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Satellite Ecstatica by Pop Will Eat Itself

Pop Will Eat Itself
Satellite Ecstatica

The day regurgitates at 6 PM on TV news,
The fools, the clowns, end of the decade blues...
The walls are crumbling,
The fear should have a hold on me
But fate can wait, the time has come to get my due...
Scratch like a vampire,
Screaming like a maniac:
Satellite ecstatica,
Heading for a heart attack!
Leisure Inc. fantasia, bite like a vampire,
The door flies wide, a crunching blow hits from behind,
I'm wet with sweat and handcuffed to the TV set...
She smiles the smile of someone in complete control,
I'm on my knees and begging her for mercy...please!
Leisure Inc. fantasia,
Bite like a vampire,
Her mischief is stirring,
She's purring like a pussycat,
The air is damp as her hot breath is steaming out,
She feeds me in 3-D, we sync rhythmic intensity.
I'll die in here, here thighs shut tight around my ears.
My teeth are clenched,
The room spins round and then gets drenched.
I'm through, destroyed.
I spent it all, she looks annoyed,
She slaps my face, I clear up so there is no trace
And back I drift, to bedsit bliss, late TV shift
It's got a hold on me
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