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Roscoe Dash - No New Friends
Radio Killer - Beautiful People
Rick Patin - Americana Gold
Ry Bradley - New Kind Of Lonely
Rapsody - How Does It Feel
Robin Thicke - Blurred Lines
Riff Raff - Dolce & Gabbana
Rootsriders - Tomorrow Will Be Better
Rose - Booji Girl
Rich Homie Quan - Can't Judge Her
Rapper Big Pooh - They Say
Rapper Big Pooh - Interdependent
Rapper Big Pooh - Money Getter
Roa (rise Of Artificial) - Pe Pace
Ransom - Legend In The Making
Rugz D. Bewler - Ghost Of Betha
Rza - You Can't Stop Me Now (remix)
Rittz - Fulla Shit
Rza - Something I Want (for Real) (premix)
R5 - All About The Girl
Roach Gigz - Vertigo
Raleigh Ritchie - A Moor
Rapper Big Pooh - Let It Be
Rapper Big Pooh - I'm The Man
Rittz - Die
Rapper Big Pooh - Special
Rapper Big Pooh - Wooden Wall Silverware
Robin Thicke - Take It Easy On Me
Robin Thicke - Give It To You
Robin Thicke - Get In My Way
Risk - Peaches And Cream
Rob Zombie - Lucifer Rising
Rob Zombie - Behold! The Pretty Filthy Creatures
Ray Jr - Champagne Spillin
Rza - The Lonely Shepherd 2004
Rza - Taking Heads Off
Rza - Straight Off The Block (premix)
Radical Something - Santa Barbara
Rock City - Newz
Ryan Power - New Attitude
Ricky Martin - Come With Me
Rza - U Used 2 Be
Rza - Which Way Is Up
Rza - You Don't Own Me
Rza - Something I Want (for Real)
Rza - Insomnia (premix) (i'm Back)
Rza - It's Murdah
Rza - Killa Beez Til Ya Die
Rza - Neva
Ryan Michael - Unrequited Love
Rickie Jacobs - Kill That Noise
Rachel Marie - High
Rod Mccoy - 99.5
Rome - Hung Up
Rome - Oz Of Love
Rome - Real Joy
Rza - Belly Of The Beast (premix)
Rza - From The Slumz
Rza - Grits (premix)
Rza - Bein' Here With You
Ruby Velle & The Soulphonics - It's About Time
Rockie Fresh - God Is Great
Rob Zoe - In My Cup
Run The Jewels - Banana Clipper
Rizzle Kicks - That's Classic
Rammstein - Roter Sand (orchester Version)
Rza - Doe Rae Wu (premix)
Rooney - Iron Man: Armored Adventures Theme
Riff Raff - Karate Chop (remix)
Rick Ross - I Love My Bitches
Rick Ross - Hard In The Paint
Rick Ross - Mmg The World Is Ours
Rick Ross - Off The Boat
Rick Ross - King Of Diamonds
Rick Ross - Young & Gettin It
Rick Ross - Box Chevy
Rick Ross - London (skit)
Rick Ross - Mmg Untouchable
Rick Ross - Fuck Em
Rick Ross - Yella Diamonds
Rick Ross - Keys To The Crib
Rick Ross - Transporter
Rick Ross - Black Man's Dream
Rick Ross - Itchin'
Rick Ross - Bible On The Dash
Rick Ross - Ashes To Ashes
Rick Ross - Gone To The Moon
Rick Ross - Thumbin'
Rick Ross - No Worries
Rick Ross - Presidential (remix)
Rick Ross - Bands
Rick Ross - Burn
Rick Ross - Birthday
Rick Ross - Clique
Rick Ross - Us
Rick Ross - Don't Like
Rick Ross - Mercy
Rick Ross - Rosenberg Skit
Robert Glasper Experiment - Letter To Hermione (robert Glasper & Jewels Remix)
Raekwon - 86' (remix)
Raekwon - For The Listeners
Robert Glasper Experiment - Afro Blue (9th Wonder's Blue Light Basement Remix)
Robert Glasper Experiment - Black Radio
Robert Glasper Experiment - Always Shine
Robert Glasper Experiment - Afro Blue
Raekwon - New Day
Raekwon - Die Tonight
Raekwon - Prince Of Thieves
Raekwon - Lead Season
Raekwon - 86'
Rza - Pescatarian
Raekwon - Whatever, Whenever
Raekwon - Young Boy Penalties
Raekwon - To The Top
Raekwon - Came Up
Raekwon - Hold You Down
Rizzle Kicks - I Said Who Says
Rizzle Kicks - You Need Me, I Don't Need You
Rick Ross - 100 Black Coffins
Rza - Ode To Django (the D Is Silent)
Rihanna - Diamonds (remix)
Rizzle Kicks - Even On A Rainy Day
Rizzle Kicks - Learn My Lesson
Rebecca Black - In Your Words
Robbie Williams - Different
Rihanna - Nobody's Business
Rihanna - Fresh Out The Runway
Rihanna - Half Of Me
Rihanna - What Now
Rihanna - Jump
Rihanna - Nobodys Business
Rihanna - No Love Allowed
Rihanna - Love Without Tragedy
Rihanna - Numb
Rihanna - Pour It Up
Rihanna - Get It Over With
Rihanna - Lost In Paradise
Rihanna - Love Song
Rihanna - Stay
Rihanna - Right Now
Rock Mecca - Rumble Young Man Rumble
Rock Mecca - The Razor's Edge
Rock Mecca - Girls All Around
Rza, Flatbush Zombies - Just Blowin' In The Wind
Rock Mecca - Gangsta Boogie
Rizzle Kicks - Stop With The Chatter
Rizzle Kicks - Prophet (better Watch It)
Rockin' Da North - Neckbone
Rizzle Kicks - When I Was A Youngster
Rock Mecca - Runnin Runnin
Rock Mecca - Crown Fires
Rza - 2 Left Shoes
Rock Mecca - Cooler Heads Prevail
Rza - Gone
Rock Mecca - Alone Out There
Rapsody - Motivation
Rapsody - Believe Me
Rapsody - Destiny
Rock Mecca - New York Noise
Rap-o-matic Ltd. - Lies, Lies
Rapper Big Pooh - Rapperpooh A Lude
Rock Mecca - Top Of The World
Rock Mecca - Invisible Man Broadcasting Live
Rock Mecca - Champion Sound
Reef The Lost Cauze - 100 Rhyme Books
Reef The Lost Cauze - Fuck Rappers Remix
Rihanna - Diamonds
Raekwon - The Morning
Reef The Lost Cauze - Timezones
Reef The Lost Cauze - Devil's Advocate
Reef The Lost Cauze - Black Opz
Rubbabandz - Too Hard 4 Radio
Rubbabandz - Where U From, Pt. 1
Ras Kass - Sushi
Robbie Williams - Candy
Rick Ross, Stalley & Wale - The Zenith
Rick Ross & Omarion - Let's Talk
Rick Ross, Stalley & Wale - Flourescent Ink
Rick Ross & French Montana - All Birds
Rick Ross & Meek Mill - Black Magic
Reek Da Villian - Get Away Car Driving
Rita Ora - Been Lying
Rita Ora - Uneasy
Rita Ora - Love And War
Rita Ora - Hello, Hi, Goodbye
Rita Ora - Fall In Love
Rick Ross - Get Love Too
Rick Ross - Murda Mami
Rick Ross - Ridin' Thru The Ghetto
Rick Ross - Ten Jesus Pieces
Rick Ross - Pray For Us
Rick Ross - 911
Rick Ross - Presidential
Rick Ross - Pirates
Rick Ross - Amsterdam
Rick Ross - Ashamed
Rick Ross - Maybach Music Iv
Rick Ross - 3 Kings
Rick Ross - Diced Pineapples
Rick Ross - Ice Cold
Rick Ross - Sixteen
Rick Ross - Three Kings
R. Kelly - Feeling Single
Rhyme Recka - Back To The Future
Rhyme Recka - The Gaza Strip
Rhyme Recka - What It Is
Rhyme Recka - It's On
Rick Ross - Hold Me Back
Rocks The World - Energy
Rocks The World - Take Me Away
Rocks The World - Bring It On
R. Kelly - Party Jumpin'
R. Kelly - Believe In Me
R. Kelly - All Rounds On Me
Rubbabandz - Zone Out
R. Kelly - Clipped Wings
R. Kelly - Fallin' From The Sky
R. Kelly - When A Man Lies
Ratham Stone - Lost
Ratham Stone - She Said
Ratham Stone - Come Back Home
Ratham Stone - Dancing In A Rainstorm
Ratham Stone - Where We Cant Love Anymore
Ratham Stone - You're My Girl Tonight
Ratham Stone - Won't Let You Fall
Ratham Stone - My Side
Rye Rye - Dance
Reh Dogg - Why Must I Cry 2
Ryan Cassata - Going West
Roy Le - U Bob N Man "mama Crying"
Regardless Devon Victory - Confessions On The Stand
Rhonda Vincent - I Heard My Savior Calling Me
Richard Hawley - Don't Stare At The Sun
Ric Ocasek - This Side Of Paradise
Ric Ocasek - The Big Picture
Running Wild - I Am Who I Am
Rush - Caravan
Rush - Seven Cities Of Gold
Ruste Juxx & Kyo Itachi - Termin 8
Ruste Juxx & Kyo Itachi - Ryder Man
Rocks The World - Breathe
Rocks The World - Be Quiet
Rocks The World - Stop
R. Kerr - Weekend Love
Rent - I'll Cover You
Rita Ora - Facemelt
Rocksteddy - Wag Na Lang
Ryan Chance Bascombe - Forgive Me
Roscoe Dash - Hard Work
Rush - Wish Them Well
Rush - The Garden
Rachel Crow - Mean Girls
Reason Remains - To The Dawn
Rico Blanco - Amats
Rush - Halo Effect
Rush - Carnies
Redman - Sawed Off Shot Gun Hand On The Pump
Redman - Sawed Off Shotgun
R5 - Can't Get Enough Of You
Rush - Clockwork Angels
Rush - The Anarchist
R5 - Never
Robin Thicke - All Tied Up
R5 - Without You
Radiohead - Full Stop
Ricky Martin - I Just Wanna Feel Real Love
Rush - Bu2b
Rocko - I Can't Wait
Rocksteddy - Matututuhan Mo Rin
Ray Wylie Hubbard - Screw You, We're From Texas
Rush - The Wreckers
Rhema Marvanne - Note To God
Rhema Marvanne - Hurt
Rhema Marvanne - When You Believe
Rhett Miller - Out Of Love
Rizzle Kicks - Dreamers
Ray Zasha Band - Datang Segera
Repablikan - First Love
Reh Dogg - Comparing Past Lovers
Reh Dogg - Uncle Ray Ray
Rick Ross - Touch'n You
Red Wanting Blue - My Name Is Death
Rubbabandz - I Got A Story To Tell, Pt. 1
Rubbabandz - Headshots
Rubbabandz - Welcome 2 Da Bricks
Rubbabandz - Still Breathin'
Rubbabandz - Against The Wall
Rubbabandz - Say What
Regina Spektor - Don't Leave Me
Regina Spektor - Firewood
Regina Spektor - Open
Regina Spektor - Oh Marcello
Regina Spektor - Old Jacket
Regina Spektor - Patron Saint
Regina Spektor - The Prayer Of Francois Villon
Regina Spektor - Call Them Brothers
Regina Spektor - Ballad Of A Politician
Rubbabandz - Smokin' Good
Rubbabandz - Get Ya Roll
Rubbabandz - Look
Rubbabandz - Burn Down Da Booth
Rudimental - Feel The Love
Robin Thicke - Top Of The World
Robert Glasper - Move Love
Rain - Love Story (korean)
Rain - Rainism
Regina Spektor - How
Robin Nievera - In 3's
Rubbabandz - Pop It Like It's Hot
Rubbabandz - Ask About Me
Ricky Mulah - Stick It In
Ricky Mulah - Gunnin
Rick Ross - So Sophisticated
Regina Spektor - Jessica
Rubbabandz - U A Trick
Rubbabandz - Shake Some 'em
Rubbabandz - Ride On 'em
Rubbabandz - Show Ya Thong
Rasmus - It's Your Night
Rumer - A Man Needs A Maid
Reh Dogg - Just Be A Man
Rye Rye - Shake Twist Drop
Rasmus - Someone's Gonna Light You Up
Rasmus - You Don't See Me
Roger Creager - For You I Do
Rasmus - End Of The Story
Rasmus - Sky
Rotten Bark - Womanman
Rick Ross - Touch 'n You
Rubbabandz - Homie Lover Friend
Rich Kidz - Blind Hatin'
Rubbabandz - Run Da City
Rubbabandz - Funky '06
Rj - Baby It's The Last Time
Regina Spektor - Small Town Moon
Rumor - Butiran Debu
Robin Mark - There Is No Other Name
R. Kelly - Feelin' Single
Rasel - Me Pones Tierno
Richard Ugas - No Llorar
Rich Hil - Wouldn't Let You Go
Reh Dogg - I Need An Asian Girl
Rick Vito - Going To Las Vegas
Rick Vito - My Baby's Hot
Ray Jayleni - Come Home
Rasmus - I'm A Mess
Robert Downey Jr. - 5:30
Rev. Milton Brunson - There Is No Way
Renee Austin - Pretend We Never Met
Real Mckenzies - The Message
Ryan Cassata - Soda Cans
Range - Bitter
Reptar - Three Shining Suns
Reptar - Houseboat Babies
Reptar - Natural Bridge
Reptar - Isoprene Bath
Reptar - Water Runs
Reptar - Sweet Sipping Soda
Reptar - Sebastian
Reptar - Ghost Bike
Reptar - Please Don't Kill Me
Reptar - Orifice Origami
Reptar - New House
Rebecca Black - Sing It
Reh Dogg - Lone Warrior
Reh Dogg - Online Friendships Hurts
Reh Dogg - I Be Missing You
Reh Dogg - What Change Other Than Being Black
Reh Dogg - God's Warrior
Reh Dogg - Join Me And Fight
Reh Dogg - Why You Playing With My Mind
Reh Dogg - Patriot
Reh Dogg - 3 2+ Fu 2
Reh Dogg - Trick Bitch
Reh Dogg - Falling In Love With You
Reh Dogg - Drunken Man Ii
Reh Dogg - The Way I Feel Inside Ii
Reh Dogg - Time Is Fading Away From Me
Reh Dogg - I'm Naming Names
Reh Dogg - Too Many Problems In My Life
Reh Dogg - Reh Dogg Diss O.m.g.
Reh Dogg - So I Can Trust Again
Reh Dogg - Saddened
Reh Dogg - Curse Of The Young Torres
Reh Dogg - Government Corruption
Reh Dogg - You Say I'm Ugly
Reh Dogg - Why Girl
Reh Dogg - Don't Cry For Me
Reh Dogg - The Times We Shared
Reh Dogg - I'm Mad
Reh Dogg - Political Bomb Show Theme
Reh Dogg - I'm Not Ugly
Reh Dogg - God The Creator
Reh Dogg - Depressed
Reh Dogg - Will You Die For Me
Reh Dogg - Why Yall Do Me That
Reh Dogg - So Long
Reh Dogg - Fuck You Bitch Ass Niggas
Reh Dogg - No More Crying No More
Reh Dogg - True Love Never Dies
Reh Dogg - Please Forgive Me
Reh Dogg - What A Life It Would Be
Rains - So Easily
Rains - Pieces Of You
Rains - Wait
Rains - Hate
Rains - Right Or Wrong
Rac - Hollywood
Reh Dogg - Desperate Times Again
Rains - Look In My Eyes
Reh Dogg - I'm Too Bold
Reh Dogg - I Hate Your Friends
Reh Dogg - I Like You A Lot
Rita Ora - Shine Your Light
Rye Rye - Dna
Rye Rye - Never Will Be Mine
Rascal Flatts - She's Leaving
Rascal Flatts - Hot In Here
Rascal Flatts - Let It Hurt
Rascal Flatts - A Little Home
Rascal Flatts - Come Wake Me Up
Rascal Flatts - Lovin' Me
Reh Dogg - Watch My Flow
Reh Dogg - This Man Is A Tyranny
Reh Dogg - Cursed As A Young Black Man
Reh Dogg - Growing Pains
Reh Dogg - I Eat Corpse
Reh Dogg - Seor Morales
Reh Dogg - Wtf
Reh Dogg - Don't Wanna Move On
Reh Dogg - Why Must I Cry
Reh Dogg - Click Click Pow
Reh Dogg - What Am I To Do
Reh Dogg - Don't Put Your Hands On Me
Reh Dogg - Bleeding Heart
Reh Dogg - My Works Live On
Reh Dogg - God Give You A Mind
Reh Dogg - Say My Name
Reh Dogg - I'm Your Blacken Chinese Man
Reh Dogg - It's Time To Fight
Reh Dogg - Assertive
Regina Spektor - Don't Leave Me (ne Me Quitte Pas)
Ryan Laird - Girl Crazy
Ryan Laird - I'm Your Man
Ray Lavender - Tequila
Rosie Thomas - A Really Long Year
Rosie Thomas - Two Worlds Collide
Rise Against - Dirt And Roses
Roy Buchanan - Caruso
Rudy Giovannini - Tarantella Culinaria
Reece Mastin - Shut Up And Kiss Me
Ross Lynch - Break Down These Walls
Rasmus - Stranger
Riz - Waiting Up
Rush - Headlong Flight
Rebecca Ferguson - Backtrack
Roxanne Emery - Late
Rah Digga - The Nigga In Me (fat Trel & Tyler, The Creator Diss)
Rangers - Xoxo
Ringo Starr - Wonderful
Ross Lynch - The Butterfly Song
Ricki Lee - Do It Like That
Ross Copperman - Holding On And Letting Go
Rod Kim - There Is Only You
Rod Kim - Don't Need Anything
Rod Kim - Good For Me
Rod Kim - Girl Just Knows
Rod Kim - Hang On
Rod Kim - In Between
Ricky Dillard - I'm Saved
Regina Spektor - The Party
Remady - The Way We Are
Rufus Wainwright - Out Of The Game
Rufus Wainwright - Monatuk
Rihanna - Lease My Love
Rishi Rich - Nahin Tere Jeha Hor Disda
Rolling Stones - The Under Assistant West Coast Promotion Man
Reboot The Robot - Fast Times
Reboot The Robot - Hearts In Baltimore
Reboot The Robot - Fall Down Slow Down
Reboot The Robot - Useless At Best
Reboot The Robot - Losing You
Rebelution - Safe And Sound
Ryan Leslie - 5 Minute Freshen Up
Ricky Martin - Lo Mejor De Mi Vida Eres Tu
Rocksteddy - Deadma
Richgirl - Angel
Rainbows In The Night Lyrics - God's Promises
Rascal Flatts - Changed
Rutles - Eine Kleine Middle Klasse Musik
Ron Sexsmith - The Idiot Boy
Ricky Mulah - Rickyfied
Rutles - Back In '64
Rutles - Shangri La
Ryva Kajtazi - Hajde Zemer
Rodney Atkins - Fifteen Minutes
Ruby Summer - La Dolce Vita
Rutles - Now She's Left You
Ruby Summer - Everything Sweet
Rutles - Lonely Phobia
Rutles - Rendezvous
Ryan Beatty - Every Little Thing
Rodney Crowell - Don't Get Me Started
Rogue Wave - Debaser
Rodney Crowell - Things That Go Bump In The Day
Rodney Crowell - Obscenity Prayer (give It To Me)
Rodney Crowell - The Last Waltz
Rodney Crowell - Outsider
Rodney Crowell - Ignorance Is The Enemy
Rodney Crowell - Beautiful Despair (for James)
Ricky Nelson - Waitin' In School (1958)
Ricky Nelson - Fadeaway
Residents - Ghost Child
Residents - Mahogany Wood
Residents - Wolverines
Residents - Fire Fall
Residents - Tent Peg In The Temple
Residents - Honey Bear
Restless Heart - Heartbreak Kid ( Back To The )
Residents - Mr. Mysery
Raul Malo - At Last
Ray Charles - Ray's Blues
Raphael Saadiq - Staying In Love
Raheem Devaughn - Women Interlude
Raphael Saadiq - Oh Girl
Rick Ross - Another Round
Regurgitator - Shopping Mall Soul
Rich Hil - Blood All Over Me
Redlight - Get Out Of My Head
Rachael Yamagata - You Wont Let Me
Rebecca Lavelle - By My Side
Rebecca Lavelle - Many Things
Rebecca Lavelle - Hey Girl
Rebecca Lavelle - In His Eyes
Rebecca Lavelle - The First Touch
Rebecca Lavelle - Breakthrough Away
Rebecca Lavelle - Raining In Me
Rebecca Lavelle - Don't Give Up
Rebecca Lavelle - My Heart's Home
Rebecca Lavelle - One True Thing
Rebecca Lavelle - The Man I Loved
Rebecca Lavelle - This Perfect Day
Rebecca Lavelle - Time Turn Over
Rebecca Lavelle - You Believed
Rebecca Lavelle - It Comes To This
Rebecca Lavelle - Trust The Night
Rebecca Lavelle - It Had To Happen
Rebecca Lavelle - Broken Dreams
Rebecca Lavelle - Locked Inside My Heart
Rita Macneil - The Crossing
Rebecca Lavelle - Charlotte's Song
Rebecca Lavelle - I Wish The Past Was Different
Rebecca Lavelle - Our Home, Our Place
Rebecca Lavelle - Strip Jack Naked
Random (mega Ran) - A Hero's Lament
Random (mega Ran) - Next Level
Reason Remains - The Black Widow
Random (mega Ran) - Now Hiring
Random (mega Ran) - Ten
Roc Marciano - Poltergeist
Rl (of Next) - Someday We'll All Be Free
Remady - Single Ladies
Radiohead - Skirting On The Surface
Random A/k/a Mega Ran - Jeremy Lin
Randy Houser - I'm A Ramblin' Man
Ryan Hill - Happy Birthday Baby
Roxette - It's Possible
Rye Rye - Boom Boom
Rico Love - Lesson For The Lover
Roddy Woomble - Under My Breath
Roddy Woomble - Roll Along
Rita Ora - How We Do (party)
Ruben Studdard - June 28th
Rick Ross - Spend It
Remedy - Stupid Dumb Retarded
Remedy - All A Dream
Remedy - I Love My Land
Rita Ora - How We Do
Remedy - Startin' Something
Rl (of Next) - Model Chick
Remedy - Mob Pirates
Reverse Order - Everything Beautiful
Reverse Order - These Summer Nights
Reverse Order - Wake Me Up
Reverse Order - Hold Me Closer
Remedy - 2010 Re Emergence
Remedy - Black & White Millionaires
Reverse Order - These Walls
Reverse Order - One Night
Reverse Order - Right Now
Remedy - Behind Those Eyes
Rita Ora - Rip
Rick Ross - High Definition
Rick Ross - Fuck 'em
Rick Ross - Holy Ghost
Rita Ora - R.i.p
Rick Ross - Last Breath
Rick Ross - I Swear To God
Rick Ross - Yela Diamonds
Rick Ross - Ring Ring
Rick Ross - London Skit
Radiohead - Identikit
Royce Da 5'9" - Royce Is Like
Radiohead - Cut A Hole
Regina Spektor - All The Rowboats
Romeo Santos - Rival
Rockstar - Nadaan Parindey
Range - Second Thoughts
Royal Hunt - Introduction
Run Kid Run - White Noise
Ryan Keen - Focus
Remedy - You Ain't A Hustler
Remedy - Hip Hop's Holiest
Regina Belle - Far Longer Than Forever
Remedy - Streets Are Watchin'
Remedy - Saturday Night
Russell Hitchcock - A Love Like This
Russell Hitchcock - It Don't Mean A Thing
Russell Hitchcock - For The Freeway Home
Random (mega Ran) - Mega Man Forever
Random (mega Ran) - Bassnium
Rodney Atkins - Family
Random (mega Ran) - The Day The Robots Took Over
Random (mega Ran) - Lookin' Up
Robin Thicke - Exhale
Robert Pollard - Obvious
Rachel Platten - All I Seem To Do
Rihanna - Birthday Cake Remix
Rapsody - Right Now
Rihanna - Birthday Cake (remix)
Ridley Bent - Suicidewinder
Rem - All The Best
Reasoning - Awakening
Reasoning - Sacred Shape
Rise Against - Ballad Of Hollis Brown
Reasoning - Fallen Angels
Rachel Platten - Work Of Art
Ryan Michael - Free Fall
Royce Da 5'9" - The Most Interesting Man In The World (skit) #2
Randy Rogers Band - Break Even
Randy Rogers Band - If Anyone Asks
Rihanna Feat. Jay-z - Talk That Talk
Rihanna - Game Over
Robert Earl Keen - I Gotta Go
Robert Deeble - Russian Murder Ballad
Raheem Devaughn - Be The One
Rachel Adedeji - Club Lights
Robert Glaspar - Always Shine
Ringo Starr - Samba
Republica Fortuna - Recuerdo Lejano
Rowdy B - High Life
Rob Scott - Pocahontas Love Affair
Rich Kidz - We So Deep
Rey Genis - I Need A Girl
Royce Da 5'9" - Psycho Skit
Rock City - For Your Love
Rock City - In My Sleep
R5 - Ready Set Rock!
Ryshon Jones - Letter To Jhene Aiko
Riot - Restless Breed
Rammstein - Angel {engel}
Richard Rangel - Wanted Girl
Red Cafe - Feeling Hood
Rebelution - Closer I Get
Ryan Montbleau - Just Perfect
Red Wanting Blue - Stay On The Bright Side
R. Kelly - Share My Love
Roxanne Emery - All That I Am
Regine Velasquez - Manhid
Roscoe Dash - Very First Time
Roscoe Dash - I Do
Ricky Mulah - Done Deal (snippet)
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Look Around
Randy Edelman - Rainy Day Girl
Richard Marx - O Holy Night
Rachel Platten - Take These Things Away
Ricky Mulah - Can't Fuck With My Flow (intro)
Renz Verano - Mahal Kita
Red Cafe - Gangsta Love
Red Handed Denial - Dance Lola Dance
Ryan Barry - The Colour Of My Love
Ryan Barry - Today
Roisin Murphy - Stimulation
Rage - Twenty One
Rachel Alejandro - Saling Pusa
Rachel Alejandro - Langit Na
Rachel Alejandro - Kay Tagal
Rachel Alejandro - Nakapagtataka
Rachel Alejandro - Tumibok Kasi
Rachel Alejandro - May Minamahal
Rachel Alejandro - K.s.p. (kulang Sa Pansin)
Rachel Alejandro - Pag Ibig Ko'y Ingatan Mo
Rachel Alejandro - Araw At Gabi
Rachel Alejandro - Tell Me You Still Love Me
Range - You Will
Rosas Para Los Muertos - Vida En La Oscuridad
Rosas Para Los Muertos - Nuevos Desperdicios
Rosas Para Los Muertos - Marchando
Rosas Para Los Muertos - Intereses Individuales
Rosas Para Los Muertos - Gusanos Y Soledad
Red Summer Tape - The Pollyanna Effect
Rosas Para Los Muertos - Identidad
Rebecca Ferguson - Run Free
Rain - Love Story (english)
Ricardo Rios - Anda Y Vete
Ricardo Rios - Piel Morena.
Ricardo Rios - Hasta La Tumba.
Ricardo Rios - Como Buen Mexicano.
Rebecca Ferguson - Too Good To Lose
Ricardo Rios - El Indio Madrugador
Ricardo Rios - Manana Volvere
Ricardo Rios - Yo Te Propongo.
Ricardo Rios - Maldito Dinero.
Red Cafe - She Got The Title
Robin Thicke - The Lil' Things
Robin Thicke - What Would I Be?
Rizzle Kicks - Round Up
Robin Thicke - Cloud 9
Rl (of Next) - Aint You
Rick Ross - New Bugatti
Rick Ross - Party Heart
Rodney Atkins - Just Wanna Rock N' Roll
Robin Thicke - I'm An Animal
Radioradio - Bbc
Radioradio - Bed Check(beaming Love)
Radioradio - Halo The Red Light
Radioradio - I,computer
Radioradio - Esprit De Corps
Radioradio - Watch 'em All Come Runnin'
Radioradio - Johnny 5
Radioradio - Ghost
Radioradio - The Understudy
Radioradio - Marathon
Radioradio - Love Sex Soul
Radioradio - Butterfly
Radioradio - Love 2 Love
Radioradio - Alarm 1 Alarm 2
Ray J - Weekend Girl
Rihanna - We Found Love Remix
Rihanna - Love The Way You Lie Part 2
Robin Trower - Song For Those Who Fell
Ratioattack - Eventually
Ratioattack - Wishes
Ratioattack - All These Measures
Ratioattack - Fire Proof
Raubtier - Lt Napalmen Regna
Roddy Woomble - New Frontier
Rick Ross - Stay Schemin'
Roddy Woomble - Into The Blue
Rascal Flatts - Banjo
Rita Ora - Party And Bullshit
Rick Ross - Triple Beam Dreams
Roy Rogers - Dust
Root Boy Slim - Big Yeallow Streetsweeper
Rick Ross - Rich Forever
Rick Ross - Mine Games
Rick Ross - Stay Schemin
Rick Ross - Bag Of Money
Rana - No Place Like Home
Red Cafe - Fly Together (remix)
Red Drapes - Reflection
Revolution - Separation
Revolution - More Than This
Revolution - My Confession
Rick Tallis - Hallelujah
Revolution - Everything
Run Romeo Run - Forget This Town
Revolution - Deception
Revolution - Never The End
Revolution - The Answer
Revolution - Engraved
Revolution - Salvation
Revolution - Free
Revolution - Moving On
Revolution - To The End
Revolution - Surrender
Russell Hitchcock - Good To See You Again
Russell Hitchcock - The Next Right Thing
Robin Thicke - The New Generation
Rick Tallis - Do You
Russell Hitchcock - Like I'm Elvis
Russell Hitchcock - It's You
R. Kelly - I Quit You
Ross Lynch - Without You
Robin Thicke - Compass Or Map
Ross Lynch - Double Take
Robin Thicke - Everybody's A Star
Rizzle Kicks - Homewrecker
Robin Thicke - Full Time Believer
Robin Thicke - Ebb And Flow
Robin Thicke - I'm Coming Home
Raveonettes - My Times Up
Robin Thicke - I Don't Know How It Feels To Be U
Robin Thicke - An Angel On Each Arm
Rem - Hallelujah
Robin Thicke - Never Give Up
Rush Of Fools - Grace Found Me
Real Estate - Municipality
Robert Earl Keen - Black Baldy Stallion
Ricardo Silva - Invierno
Ricardo Silva - Te Sone
Ricardo Silva - Vacio
Rania - Goodbye
Reuben Cannon - This Is Love
Ryan Michael - A Gift Of Love
Red Fang - Wires
Red Fang - Hank Is Dead
Ricardo Silva - Otra Vez
Roland Valbuena - Porque Te Vas
Rania - Pop Pop Pop
Ricardo Silva - Como Estas
Ricardo Silva - Aunque No Puedas Cambiar
Roland Valbuena - Que Pena
Raven Lee Rockett - From This Moment
Real Mckenzies - Old Becomes New
Rich Girl - Hello (so Damn Right)
Real Mckenzies - Bugger Off
Real Mckenzies - I Hate My Band
Ruben - Wear Me
Redlight - Get Out My Head
Ran - Bosan
Roddy Woomble - Hope To See
Rhianna - Cheers
Rich Girl - Dance For Me
Real Mckenzies - The Catalpa
Renzo Videira - Y Si Como Dicen Cuenta Regresiva
Real Mckenzies - Too Many Fingers
Real Mckenzies - Best Day Until Tomorrow
Real Mckenzies - The Lads Who Fought & Won
Real Mckenzies - Old Mrs. Cuddy
Real Mckenzies - Drink Some More
Ran - Thank God It's Friday
Reckless - Sweetest Revenge
Real Mckenzies - 10000 Shots
Rocio Dulca - Como Han Pasado Los A Ntilde Os
Real Mckenzies - Will Ye No Come Back Again
Real Mckenzies - The Ballad Of Greyfriars Bobby
Real Mckenzies - Smokin' Bowl
Robert Earl Keen - Waves On The Ocean
Robert Earl Keen - Play A Train Song
Raekwon, Kojoe & Kurupt - Samurydas
Ryan Toby - Another Life
Roll Deep - Killing It
Rosana - Como Un Guante
Rosana - Sentar La Cabeza
Rosana - Vale La Pena
Rosana - Solo Veo Lo Que Siento
Rock City - Takes Me High
Rosana - Con El Dia Tonto
Rosana - Yo No Te Dejo Marchar
Rosana - Al Filo De La Madrugada
Rosana - Tu Cruz Por La Cara
Rosana - Todo Es Empezar
Rosana - Revolucion
Ringo Starr - Wings
Ray Lavender - Got Me Gone
Rainbow Kpop - A (japanese Ver.)
Ronald Avendao - Navega Conmigo
Rainbow Kpop - Gossip Girl (japanese Ver.)
Route Too Far - Night To Remember
Reece Mastin - Stayin' Alive
Ross Lynch - Not A Love Song
Ramon Ayala - Nomas A Mi Manera
Ray Lavender - However You Want It
Ryan Hirt - Put Em Up
Reema Major - Double Time
Rita Ora - Hot Right Now
Reece Mastin - I Kissed A Girl
Reece Mastin - Always
Reece Mastin - Closer To The Edge
Reece Mastin - Dream On
Reece Mastin - Ironic
Reece Mastin - Paradise City
Run Romeo Run - Lockdown
Reece Mastin - Joker And The Thief
Richard Marx - Keep Coming Back To You
Rebecca Ferguson - Glitter & Gold
Rebecca Ferguson - Fighting Suspicions
Reece Mastin - Breakeven
Rebecca Ferguson - Diamond To Stone
Reece Mastin - She Will Be Loved
Roscoe Dash - Good Good Night
Roscoe Dash - Awesome
Robin Thicke - Boring
Royal Hunt - Hard Rain's Coming
Royal Hunt - Another Man Down
Royal Hunt - Angel's Gone
Romina De Luca - Pioggia Di Diamanti
Ross Lynch - A Billion Hits
Rizzle Kicks - Down With The Trumpets
Royal Hunt - One More Day
Royal Hunt - An Empty Shell
Royal Hunt - Half Past Loneliness
Reggae Cabalteja - Eventually
Rayko - Into My World
Ryan Kobe - Pretend
Robert Ramirez - It's A Miracle
Ryk - Louder
Rey Pila - Sordo
Rap Publik - Schule
Rolls Royce Rizzy - House Party
Rodney Atkins - Growing Up Like That
Refuego Norteno - Soldado Desertor
Royal Hunt - Show Me How To Live
Robin Thicke - Sucka For You
Rock City - Enough Is Enough
Ray Cash - B.u.b (bitches Under Bands)
Ray Lavender - Pay For It
Rosana - Buenos Dias Mundo
Ray L - Knock You Out
Rebecca Martin - I Didn't Know What Time It Was
Redman - Pancake & Syrup
Ryan Leslie - One In A Million
Raphael Saadiq - Only Knew
Radio Birdman - Smith And Wesson Blues
Romantics - A Night Like This
Rollins Band - Hold On
Ras Kass, Phillie & Rock (heltah Skeltah) - Still No
Rebecca Ferguson - Teach Me How To Be Loved
Robin Thicke - Dangerous
Robin Thicke - Tears On My Tuxedo
Robin Thicke - Lovely Lady
Reef The Lost Cauze - Fuck Rappers
Random - Humbug!
Random A/k/a Mega Ran - Christmas Is Coming
Rihanna - Photographs (chew Fu 35mm Fix)
Rihanna - Mad House (chew Fu Straight Jacket Fix)
Raul Malo - Ready For My Lovin'
Rihanna - Russian Roulette (chew Fu Black Russian Fix)
Rihanna - Stupid In Love (chew Fu Small Room Fix)
Red Cafe - The Motto
Rihanna - Wait Your Turn (chew Fu Can't Wait No More Fix)
Rodney Crowell - The Rock Of My Soul
Rentals - Song Of Remembering
Raul Ornelas - Me Quede Con Tantas Cosas
Residents - Neediness
Rihanna - Fire Bomb (chew Fu Molotov Fix)
Rihanna - G4l (chew Fu Guns In The Air Fix)
Rihanna - Rockstar 101 (chew Fu Teachers Pet Fix)
Robin Sparkles - Sandcastles In The Sand
Rock City - Gangsta Love
Rihanna - Rude Boy (chew Fu Bumbaclot Fix)
Rasheeda - Ex Girlfriend
Rock City - Wow
Rebecca Martin - No Moon At All
Runner Runner - Christmas In California (you're My Holiday)
Rebecca Ferguson - Mr. Bright Eyes
Rihanna - Hard (chew Fu Granite Fix)
Roots - Stomp
Rural Alberta Advantage - The Ballad Of The Raa
Rookie Of The Year - Spinning Around
Roots - Kool On
Roots - Lighthouse
Random A/k/a Mega Ran - Snow Business
Random A/k/a Mega Ran - My Christmas Prayer
Random A/k/a Mega Ran - Wishlist
Random A/k/a Mega Ran - 'twas The Night Before Christmas
Ryan Toby - Winning Streak
Rookie Of The Year - Dallas
Rookie Of The Year - Run Away
Robin Thicke - It's Your Body
Roll Deep - Raw
Ron Browz - Necessary
Religious Music - Mary, Did You Know
Roscoe Dash - Sidity
Rosana - Mis Queridas Desgraciadas
Ricardo Cocciante - Bella Sin Alma
Ramon Ayala - Ni Recomprensa Ni Esperanza
Roberto Carlos - Me Llamas
R.a. The Rugged Man - American Lowlife
Roots - Sleep
Roots - I Remember
Real Estate - Easy
Rishloo - Omega
Rishloo - Eidolon Alpha
Rishloo - Freaks & Animals
Rishloo - El Empe
Rishloo - To Tame The Temporal Shrew
Rishloo - Alchemy Alice
Richgirl - Tonight
Ron Pope - If You Want Me To
Renee Austin - Chicken Coop
Ryan Leslie - Beautiful Lie
Renee Austin - Thank You Card
Renee Austin - Strangers On A Train
Renee Austin - Mister Cowboy
Renee Austin - U Haul
Renee Austin - Mouth Of The Delta
Rico Love - Over You
Renee Austin - Right About Love
Renee Austin - Harder Than It Has To Be
Ronnie Dunn - She's Actin' Single (i'm Drinkin' Double)
Renee Austin - Meant To Be
Ron Isley - I Need You
Rock City - Empire Love 2
Royalty - Brown Eyed Girl
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