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Putrefying Remains by Sinister

Putrefying Remains

Your remains will putrefy
Pungent stench
formed by leprosy
unequalled disease
Vitality will escape
carcass covered with dirt
breath of life will flow
in perishing light
no more passing time
eternal darkness
Fatal tread like a broken chain
precarious existence remains
in the silent pit of darkness
in search for the light
float in emptiness encounter the passage
Beautiful lustre floating garbs
lead to your destiny
deceit by demons and ghouls
lead to your damnation
eternal torture mutilated innovation
endless pain
Life is a trail
the destiny of your soul
Your remains will putrefy
rehabilitates in our world
immortal soul anxious to know
multifarious lives
uncertain creation
dimension of perishing existence
[lead : Patrick]
Carcass munched by maggots
death eternal fear
crypts of death
pang of conscience
your remains will putrefy
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