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Whispering Pines by Cindy Church

Cindy Church
Whispering Pines

Whispering Pines
The snowflakes fall, as winter calls
And time just seems to fly
Is it the loneliness in me
That makes me wanta cry
My heart is sad like a mourning dove
That's lost it's mate in flight
Hear the cooing of his lonely heart
Through the stillness of the night
Whisperin' pines, whisperin' pines
Tell me is it so
Whisperin' pines, whisperin' pines
You're the one who knows
My darlin's gone, oh, she's gone
And I need your sympathy
Whisperin' pines, send my baby back to me
See that squirrel up in the tree
His mate there on the ground
Hear their barking call of love
For the happiness they've found
Is my love still my love
Oh, this I've gotta know
Send a message by the wind
Because I love her sop
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