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Come Together by Echosmith

[Verse 1]
Here we are, with our backs against the wall
We've got big city dreams, but we don't move from the asphalt
We run away, from our own imagination
But at the same time, we've got this amazing fascination

We've got hopes on the horizons
We can't stop from the climbing the mountain
We're sick and tired of keeping silent
We are, we are, we are

We are gonna come together
We're gonna come together now
We are gonna run together
We're gonna turn it upside down
Cause with the smoke in the mirror, I can see your face
So, let's run to the fire escape
Come together, we're gonna come together now

[Verse 2]
Who are they with their so-called innovations?
They hold on like they found their own salvation
They shy away from the slightest alteration
But at the same time, we've got the same fascinations



Just let go, it's a free fall
We're almost home, it's a free fall


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