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Lazy Susan by Laura Nyro

Laura Nyro
Lazy Susan

Lazy flower, my, you've grown so tall.I have lost and loved him, you have seen it all.
Lazy Susan, lazy through, hasn't got a think to do.
Oh, but to sit there and light up the hillside, sun-fried, black-eyed Sue.
Lazy Susan, lazy through, all the hills in love with you,
Courted and cradled by Heaven and hillside, sun-fried,
black-eyed Sue, black-eyed Sue, black-eyed.
Black-eyed Sue, how happy you must be. Once, I too had someone loving me.
Johnny, Johnny, warm and true, that's how I remember you,
this morning, just as I found you: up there on the hillside
with sun-fried, black-eyed lazy Susan, Susan.
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