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Rex Paedophilus by Pungent Stench

Pungent Stench
Rex Paedophilus

Infants are virginal, incorrupt, innocent, so nice
their laughing and merriness that's my sugar & spice
I abandon myself to vice
to say it the least precise
my cock got mirrored in their eyes
At work they call me rector with a constant smile
come to me boys and girls in single file
don't act foolish & hostile
my cock's a gun and most versatile
I am the pastor with the paedophile smile
my cocks on fire
a natural religious desire?
Black & white and even mex
crown me - paedophile rex!
I like them more than other men do
intimate and deep without any taboo
making me cum and praying thank you
to their father, holy pastor mr. screw
Some call me bogeyman some call me children's fan
some think I am vile others a preacher in proper style
but always with a paedophile smile
I keep all their predilections
on analysis file
to make their service worthwhile
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