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The Blocks by Screwball

The Blocks

Verse 1: (Nature)
Ayo, Auxillary cops be grillin' me out patrol cars
why's my chain so big with no job?
remain so jig with no scars, infinite names
ain't it funny how the innocent change?
used to be kinda quiet,
a whole different way, fake permit in my wallet
until the shit expired
learned to drive at age Twenty-Five, see I used to catch cabs
smokin' lye while my girl fuck with mesc tabs
do anything just to laugh
I'll cop anything to to have
rock it once, put it in a hustlers path
I got signed with no rhymes wrote
wrote it quick, throwin' rhymes out for free so ya'll could know my shit
know my zip, 11101
pretend thug niggas own one gun
bust shots and don't run
late nights the police don't come
and if you still don't know where I'm from...
10th street (96th and Spellman), 12th street, Vernon (Queensbridge), the
pub, the hill (Long island City), the thugs (thugs everywhere) , it's
real, the love (organized crime)
Verse 2: (KL)
Livin' life on the edge way back
now I get money and stay black
some find it funny, others hate that
reason why the angers developed
put a shell up in the chamber, let the gun smoke from the Nine I tote
bassheads numbed off coke, a rib got broke
police slid
Yo, yo, you see what they did?
alot of money to be made, now they raid the spot
niggas engagin' to pop shots
aimin' to drop cops
the block's hot, niggas on the roofs of houses
there's a thousand niggas with schemes for gettin' figures
the Bridge blossoms with gossip
chicks who cock suck
niggas who hardly wash up
and they light as paper weight
I guess it's safe to say my hood's got tradition
Q.B. Cobolition,
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