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Baby C'mon by Stephen Malkmus

Stephen Malkmus
Baby C'mon

With a thousand tiny terrors
No more weekend shares
Make it get away
Baby come on
If you give it to me timmy
I'm out here on a limb-y
I don't need hideaways
Baby come on
well, half-way through my life
I flipped on internal bitch so
Tell it to me straight
Baby come on
And i know that the shapes are great
So i won't hesitate
To leave it at the door
Baby come on
I see you're under my diamond
I see you driving the winter shell
So you say that you're too old to yell
But too young for hell
It's not far away
Baby come on
If a life of tears cuts you down
You can sit around
I won't make you stay
Baby, come on
I see your lovely traffic pose
I see you're trailing what you're good for
Baby come on
Baby come on
Baby come on
Baby come on, let me come
Baby come on
Baby come on
Baby come on
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