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Big Dreams In A Small Town by Restless Heart

Restless Heart
Big Dreams In A Small Town

Rollin' down a dusty road
In my daddy's Ford
I wish that I could feel that way again..
I remember these summer night On the brink of love
You and I made more than plans back then
Big Dreams in a Small town
Eighteen and glory bound
Nothing here to tie us down
Big dreams in a small town
We were gonna try to set the world on fire
We were gonna make it all come true.
We used to say that we couldn't wait to leave this town
That was something we were born to do
Oh ain't it funny how it always seems
That time has a way of changing all your dreams
Big dreams in a small town
Guess it's time to settle down
Don't ya like the way it sounds
You and me in a small town
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