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Get It Fixed (E-7212) by Rosa Henderson

Rosa Henderson
Get It Fixed

Papa, papa, let me tell to you
Daddy, daddy, here's what you must do
When you come around to precious turtle-dove
Better come here ready if you want to win my love
Get it fixed, whee papa
Get it fixed, to treat me proper
Don't come round tellin' me a lot of lies
Cause a lyin' man I do despise
Get it fixed, I ain't screamin'
I won't do all your tricks
I don't want no messin' round with my sweet love
So daddy get it fixed
Papa, papa, better do your stuff
Daddy, daddy, but don't be too rough
Mama want some lovin' kisses right away
Want 'em when I want 'em, come on honey don't delay
Get it fixed, please papa
Get it fixed, do love me papa
Don't make me think you've got a lot of dough
If you ain't got nothin' please tell me so
Get it fixed, don't fool me
Don't get your digs on me (?)
I won't stand no leavin' till you win my love
So daddy get it fixed
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