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Wondering by Todd Rundgren

Todd Rundgren
The Wondering

Life is always strange
You just get used to it
Once in a while something reminds you
Then your forget about it
It's all over...
Heard it at the coffee shop
And on the radio
it's all over...
They're talking at the trolley stop
And everywhere I go
It's all over
All of the suffering
It's all over...
All of the other things
I know it's all over now
But for the wondering
We could change our minds
But what's the use of it?
If there's a thing we haven't tried
Too tired to think about it
It's all over
I can't pick up the telephone
Somebody wants to know
It's all over...
The thing that can never be known
A place we'll never go
It's all over
No more imagining
It's all over
Is that a tragic thing?
I know it's all over know
But for the wondering
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