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Break Da Law 2001 by Project Pat

Project Pat
Break da Law 2001

Boy, its bout to get real scary up in here
you got the original break the laws up in here for you hos
three 6 mafia, project pat,weak niggaz guard your grills, tuck your chains in
your shirts, its goin down break the law nigga
Chorus:x4 Break the Law (we aint playin)
Break the Law (we aint playin)
Break the Law (we aint playin, we aint playin, we aint playin)
Verse 1: we aint playin young nigga, who the fuck is say we playin
we just bout to kill yo ass, and its already planned
to many bullshit niggaz done been off in my click
but i spit them boys out cause they tastin like some shit
i admit my click now is nothin but memphis best
but i had to delete alot of clowns in the process
fuck that shit we keepin the bitches hot
cause we makin the millions and they hands aint in this spot
haters mad on the town cause the niggaz got it made
wanna rap their fuckin songs but these junkies aint get paid
slammin do's pimpin ho's while ya limmiz in a daze
wanna step up in the club ill be glistlin with a glaze
i would let ya hit this crown but you bitches cant behave
i would let you hit this fire but you bitches smokin sage
better catch up with your clan cause you took me from your grave
when a nigga catch ya slippin its the beem in yo face
Verse 2: see i can hita hita sticka sticka get a nigga fast
im kickin in some doors put a nigga on his ass
and if hes talkin trash ill put him in a bag
a body fuckin bag man i shoulda wore a mask
i stickin stickin move a body body bruise
i break the fuckin law and i aint playin with ya fool
you got an attitude now watch me use my tool
i lock and fuckin load and let the mothafucka loose (BLOOD)
i know this nigga who got punked out after every class-ac
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