Of Water
Hear'say - Look Inside Yourself
Hayden Panettiere - Your New Girlfriend
Hoobastank - What Happened To Us?
Hot Chip - Hold On
Horrorpops - Thelma & Louise
Holly Miranda - Sleep On Fire
Heather Nova - Follow Me In Grace
Hot Hot Heat - Conversation
H & Claire - There You Were
Hurt - Et Al
Holly Miranda - Joints
Hot Chip - Hittin' Skittles
Hard-Fi - Tonight
Hillsong United - You Hold Me Now
Hot Hot Heat - You're Ruining It For Everyone
Hurt - Cold Inside
Hitman Sammy Sam - Step Daddy (Remix)
Hurt - Role Martyr X
Hear'say - You're All I Need To Get By
Holly Williams - He's Making A Fool Out Of You
Huey - Nobody Loves The Hood
Hedley - Friends
Harry Connick, JR. - Hello Dolly
Heather Nova - I Miss My Sky (Amelia Earhart's Last Days)
Heartland - Boys Like Us
Honor Society - Goodnight My Love
Hillsong United - I Will Sing
Hanson - Watch Over Me
Heidi Newfield - Love Her And Lose Me
Hinder - Take It To The Limit
Hurt - Unkind
Harry Connick, JR. - Please Come Home For Christmas
Hanson - A Minute Without You
Hole - Samantha
Honor Society - Rock With You
Heather Headley - Here I Am To Worship
Hawk Nelson - Somebody Else
Heidi Montag - Sex Ed
Hurricane Chris - Hand Clap
Heather Headley - Zion
Hanson - These Walls
Human Nature - When You Say You Love Me
Hannah Montana - Right Here
Horrorpops - Copenhagen Refugee
Hannah Montana - Ice Cream Freeze (Let's Chill)
Hillsong United - What The World Will Never Take
Hurt - 1331
Hadouken! - Spend Your Life
H & Claire - You're A Love Song
Heartland - Mustache
Hurricane Chris - Touch Me
Hillsong United - There Is Nothing Like
Hadouken! - Liquid Lives
Hayley Westenra - Little Road To Bethlehem
Hillsong United - Salvation Is Here
Hannah Montana - The Best Of Both Worlds: 2009 Movie Mix
Hard-Fi - Suburban Knights
Hidell - Living It Up
Hoku - To Myself
Hanson - Blue Sky
Hawk Nelson - Return To Me
Human Nature - Angel Of Your Heart
Human Nature - House Of Cards
Hate / Liz Phair - Love
Hoobastank - Losing My Grip
Hadouken! - Ugly
Harry Connick, JR. - Mona Lisa
Hot Chip - Down With Prince
Hundred Reasons - Gone Too Far
Hot Hot Heat - Good Day To Die
Heidi Montag - Love It Or Leave It
Hadouken! - Turn The Lights Out
Hollywood Undead - No. 5 (Live)
Harry Connick, JR. - And I Love Her
Hannah Montana - Good And Broken
Human Nature - Seven Lonely Days
Horrorpops - Who's Leading You Now?
Hillsong United - Your Spirit
Hanson - Lonely Boy
Holly Valance - Tongue Tied
Hedley - Hands Up
Horrorpops - Caught In A Blonde
Hard-Fi - I Close My Eyes
Human Nature - Baby I Need Your Loving
Hilary Duff - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
Hot Chip - Wrestlers
Hinder - Take Me Home Tonight
Hundred Reasons - 80 MPH
House Of Pain - Heart Full Of Sorrow
Hot Chip - Keep Quiet
Heidi Montag - Your Love Found Me
Hadouken! - Plan B - No More Eatin' (Hadouken! Mix)
Hellogoodbye - Jesse Buy Nothing... Go To Prom Anyways!
Hurt - Summers Lost
Human Nature - Cruel
Hot Chip - In The Privacy Of Our Love
Home Town Hero - Questions
Hedley - Nothing At All
Hootie & The Blowfish - Autumn Jones
Him - In The Arms Of Rain
Hellyeah - Rotten To The Core
Hayley Westenra - Carol Of The Bells
Him - Katherine Wheel
Holly Valance - Desire
Hillsong United - Second Chance
Hannah Montana - The Good Life
Hot Chip - No Fit State
Hurricane Chris - Momma
Hot Chelle Rae - I Like To Dance
Him - Love In Cold Blood
Human Nature - My Girl
Heather Nova - Say Something
House Of Pain - Choose Your Poison
Hillsong United - Light
Hot Chelle Rae - Say (Half Past Nine)
Human Nature - Guilty (One In A Million)
Hell Is For Heroes - Few Against Many
Hundred Reasons - I'll Never Know
Him - Face Of God
Human Nature - Always Be With You
Hundred Reasons - The Perfect Gift
Home Town Hero - Say I Do
Hillsong United - More Than Anything
Hope Partlow - Sick Inside
Harry Connick, JR. - Just The Way You Are
Hot Chip - Out At The Pictures
Heather Headley - Simply Redeemed
Honor Society - Two Rebels
Hillsong United - Shout Unto God
Hannah Montana - Let's Do This
Hundred Reasons - Dissolve
Heidi Montag - My Parade
Hear'say - Another Love
Hurt - Thank You For Listening
Hayley Westenra - Corpus Christi Carol
Hollywood Undead - No. 5
Huey - Payow
Hillsong United - Seeking You
Honor Society - Real Gone
H & Claire - All Out Of Love
Heidi Montag - No More
Hadouken! - Driving Nowhere
Hundred Reasons - What You Get
Hanson - Crazy Beautiful
Hard-Fi - Living For The Weekend
Hundred Reasons - Feed The Fire
Harry Connick, JR. - Some Enchanted Evening
Heartland - Built To Last
Hannah Montana - The Other Side Of Me
Hurt - Well
Hanson - Something Going Round
Heidi Montag - Party Is Wherever I Am
Heather Nova - If I Should Die
Hundred Reasons - Avalanche
Hannah Montana - Make Some Noise
Hillsong United - Hear Our Prayer
House Of Pain - X-Files
Hillsong United - Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble?
Hidell - I Wanna Know
Hannah Montana - You'll Always Find Your Way Back Home
Hope Partlow - Everywhere But Here
Huey - Glad 2 Be Alive
Heather Nova - Singing You Through
Helping Haiti - Everybody Hurts
Hear'say - Play To Win
Hawk Nelson - Never Enough
Hinder - Lost In The Sun
Hanson - Use Me Up
Hoobastank - Open Your Eyes
Harry Connick, JR. - Something You Got
Hillsong United - Sing (Your Love)
Holly Valance - Over 'N' Out
Heather Nova - Beautiful Storm
Hot Apple Pie - We're Makin' Up
Hoobastank - Never Be Here Again
Hawk Nelson - Jason's Song
Holly Williams - Alone
Hannah Montana - Spotlight
Hell Is For Heroes - You've Got Hopes
Holly Valance - State Of Mind
Harry Connick, JR. - Your Song
Hell Is For Heroes - Arcades
Hope Partlow - Let Me Try
Human Nature - Depend On Me
Hope Partlow - Who We Are (Saturday Night Mix)
Hot Apple Pie - Everybody Wants To Dance With My Baby
Hinder - Running In The Rain
Hawk Nelson - The Job
Hell Is For Heroes - Kamichi
Hell Is For Heroes - I Can Climb Mountains
Hadouken! - Game Over
Human Nature - Breaking Me Down
Hot Apple Pie - Why Can't I Get To You
Hillsong United - Desperate People
Hope Partlow - It's Too Late
Hot Chip - Whistle For Will
Hanson - Tearing It Down
Hear'say - Can't Stop Thinking About It
Hitman Sammy Sam - Step Daddy
Hillsong United - From God Above
Human Nature - Wishes
Harry Connick, JR. - O Come All Ye Faithful
Heather Nova - Bare
Hannah Montana - Rock Star
Heather Nova - Every Soldier Is A Mother's Son
Hell Is For Heroes - Silent As The Grave
Hot Chip - Made In The Dark
Hot Chip - Tchaparian
Hurt - Dreams Away
Human Nature - Earth Angel
Honor Society - Why Didn't I
Honor Society - See U In The Dark
Hilary Duff - Same Old Christmas
Hillsong United - Glory
Hoobastank - You Need To Be Here
Huey - Luv N Ya Life
Him - Like St. Valentine
House Of Pain - I'm A Swing It
Holly Valance - Hypnotic
Haylie Duff - Our Lips Are Sealed
Hillsong United - Jesus' Blood
Hillsong United - All About You
Horrorpops - Psychobitches Outta Hell
Hundred Reasons - Savanna
Human Nature - Everytime
Hear'say - We Go On
H & Claire - All I Want Is You
Him - I Love You (Prelude To Tragedy)
Huey - Closet Full Of Clothes
Hadouken! - Lost
House Of Pain - House Of Pain And The Rising Sun
Hannah Montana - Clear
Him - Passion's Killing Floor
Honor Society - My Own Way
Hurricane Chris - Doin' My Thang
Hillsong United - King Of Majesty
Human Nature - Be There With You
Home Town Hero - Robbers
Hilary Duff - Jericho (Remix 2005)
Hellogoodbye - Oh, It Is Love
Horrorpops - Everything's Everything
Hurricane Chris - Headboard
Hoobastank - All About You
House Of Pain - Over There Shit
Hayley Westenra - My Heart & I
Hillsong United - The Stand
Home Town Hero - Perfect Night
Hillsong United - All...
Hundred Reasons - I'll Find You
Hawk Nelson - Ode To Lord Stanley
Hillsong United - Hosanna
Hurt - Alone With The Sea
Hanson - Georgia
Howie Day - Longest Night
Hayley Westenra - Winter's Dream
Hope Partlow - Like You Do
Hillsong United - Tear Down The Walls
Haylie Duff - The Siamese Cat Song
Hanson - Something New
Hawk Nelson - Not The Same
Hillsong United - Forever
Heidi Montag - Overdosin'
Human Nature - Ride Away
Hinder - Loaded And Alone
Holly Miranda - No One Just Is
Hedley - Dying To Live Again
Hurt - Pandora
Hour For Magic / Freedom Exists / A Feast Of Friends / The Doors - An American Prayer
Human Nature - Haunted
Hot Chip - Keep Fallin'
Hillsong United - You Deserve
Hilary Duff - A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes
Hollywood Undead - Scene For Dummies
Hilary Duff - My Generation
Hot Chip - We Have Love
Hundred Reasons - Shine
Hayley Westenra - Benedictus
Hundred Reasons - Destroy
Hurricane Chris - Beat In My Trunk
Harry Connick, JR. - Deck The Halls
Horrorpops - Hitchcock Starlet
Hayley Westenra - Sleigh Ride
Hedley - Goodbye
Hayley Westenra - Little Drummer Boy
Hillsong United - Soon
Harry Connick, JR. - (They Long To Be) Close To You
Hoku - Don't Forget
Hayley Westenra - Peace Shall Come
Heidi Montag - Blackout
Hurt - Wars
Hedley - Can't Go Back
Hillsong United - Holy, Holy, Holy
Hollywood Undead - This Love, This Hate
Hear'say - I Don't Want You Anyway
Hillsong United - To Know Your Name
Hinder - Up All Night
Home Town Hero - Saturday Morning
Human Nature - Party (Feels So Fine)
Human Nature - Imagine
Hawk Nelson - The Final Toast
Hell Is For Heroes - Disconnector
Hawk Nelson - Arms Around Me
Hollywood Undead - The Diary
Hinder - Far From Home
Hannah Montana - Let's Dance
Hillsong United - Everything To Me
Hollywood Undead - The Loss
Heaven & Hell - Breaking Into Heaven
Hillsong United - Most High
Him - Sleepwalking Past Hope
Hear'say - Not The Kind
Hell Is For Heroes - Hands Up!
Harry Connick, JR. - We Three Kings
Him - Love, The Hardest Way
Human Nature - I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch)
Heartland - You
Hillsong United - Your Name High
Hedley - Narcissist
Human Nature - Baby Come Back To Me
Heather Nova - Maybe Tomorrow
Hillsong United - Now That You're Near
Hawk Nelson - Words We Speak
Holly Miranda - Forest Green Oh Forest Green
Hundred Reasons - Live Fast, Die Ugly
Heather Nova - Shell
Heather Nova - New Love
Horrorpops - MissFit
Hear'say - Straight From The Heart
Hurt - Aftermath
Hanson - What Christmas Means To Me
Hundred Reasons - Still Be Here
Hinder - Thing For You
Human Nature - Love Is Blind
Hillsong United - Jesus I Long
Hell Is For Heroes - One Of Us
Hawk Nelson - One Little Miracle
Harry Connick, JR. - It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year
Hear'say - Not The End Of The World
Human Nature - Ain't Too Proud To Beg
Heather Headley - The Power Of The Cross
Heidi Newfield - Johnny & June
Hilary Duff - Mickey Mouse March
Hollywood Undead - Christmas In Hollywood
Hillsong United - I Adore
Hootie & The Blowfish - Alright
Hot Hot Heat - Let Me In
Hear'say - Breathe
Human Nature - Without You
Hurt - Fighting Tao
Hark The Herald Angel / Trans-Siberian Orchestra - The March Of The Kings
Hundred Reasons - Drowning
Hanson - Boomerang
Hear'say - Angel In My Heart
Hole - Someone Else's Bed
Hillsong United - Came To The Rescue
Human Nature - Temperature Rising
Him - Razorblade Kiss
Hawk Nelson - Shaken
House Of Pain - Earthquake
Hillsong United - The Time Has Come
Him - Disarm Me (With Your Loneliness)
Hot Chip - Bad Luck
Hard-Fi - Better Do Better
Haylie Duff - Sweetest Pain
Holly Valance - Roll Over
Hell Is For Heroes - Only The Ridiculous Will Survive
Hot Chip - Take It In
Hilary Duff - I Want To Blow You Up
Him - I've Crossed Oceans Of Wine To Find You
Hayley Westenra - Melancholy Interlude
Heather Nova - Out In New Mexico
Hole - Skinny Little Bitch
Hanson - Don't Accuse
Human Nature - Stay
Hear'say - Everybody
Hellogoodbye - Bonnie Taylor Shakedown... 2K4
Hillsong United - Fall
Hawk Nelson - Lest We Forget
Harry Connick, JR. - Sheik Of Araby
Hilary Duff - A Day In The Sun
H & Claire - If I Could Say The Words
Hadouken! - Declaration Of War
Hedley - Young And Stupid
Honor Society - Where Are You Now
Hannah Montana - Pumpin' Up The Party
Heaven & Hell - Atom And Evil
Hillsong United - Shine For You
Haylie Duff - A Whatever Life
Hayden Panettiere - Cruella De Vil
Heather Nova - All The Way
Horrorpops - Baby Lou Tattoo
Head Automatica - The Speed Of A Yellow Bullet
Hannah Montana - It's All Right Here
Hanson - I Am
Hannah Montana - One In A Million
Honor Society - Can't Box Me In
Hillsong United - Devotion
Hanson - Broken Angel
Hundred Reasons - No. 5
Hell Is For Heroes - Transmit Disrupt
Him - Heartache Every Moment
House Of Pain - No Doubt
Human Nature - She's Takin My Words
Human Nature - Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me)
Him - In Venere Veritas
Hanson - World's On Fire
Hayley Westenra - Summer Fly
Hillsong United - All I Need Is You
Hellogoodbye - When We First Met
Him - Your Sweet Six Six Six
Human Nature - She's So Gone
Hell Is For Heroes - Cut Down
Hear'say - A Good Thing
Hole - Honey
Hanson - Been There Before
House Of Pain - Beef Jerky
Hot Chip - You Ride, We Ride, In My Ride
Hurricane Chris - Walk Like That
Hillsong United - Sovereign Hands
Hot Chip - A-B-C
Hell Is For Heroes - Burning Lafayette
Hawk Nelson - Eighty-Six That
Hillsong United - My Future Decided
Hot Chelle Rae - Never Have I Ever
Hear'say - Back Down To Zero
Heather Nova - Hollow
Hard-Fi - Move On Now
Hillsong United - Saviour King
Hot Chip - Crap Kraft Dinner
Hillsong United - From The Inside Out
Heather Nova - Glow Stars
Hundred Reasons - Answers
Hot Hot Heat - Happiness Ltd.
Hannah Montana - Nobody's Perfect
Hear'say - Sweet Alibi
Hot Chelle Rae - Bushes
Harry Connick, JR. - Answer Me My Love
Hadouken! - Wait For You
Holly Williams - A Love I Think Will Last
Hard-Fi - Help Me Please
Hellyeah - Star
Happy / Hell Is For Heroes - Sick
Hundred Reasons - Remmus
Human Nature - She's Back
Hurt - Rapture
Human Nature - Everytime You Cry
Him - Too Happy To Be Alive
Halestorm - Dirty Work
Him - Ode To Solitude
Hurricane Chris - Playas Rock
Hell Is For Heroes - Folded Paper Figures
Hollywood Undead - Bitches
Human Nature - She
Hundred Reasons - The Chance
Huey - No Make Up
Hot Chelle Rae - The Distance
Human Nature - Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours
Hilary Duff - What Dreams Are Made Of
Holly Williams - Let Her Go
Hollywood Undead - Black Dahlia (Live)
Hillsong United - Stronger Than
Hillsong United - My Best Friend
Huey - Tell Me This (G-5)
Holly Williams - Keep The Change
Hilary Duff - I Heard Santa On The Radio
Hard-Fi - Stars Of CCTV
H & Claire - Hold Me In Your Arms
Hole - Loser Dust
Hillsong United - Never Let Me Go
Hope Partlow - Don't Go
Home Town Hero - Bleeds In Blue
Hedley - For The Nights I Can't Remember
Honor Society - White Christmas
Human Nature - Don't Come Back
Haylie Duff - Girl In The Band
Hot Hot Heat - So So Cold
Hawk Nelson - Ancient History
Holly Valance - Action
Hot Chelle Rae - Nothing Left To Hide
Him - Death Is In Love With Us
Hot Hot Heat - Waiting For Nothing
Heidi Montag - Twisted
Hollywood Undead - California (Live)
Him - The Foreboding Sense Of Impending Happiness
Human Nature - Stop! In The Name Of Love
Hannah Montana - Mixed Up
Hoobastank - Foot In Your Mouth
Heaven & Hell - Double The Pain
Hayden Panettiere - Wake Up Call
Hoobastank - Gone Gone Gone
Hadouken! - What She Did
Hannah Montana - Bigger Than Us
Hayley Westenra - Sonny
Hillsong United - 'Til I See You
Hidell - Venus Butterfly
Hollywood Undead - Immigrant Song
Hundred Reasons - Truth With Elegance
Hillsong United - Love Enough
Holly Miranda - Waves
Hurt - Pills
Hurricane Chris - Do Something
Hilary Duff - When You Wish Upon A Star
Hoobastank - Never Saw It Coming
Hanson - Great Divide
Hannah Montana - I Learned From You
Hayley Westenra - River
Hoobastank - Face The Music
Hellyeah - Thank You
House Of Pain - It Ain't A Crime (Uk Remix)
Hole - Pacific Coast Highway
Harry Connick, JR. - Elijah Rock
Hell Is For Heroes - My Protector
Hollywood Undead - Sell Your Soul (Live)
Harry Connick, JR. - Let Them Talk
Hot Chelle Rae - Last One Standing
Hillsong United - Revolution
Heather Headley - Fallin' For You
Holly Williams - I Hold On
H & Claire - Nothing At All
Hadouken! - M.A.D.
Hawk Nelson - Friend Like That
Hot Hot Heat - My Best Fiend
Hawk Nelson - Everything You Have Ever Wanted
Hilary Duff - Sleigh Ride
Him - Dying Song
Hot Chip - From Drummer To Driver
Hate / Boondox - Love
H & Claire - Another You Another Me
Hot Hot Heat - Spelling Live Backwards
Hundred Reasons - Out Of Time
Hillsong United - Free
Human Nature - I Want You Back
Holly Valance - Somebody Out There
Human Nature - We Can Fly Away
Hoobastank - The Letter
Hot Apple Pie - Slowin' Down The Fall
Hillsong United - Prayer To The King
Home Town Hero - Bones
Hedley - Scream
Human Nature - You Send Me
Holly Williams - Three Days In Bed
Hilary Duff - Tell Me A Story
Hundred Reasons - No Pretending
Harry Connick, JR. - Who Can I Turn To (When Nobody Needs Me)
Hawk Nelson - As I Was
Hannah Montana - Don't Wanna Be Torn
Hear'say - Make It Happen
Human Nature - Dancing In The Street
Home Town Hero - Bed Of Dreams
Hoobastank - Connected
Hark! The Herald Angels / George Huff - Medley: Angels We Have Heard On High
Hanson - Your Illusion
Halestorm - What Were You Expecting
Hellyeah - Matter Of Time
Hayley Westenra - Abide With Me
Harry Connick, JR. - Smile
Hellyeah - GodDamn
Hillsong United - I Live For You
Hard-Fi - Television
Hope Partlow - Girlfriend
Hannah Montana - See You Again
Hundred Reasons - Harmony
Hidell - How Do You Feel
Hot Hot Heat - Outta Heart
Human Nature - Last Christmas
Hayden Panettiere - I Fly
Hear'say - Boogie Wonderland
Hollywood Undead - City
Harry Connick, JR. - All The Way
Heather Nova - Ride
Hayden Panettiere - My Hero Is You
Hanson - When You're Gone
Hannah Montana - I Miss You
Hot Chip - Over And Over
Hinder - Live For Today
Hillsong United - Deeper
Huey - 2 Nite
Heather Headley - Jesus Is Love
Hurt - Got Jealous
Human Nature - I Heard It Through The Grapevine
Hurricane Chris - Leaving You
Hidell - Reality
Hot Chip - Touch Too Much
Hillsong United - Need You Here
Hurt - Sweet Delilah
Hear'say - Don't Go Believing
Him - Venus (In Our Blood)
Heartland - Mississippi Mud
Hellogoodbye - I Saw It On Your Keyboard
Heidi Montag - Hey Boy
Hoku - Every Time I Speak
Heartland - Freebird In A Firebird
Hard-Fi - Watch Me Fall Apart
Hard-Fi - Feltham Is Singing Out
Hurt - Ten Ton Brick
Howie Day - Be There
Hell Is For Heroes - Into The Blood
Hard-Fi - The King
Heather Nova - Out On A Limb
Hoobastank - Finally Awake
Human Nature - Sleepin' Alone
Hell Is For Heroes - Night Vision
Hate Heartbreak / Halestorm - Lov
Hannah Montana - Let's Get Crazy
Heather Nova - Overturned
Heather Nova - Spirit In You
Heather Nova - Further Than You
Hard-Fi - Middle Eastern Holiday
Heartland - No Getting Over Me
Huey - Pop, Lock, And Drop It
Hillsong United - Fire Fall Down
Hillsong United - Perfect King
Hillsong United - King Of All Days
Human Nature - All Out Of Love
House Of Pain - While I'm Here
Hurt - That (Such A Thing)
Hanson - Waiting For This
Hilary Duff - Wonderful Christmas Time
Hillsong United - For All Who Are To Come
Hannah Montana - We Got The Party (With Us)
Heather Nova - These Walls
Human Nature - To Be With You
Heroine / Boys Like Girls - Her
Hear'say - Pure And Simple (New Version)
Hillsong United - Awesome God
Harry Connick, JR. - Careless Love
Howie Day - Weightless
House Of Pain - Still Gotta Lotta Love
Harry Connick, JR. - Song For The Hopeful
Hot Apple Pie - Annabelle (Arkansas' Callin' You)
Howie Day - Sound The Alarm
Hillsong United - Heaven
Hayley Westenra - Silent Night
Human Nature - Teenager In Love
Hundred Reasons - Pop
Hedley - Amazing
Heidi Montag - I'll Do It
Heidi Newfield - All I Wanna Do
Hadouken! - That Boy That Girl
Hot Hot Heat - Word To Water
Hollywood Undead - Turn Off The Lights
Hollywood Undead - Pain
Hillsong United - Kingdom Come
Human Nature - Mary's Garden
Hot Hot Heat - Tourist In Your Own Town
Hot Chip - And I Was A Boy from School
Hundred Reasons - Breathe Again
Hot Chip - Bendable Poseable
Hilary Duff - Last Christmas
Hidell - Who I Am
Hellogoodbye - If You Wanna I Might
Hot Hot Heat - Harmonicas & Tambourines
Halestorm - Innocence
Home Town Hero - Twelve Ounce
House Of Pain - Come And Get Some O' This
Hillsong United - Lead Me To The Cross
Him - The Kiss Of Dawn
Hole - Never Go Hungry
Hot Hot Heat - Paco Pena
Hellyeah - Nausea
Human Nature - Auld Lang Syne
Heather Nova - Flying As She Falls
Hear'say - Pure And Simple
Hard-Fi - Hard To Beat
Hootie & The Blowfish - I'll Come Runnin'
Him - Resurrection
Hot Chip - Colours
Him - Solitary Man
Heaven & Hell - Follow The Tears
Human Nature - Deja Vu
Human Nature - Can I Do You
Hannah Montana - Old Blue Jeans
Hedley - Brave New World
Hayden Panettiere - Go To Girl
Hot Chip - I Feel Better
Hear'say - One
Heidi Montag - Turn Ya Head
Hot Chip - Careful
Hannah Montana - Just A Girl
Hurt - Assurance
Hard-Fi - Gotta Reason
Hundred Reasons - Silver
Human Nature - Love Unconditional
Hurricane Chris - New Fashion
Hundred Reasons - Lullaby
Human Nature - September Girl
Heaven & Hell - Rock And Roll Angel
Hedley - Shelter
Human Nature - Eternal Flame
Hilary Duff - (I'll Give) Anything But Up!
Hanson - Running Man
Human Nature - He Don't Love You
Harry Connick, JR. - Little Town Of Bethlehem
Hollywood Undead - The Natives
Hurt - Numbers
Howie Day - Everyone Loves To Love A Lie
Hard-Fi - Can't Get Along (Without You)
Human Nature - Love Is A Fire
Hillsong United - Your Unfailing Love
Honor Society - Over You
Him - Dead Lover's Lane
Holly Williams - All As It Should Be
Holly Valance - Just Like Me
Hanson - One More
Hundred Reasons - Oratorio
Hot Chip - Arrest Yourself
Human Nature - Good Enough
Human Nature - Poison Ivy
Hell Is For Heroes - Between Us
Harry Connick, JR. - And I Love You So
Hawk Nelson - Alive
Hot Apple Pie - Redneck Revolution
Hinder - One Night Stand
Honor Society - You Really Got Me
Hear'say - I Knew You Were Waiting
Hillsong United - None But Jesus
Hillsong United - You'll Come
Hilary Duff - Boom Boom Bang Bang
Heartland - Once A Woman Gets A Hold Of Your Heart
Holly Valance - Twist
House Of Pain - Fed Up Remix
Hell Is For Heroes - Stranger In You
Heidi Montag - Fashion
Him - Heartkiller
Hollywood Medley (2003 MTV VMA Performance) / Madonna - Like A Virgin
Hot Hot Heat - Give Up?
Hayden Panettiere - I Still Believe
Halestorm - Better Sorry Than Safe
House Of Pain - Shut The Door
Human Nature - People Get Ready
Hillsong United - Evermore
Heather Nova - The Sun Will Always Rise
Holly Miranda - Slow Burn Treason
Hurt - On The Radio
Hollywood Undead - Pimpin'
Human Nature - Shake You Outta My Head
Hollywood Undead - Dead In Ditches
Houston - Allright
Hawk Nelson - Tis So Sweet
H & Claire - Over You
Hurt - Shallow
Hollywood Undead - Sell Your Soul
Hollywood Undead - Shout At The Devil
Hoobastank - Replace You
Hillsong United - You
Hidell - She Is Gone
Hard-Fi - Tied Up Too Tight
Holly Williams - Birds
Hayley Westenra - Whispering Hope
Hoobastank - My Turn
Hillsong United - One Way
Hot Hot Heat - Keep My Name Out Of Your Mouth
Hanson - Back To The Island
Harry Connick, JR. - O Christmas Tree
Holly Valance - Everything I Hate
Hedley - Hand Grenade
Horrorpops - Walk Like A Zombie
Hanson - Hey
Human Nature - What If I Said
Hundred Reasons - This Mess
Hot Chip - Won't Wash
Hannah Montana - This Is The Life
H & Claire - Too Close To Tears
Hot Chip - Playboy
Hot Chip - Don't Dance
Home Town Hero - Hell Of A Guy
Hillsong United - More Than Life
Human Nature - Please Mr. Postman
Hellyeah - Hellyeah
Heaven & Hell - Eating The Cannibals
Horrorpops - Heading For The Disco?
Hundred Reasons - Slipping Away
Hoobastank - The Dance That Broke My Jaw
Hillsong United - Rest In You
Hedley - Old School
Hard-Fi - I Shall Overcome
Heather Nova - Only Love
Human Nature - Meant To Be
Heidi Newfield - Knocked Up
Heaven & Hell - Bible Black
Hundred Reasons - Break The Glass
H & Claire - Two Hearts Beat As One
Hell Is For Heroes - Discos And Casinos
Honor Society - Sing For You
Him - Acoustic Funeral (For Love In Limbo)
Him - Venus Doom
Hadouken! - Mr. Misfortune
Home Town Hero - Who's To Say
Human Nature - You Know
Harry Connick, JR. - Won't You Come Home, Bill Bailey?
Hey Tomcat! / Death Cab For Cutie - Flustered
Hollywood Undead - Young
Hurt - House Carpenter
Hawk Nelson - Eggshells
Heidi Montag - One More Drink
Howie Day - Counting On Me
Hanson - Cried
Houston - It's Already Written Part I
Hillsong United - You Take Me Higher
Hannah Montana - East Northumberland High
Hurt - Talking To God
Hayden Panettiere - Try
Heather Nova - Redbird
Hot Hot Heat - Circus Maximus
Heather Nova - Looking For The Light
Hawk Nelson - Just Like Me
Hilary Duff - Jericho
Heather Headley - I Wish
Huey - Another Planet
Hanson - The Love You Save
Hannah Montana - The Bone Dance
Hillsong United - Draw Me Closer
Heidi Montag - Higher
Hadouken! - Liquid Lives (Noisia Remix)
Horrorpops - Private Hall Of Shame
Human Nature - Away In A Manger
Hayley Westenra - The Last Rose Of Summer
Heidi Montag - Superficial
Hillsong United - Jesus Lover Of My Soul
Hillsong United - Mighty To Save
Hot Chip - Look After Me
Hoobastank - We Are One
Hillsong United - Father, I
Heartland - Let's Get Dirty
H & Claire - Half A Heart
Holly Williams - Gone With The Morning Sun
Hot Apple Pie - Should've Seen Her Leavin' Comin'
Hundred Reasons - A Better Way?
Hannah Montana - He Could Be The One
Hannah Montana - True Friend
Hope Partlow - Cold
Harry Connick, JR. - Jingle Bells
Horrorpops - Kiss Kiss Kill Kill
Human Nature - Legs
Hear'say - One Step Closer
Hollywood Undead - The Kids
Hillsong United - The Reason I Live
Hell Is For Heroes - Three Of Clubs
Hillsong United - Consuming Fire
Hannah Montana - What's Not To Like
Hot Chelle Rae - Bleed
Hillsong United - Yours Forever
Human Nature - Stomp
Heaven & Hell - Fear
Hillsong United - Tell The World
Hope Partlow - Crazy Summer Nights
Him - Bury Me Deep Inside Your Heart
Hedley - Dear Blank
Hell Is For Heroes - You Drove Me To It
Hell Is For Heroes - Five Kids Go
Hundred Reasons - Kill Your Own
Harry Connick, JR. - Who's Sorry Now
Hillsong United - Point Of Difference
Hillsong United - More
Hot Apple Pie - Easy Does It
Hoobastank - Stay With Me
Home Town Hero - Stage Fright
Hanson - Lonely Again
Hear'say - Carried Away
Harry Connick, JR. - Can't Help Falling In Love With You
Hate / Girls Aloud - Love
Hot Chip - One Pure Thought
H & Claire - Don't Give Up (Don't Let Go)
Heartland - Slow Down
Heather Nova - Done Drifting
Him - Shatter Me With Hope
Harry Connick, JR. - Christmas Time Is Here
Hilary Duff - Jingle Bell Rock
Horrorpops - Boot2Boot
Hadouken! - Bombshock
Hedley - She's So Sorry
Hot Apple Pie - The Shape I'm In
Hilary Duff - Santa Claus Lane
Hot Hot Heat - Ladies And Gentleman
Hundred Reasons - Makeshift
Human Nature - You Are Everything
Holly Miranda - Canvas
Hayley Westenra - Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire)
Hollywood Undead - Black Dahlia
Hawk Nelson - Fourteen
Hadouken! - Get Smashed Gate Crash
Hoobastank - Naked Jock Man
Honor Society - Here Comes Trouble
Hillsong United - Soldier
Heartland - Play Hurt
Hellogoodbye - Welcome To The Record
Hillsong United - Oh You Bring
Huey - Pop, Lock, And Drop It (Remix)
Hillsong United - Take All Of Me
Hannah Montana - Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree
Holly Valance - Please Please Me
Hole - How Dirty Girls Get Clean
Human Nature - Trash
Hot Chip - Slush
Human Nature - Life Just Gets Better
Heidi Newfield - When Tears Fall Down
Huey - When I Hustle
Hell Is For Heroes - To Die For
Hot Apple Pie - All Together Now
Hot Apple Pie - California King
Him - Sigillum Diaboli
Hollywood Undead - Knife Called Lust
Halestorm - Familiar Taste Of Poison
H & Claire - Beauty And The Beast
Human Nature - If I Only Had The Heart
Hayley Westenra - The Water Is Wide
Hoobastank - Can I Buy You A Drink
Hollywood Undead - Tear It Up
Heather Nova - Mothertongue
Hundred Reasons - The Great Test
Harry Connick, JR. - Auld Lang Syne
Holly Miranda - High Tide
Hannah Montana - G.N.O. (Girl's Night Out)
Hedley - Lose My Number
Hell Is For Heroes - Quiet Riot
Hanson - Silent Night Medley
Human Nature - ABC
Human Nature - The Tracks Of My Tears
Him - Poison Heart
Hollywood Undead - Dove & Grenade
Hillsong United - My Redeemer Lives
Honor Society - Don't Close The Book
Hell Is For Heroes - Once And For All
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