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The Last Word by Rah Digga

Rah Digga
The Last Word

[Rah Digga]
This is a story...
But not really a story
It's just some freestyle shit
My name is Rah Digga, and this here is Tha Outsidaz
My niggas, tell em
Since I been on television, girls been beggin me to swell the kitten
Black or white, when the lights go off, I can't tell the difference
Thought you'd impress me, well you didn't
I got mad freestyles and hella-written
The hottest fella spittin
[Slang Ton]
Never quitin, spittin more Outz than eleven innings
Cheddar spendin, Slang Ton forever shittin
You better listen
[Young Zee]
Yeah yeah, I tell a chicken
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