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I In Love With Your Sexy Ways by Deshawn Aaron

Where I thinking about her sexiest from a distance and Yo' girls are lookin around for me, then am see her as of across the Mall with hot Sexy Friends entering the building bout do shopping were am walk other side of the mall, when I saw Yo' sexy lady friends had that Sexy feeling like they need sum love and to turn them on like combustion into flames were am let me get close u girl because all am saying that I in love with your sexy ways after she heard that were she offer me her number and a kiss on cheek, were I cruise off in my Dodge Charger 2010 with her and hot buddies to them off at work but I sure whatz up and when am chill with my homies on Tha spot playin with Deck of Cards' Yo D. it's that your cell-phone start Ring-ring with ( ms.Cherry told me come to her house she said come alone show me how she get down and nasty

In my mind am think of can she handle me and like way the she do it me, Where she feeling so sexy with me and she came down to the hallway next to Bedroom then she off lights out also approach me with glowing the dark two-piece and she tell me to lay back just relax why she playin sum sex music, then am sayin that feels so good ah baby do me and am thinkin to myself am ready for this I in love with your sexy ways like your figure shine like diamonds on my chain

Then am woke up lookin round and she was gone plus my car keys so as my ride, were am thinkin to myself what I got myself into and she is a hoodlum how could u steal my car from me and am thinkin to call my Manager bout this situation then he ask me what's happen that girl stolen my car and those keys as well, when am just been betray girl from the mall but I got another call from my supervisor told me that your car arrive to Apollo within Atlanta, GA were am thanks for that am cruise in Dodge viper dashing to her because what she did I can't forgive her
When am been repping for My City that is Alabama, Ballin were am the Baller and young Boss of South tapping on 4 sum hot vicious Girls from West End, then am the next millionaire from Ebony magazine with My team hold it down and I don't trust hoodlum that steal my stuff wrong boss because I aint playin with her butt and am lookin across the street for my ride which was Nissan 350-z with Candy blue paint job Ashanti 18'' rims, were am arrive to the door of club am sing lyric love song to these sexy ladies in here Yo' guys been stare me so hard like whatz is Lilshawn doing here Ms. Cherry told them rid of him right now and her man was in the back club watching from security monitors that he sent bodyguards after me that Mr. Snoop wants see u lets go right now

Then I had myself a lot of trouble with Mr. Snoop and his Bodyguards' lookout at door for 5.0, were old friend of mine Charlie shows up took the Guards' but he ask me my name is Lilshawn that's me and lets getting out were am took off towards entrance He was on security that night and I got in my Nissan 350-z storm off into sunset, when am thinkin bout deep sexy chocolate Baby and All his money is in real estate were I got money on my mind ( that's all I want), were am have evolved my hip hop lyrics to the next level with all badazz ladies from University of Alabama and am the newest typhoon shows got the honeys all over the place stare Deshawn is the best of best

When am next to u baby I in love with your sexy ways like u feeling so sexy in your eyes, then I lookin at u baby girl from the Bar were am thinkin to handle her beautiful figure so fine like whiskey with ice and were she lay her fiery hands on me it so good, were DJ Mac G turn up the Heat got hotter in here all Sexy Ladies came out to play with me because am repaid them and they got me say I in love with your sexy ways, let my voice healing your sexy body tonight come on baby show me your sexy ways, I in love with your sexy ways, were the way she's lookin at me like drink with ice cream floating in it and, were I can't take my eyes off her smile and she's is grindin up on me the dance floor like u lose control and am the young prodigy from fairytale, then she thinkin to herself that she had fall in love with only handsome guy in the romantic play script and am sayin I in love with your sexy ways
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