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Me And My Links by Beenie Man

Me and mi linky dem a link up
Wi link up and a drink up
Wi smoking up wi neighbor
Smoking up di air, di atmosphere stink up

Me and mi linky dem a link up
Wi link up and a drink up
Nuff drinks deh yah fi shear
And gyal deh yah fi rear
Red wine inna mi pink cup

[Verse 1]
About half dozen top shelf mi carry on yah
Red bull and ting, and couple Tropicana
Piece a hot grabber plus couple marihuana
Two piece a KFC but that a fi Lana
Mi si gyal a come around like seh dem a karma
Which one mi fi choose that a di drama
Inna gyallis world mi a di Maridana
So mi draw fi di simmas weh inna di corner


[Verse 2]
Whole night wi a stake out
Man and woman inna di corner a make out
Di vibes tun up and di woman dem a break out
Food deh yah but yuh still a order take out
Mi si two piece bikini deh all bout
It's being a while but tonight mi a go all out
Circle meck round two gyal a broad out
And mi a eye ball a gyal weh mi a pree from far out

[Chorus x3]
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