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It Is Done by Michael And Stormie Omartian

You're just along for the ride
Kicking all your dreams aside
Acting like He never died
So you could freely dream them
Spent and overdrawn
Things that you've been banking on
Thinking you're the only one
Ever to redeem them again

Can you be satisfied
Walking in through life's backside
When the front door's open wide
Ready to receive you
Let your blindfold drop
You're standing on a mountain top
Jeasus has you lifted up
And He will never leave you alone

It is done
It is done
The battle has been won
It is done

Will you just ride on the rim
Talking like your hopes are slim
When you could be reigning with Him
In power that won't fail you
Should your heart grow numb
Waiting for your time to come
When the work has all been done
Ans He's already called you by name

It is done
Don't you know that it is done
The battle has been won
It is done
It is done
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